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  1. hi, what the big deal with use itunes with that others apps like: Amarra, Audirvana Plus+, BitPerfect, Fidelia, Pure Music just for read .flacs and .iso sacd rips??? is just for add itunes formats? but not for make itunes sound better? or yes using that apps even the mp3 can sound better? or whats the deal, I dont get it... thanks
  2. after read all, I go to AIFF, you say storage is cheap, which hds you buy? brand and which NAS can you recommend me, thanks
  3. by the way, I collecting vinyl too, I like rip to 24/96, so a good thing of alac is support that sample rate
  4. first thanks to all for the responses!! some things: 1. well first now I dont have an "audiophile" system for detect differences between aiff and alac, for me sounds the same... but soon I buy a DAC (maybe a cambridge) and the BW 685 speakers... so maybe hear differences, maybe not. 2. by the way Im on a macpro, exist difference in sound on a macbook pro vs a macpro or imac? I hope no! 3. space well yes hds are relative cheap $150 per 3tb on this days, the problem is you need a NAS (a drobo $700) etc.. so space is space but well the true if I get the best sound I dont care cons
  5. hi, I have a huge collection of cds and complete albums on flac 1. Im a mac user and I really like itunes for play and organice my music... 2. I want rip all my cds 3. I want play my flacs on itunes, but itunes dont play flac so... I thinking convert all to AIFF, I mean rip all my cds on AIFF and convert all the FLACs on AIFF why AIFF? well I think is the whole full thing... uncompress and maybe more standard format than ALAC, and AIFF keep tags. but so... my questions: 1. is a really good idea convert all to AIFF? I read around that apple plan a new format or so
  6. if he keep the CDs, everything is ok... but if he rip to mp3 and sell, ouchhh!
  7. if that guy have 3000 why re-rip, just keep it and listen the CD on cd player... if he plan sell is other story... I prefer keep cds, the problem is that a lot are so expensive that I cant buy
  8. I agree with Chuck, for me bits are bits! copy and archive etc... upload, download etc... dont modify the file... but I still curious about my test... ok maybe the download flac are the not the same master than my original cd... but... Im sure that download is the same... anybody can do the same test??? download a song compared with the original CD?
  9. thank you!!! see I know it! the true is a lot people make bad cd rips! with bad EAC or XLD settings etc... and why not rip on full uncompress .wav or .aiff and stop to do in that compress formats like flac. I try to buy all cds but sometimes download some rare expensive...
  10. I cant be 100% sure, but Im 99% sure... for the catalog number and reputation of the download etc...
  11. "You need to RIP the track from your CD twice, once as FLAC, once as WAV, and see if you hear any difference that way." no difference! I found difference with the flac downloads! vs the original CD, if you download music around, do the test with one of your original CDs and you see the difference waveform
  12. ok that makes more sense! about the offset of the drive, interesting... like I say I dont hear any difference, just I see it!!! on waveform so maybe yes is something related with offset mmm interesting
  13. thanks, both even the download sounds the same, but I expect the same waveform for both and is not mmm. I do this test again... cd to flac>wav and cd to wav , result same! waveform... compared with download flac, different waveform... so it can see that the download is bad or something but believe me I do the test with a lot download vs the original cd and exist difference, do youself soooo all the rips around sucks? lol but really, are 100% lossless downloads flacs, not fakes
  14. yes is a illegal download (just for compare with my original CD) with reputable source, trully 100% flac rip, and I check and is real lossless, is not a mp3 to flac or something like that, my goal it was compare, people say "theres no difference in flac, alac, wav, aiff, you can revert the files, convert the flac to wav or the wav to flac and again flac to wav and dont see difference... and with my test of course that I see difference... maybe dont hear but I trust in technology not in my ears! and of course the waveform is different"
  15. thanks Alex, I go to check the exactfile... when you mean "compare" is for compare the files .wav? because I dont have the checksum of the files damned I not on windows, Im on mac, need install windows for use the software see the dynamic range match for 3 files ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analyzed folder: Suzanne Vega - Nine Objects Of Desire (1996) [WAV] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ------------------------------
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