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  1. I don't use iZotope. All up sampling done by the DAC upsampler.
  2. I am travelling. Will check out back home and reply.
  3. My experience is that Amarra for Tidal has the best audio quality by far compared with Audirvana+ plus with Tidal integration. However the Amarra remote app sucks compared to Audirvana. I have no crashes though. Just sluggish remote performance.
  4. You mean you prefer analytic? When I purchased my first Paganini I found Esoteric to be analytic and DCS way more musical IMHO. I is obviously a matter of personal preference.
  5. I had the Paganini DAC, upsampler and clock. I did replace step by step with the Vivaldi range. First the DAC, later the clock, and recently the upsampler. Vivaldi takes the signature sound of DCS (organic, with PRAT) to a new level of definition and control. When I bought the Paganini it clearly sounded better to my taste from other units. I have not been able to compare side by side the Vivaldi with the new high end Dacs. I listen mostly to ripped CD's upsampled to 176,4k or DSD. And it is quite amazing the upsampled sound out of Spotify. Tidal has more definition but sounds less emotional to me. I find Spotify more musical.
  6. Hi, you should add AIFF type files too. They are used on Mac OSX. Thank you and good luck!
  7. For me a native remote app for Amarra is a MUST. Disabling screensharing on a Mac improves the sound. With the remote app you do not need to use CPU resources sending the whole desktop to a VNC viewer. I tested it with Spotify and there is a clear difference. Regards.
  8. In my case it worked perfectly as is. Installed on top of fresh Yosemite 10.10.2 install. Mac Pro 2014. Tested with Spotify and Amarra SQ. Many thanks to the guys at Computer Audio Design.
  9. Hello, I have been using optimization scripts provided in this site by several members. Plus only installed required software for audio playing. I have a Mac Pro with plenty of ram and have created a script to create a ram disk where Spotify ; Amarra sQ ; Amarra Symphony and Tidal are copied when the Mac is booted. And I run the players from the ram disk, not from the OSX volume. The script also quits Finder. For max sound quality I stop screen sharing. Regards.
  10. I also realized it is gone with the update. Using Chrome + Flash required for Hifi web player is a big drawback for me. This is quite resource intensive (sound quality worse) compared to a desktop app. And their original desktop app interface sucks. If they are going to stick only to the webplayer option instead of updating the desktop app, I will cancel my subscription. Spotify provides both options and also has the headless remote control.
  11. Hello, I have downloaded your folders, but I am confused. The content in these folders is what must be removed or deactivated from a clean Mavericks install? Thank you and regards, Juan.
  12. Thank you so much for so many hours of hard work. Can't wait to check it in my system. Does it work with Spotify and Spot Remote App as is? I did not see which line is responsible for Screen Sharing not working. Best regards, Juan.
  13. jotauve

    Amarra 3.0.1

    I have not had issues with Amarra since several previous versions. Amarra 3.02 plays very smooth too. Only use Amarra in Playlist mode, never with iTunes. However I am not sure I like 3.02 better than 2.6. I feel the old one is nicer in the bass area, very analog. The new version is closer to the sound character of Audirvana, in my humble opinion. But there are nuances gone in the ambience of the recording, while it looks more transparent and better transients. To my liking, 2.6 sounds more analog. Regards.
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