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  1. Coke is correct about the new library creation -- the option is only available when you start Music by holding down Option. I should have remembered to mention that because it's pretty obscure. (I think it's in a help file somewhere.) I just double checked on my Mac, which is also running Music on Big Sur. The Add to Library command seems to only appear when you've unchecked the "Copy files to Music Media folder when adding to library" option in preferences.
  2. Not by Apple’s definitions. :) I’m literally looking at the dropdown in iTunes for Audio Quality right now, and the options are, verbatim: High Quality (AAC 256 kbps) Lossless (ALAC up to 24-bit/48 kHz) High Resolution Lossless (ALAC up to 24-bit/192 kHz)
  3. While iTunes has its issues (boy howdy), I can’t say I’ve ever had the experience of it “stealing files.” The Music app (since you mentioned Big Sur, I suspect that’s what you’re using, not iTunes?) will copy files into your chosen “Music Media” folder if you have that option set in the “Files” tab of the application’s Preferences. It should never delete files. When Apple Music and iTunes Match first rolled out, there were evidently bugs that could cause it to do so, but I haven’t ever run into them, nor have I heard about those stories for years. So, it’s pretty hard for me to take a guess as
  4. The features that are Apple Silicon-specific are — as far as I know — taking advantage of the neural engine on the M1 (and presumably on future chips in the family). I expect macOS to continue to support the last generation of Intel Macs for some years to come without losing features, but I suspect feature parity will diverge as more new features will depend on hardware that just isn’t there.
  5. I’m pretty sure, but don’t think I have the equipment to confirm, that you get lossless audio — not “hi-res lossless,” but up to 24/48 — from Apple TV boxes connected via HDMI; enabling lossless audio is, at the least, now an option in settings.
  6. I'd forgotten about using HDCD as a test for bit perfect output! I remember doing that on a previous receiver. (Originally by accident. "Wait, why is the HDCD light on? I'm playing a ripped…oh, I get it.") I'm pretty sure I no longer own anything that can decode HDCD, though.
  7. I never thought to click on that! Thank you. (Silly me, I would have put that info in, I don't know, the window that comes up when you click "Get Info".) I just commented to a friend that Apple has somehow managed to implement lossless audio -- something only audiophiles are likely to really care about -- in the least audiophile-friendly manner possible. :)
  8. I didn't expect exclusive mode from iTunes, er, Apple Music, but I did expect bit rate switching on the Mac. I'm not going to say that flat-out makes things useless for my personal needs, but it makes things…wobbly. I'm not sure just setting it to stream "non hi-res" lossless and locking to 16/44.1 with Audio MIDI Setup is the right answer, either, because according to their own specs, Apple's non hi-res can still be 24/48. (Can I personally hear resampling going on if I just set it to 24/96, especially on my solid-for-desktop-but-still-desktop computer speakers? If I'm honest, I doubt it, but
  9. They will not. :) Apple confirmed to The Verge that lossless audio is not supported on any model of AirPods, which use AAC over Bluetooth; if they're not bringing it to their own Bluetooth hardware, they're definitely not bringing it to anyone else's. (To be fair, I don't think they could bring it to anyone else's, since I don't think there are any lossless Bluetooth codecs, period; even if Apple came up with one, both ends would need it.) According to MacRumors, not even the (no longer made) HomePod or the (still made) HomePod mini will work with Apple's lossless audio, although MacRumors is
  10. When this rolls out, I'll give it a try. (They said "coming in June," so it's all still AAC for now.)
  11. I am pretty sure if Apple were supporting MQA they would be contractually obligated to use the bolded phrase Master Quality Authenticated® at least three times in every press release.
  12. I think it's a little early to be sure of that -- Apple Music won't change the sample rate automatically in its current incarnation, but it hasn't had any pressing reason to from Apple's POV yet. The press release you quoted specifically calls out (albeit in a footnote) the need for an external DAC to get 24/192 playback, though, so Apple is at least now admitting bit rates are a thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see an iTunes Music.app update that gives it the ability to switch bit rates automatically when streaming, although I also wouldn't be surprised if that update leaves people with loca
  13. So what I think I am reading here is "this may be one of those major software updates you should wait on until the first bug fix release." :)
  14. In general, I'm in the "subscriptions are probably a good thing" camp, but kind of reluctantly. I think it depends on (a) how much you really do use it, and (b) how much you paid (or believe you paid) for the application in its pre-subscription days vs. the apparent cost if you move to the subscription model. For my part, I realized I'm more of a "semi-audiophile," as my incredibly low post count vs. registration date here probably suggests. (There's other reasons I ended up not really getting into this community, but that's neither here nor there.) I was a Roon subscriber for a
  15. Cool, and thanks. I wasn't sure whether you or someone else might say, "Actually, there's already this big button for doing that you just didn't notice."
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