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  1. The purpose of this post is to publicly thank Superdad for his very prompt handling and resolution of the problem I had. Two days ago, I replaced the LPS 1 which was powering a ISO Regen with the new LPS1.2, and all that I could then hear coming out of my speakers were repetitive short sounds, like a machine gun fired at irregular intervals. I tried to resolve my problem, but to no avail. I then emailed Superdad, seeking his help, and I received a reply from Superdad no more than 9 hours later. We scheduled a telephone appointment for tonight. He called me on time and patiently guided me through the moves to solve my problem. He also took time to explain the reasons for my problem, in simple terms. Again, thank you very much Alex. Your sales support is truly remarkable. We should all be grateful to have a contributor here of his generosity and care for customers. Gilles
  2. Great story, thanks! I always loved this song, a classic. This song has something that always made me think of other music but I could never tell which one. That was until about a week ago, when I read that A Whiter Shade of Pale is an adaptation of JS Bach's Air on a G String. I then knew that I had just found that other music. My source: Eric Siblin, author of this book on Bach's cello suites https://www.amazon.ca/Cello-Suites-Casals-Baroque-Masterpiece/dp/0802145248. I read it on page 252 of the pocket book edition in French, in the chapter on the 5th suite. I have no connection with E Siblin.
  3. Good day to all, I thought some of you might be interested in this. You can listen (on ICIMusique.ca) and watch (on medici.tv) the concert that will be given tonight by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Dutoit (his first time conducting the orchestra since he left in 2002), with Martha Argerich. The program is as follows: Berlioz, Roman Carnival Overture, Op. 9 (approx. 8 min.) Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15 (approx. 36 min.) Stravinsky, Petrushka (1911 original version) (approx. 34 min.) Ravel, La valse (approx. 13 min.) The concert will be rebroadcast on ICIMusique.ca on Feb 22 at 8pm, and be available until February 2017. Go to Live Concert Streaming | Orchestre symphonique de Montréal to find the links to the broadcast. Enjoy! Gilles
  4. I learned a lot about digital photography on KenRockwell.com: Photography, Cameras and Taking Better Pictures. You will find numerous articles in his section How To Take Better Pictures. You may also want to check Mike Browne Photography Courses, Workshops & videos. Have fun! edit: here the link to K Rockwell's review of your camera: Fuji X100T Review.
  5. Mario, Thank you very much for providing me with the codes so quickly, I did download the Cabrera/Debussy and flamenco files easily - and donated with pleasure - and listen to them a number of times last night. I do not possess the experience and knowledge that many CA members possess and am unable to comment on mic placement, recording techniques and equipment and so on, but I certainly enjoyed very much listening to all these tracks. As for the Cabrera/Debussy, the naturalness of the sound of the piano is truly great. Closing my eyes while listening, I felt closer to the actual performance than on any other piano recordings I have. As for the flamenco pieces, my sound stage is a tiny bit left of that shown in your sketch, due to my room's shape I think, and the guitar and voice sound just great. I look forward to listening to your future recordings and wish you the best of luck! Gilles
  6. Mario, Quite a generous offer...can you please send me the codes for Cabrera Plays Debussy, Albeniz and, if still available, the flamenco pieces? Thanks, Gilles
  7. Another happy camper here! I took possession of my Amber Regen late Monday night and put it into service immediately and was very pleased with the SQ improvement it produced right from the start (I had not gone to bed that late that night in months!). Luckily, I did not experience any of the problems that some members report. The Regen produced a wider sound stage, more air between instruments and voices, a lower noise floor, better defined bass and, I find the most important, a greater naturalness to sound. I hear sounds that were hidden. I have connected it using the supplied hard adapter and have not made a comparison with the supplied or other USB cables. I will most probably do a comparison one day. I had the Regen running non-stop since I connected it, that is about 40 hours now, and can't say that I detected a further improvement in SQ. In any event, I don't mind not getting a further improvement as I am happy with what I hear now. Kudos to Alex and John, Gilles
  8. sig8, You could use the tank valve G21TVB and the chuck valve pictured on page 7 of http://greenlinehose.com/_pdf/fittings/16.Accessories.pdf and connect them with a flexible hose of your choice, long enough to extend beyond the exterior circumference of the air chamber. I bought a few of these for when I will take the time to try that. Have fun! Gilles
  9. The bamboo board that I think drew attention is that one from Ikea, see APTITLIG Chopping board - IKEA Best, Gilles
  10. I found a Delaware supplier of half-inch TC balls at US$3.25 per ball, see https://www.craigballsales.com/1-2-12.700mm-lot-of-10.html. I do not know them and have no idea of the grade of the balls, i.e. G25 or else. My apologies if that has been covered in other threads, and I do not recall it has, but is there a benefit in having the ball and the bowl, cup, or disk as I call it, made of the same material of the same grade? My quasi non existent knowledge of metallurgy makes me think that having both made of the same material of the same grade should produce better results than otherwise. The probability that the desired properties of one be limited or defeated by those of the other of another material would be minimized. Does this make any sense? Am I splitting hair here? I posted this while I had time today but will not have much time later today and tomorrow to read your replies, if any. I will of course catch up as soon as I can either late Sunday night or Monday at the latest. Many thanks in advance, and have a great weekend. Happy Independence Day to our US friends! Gilles
  11. Haninger, I think you will find the adaptor you are looking for here: understanding_usb Gilles edit: I just remembered that, as per Superdad, the distance between the REGEN and the DAC should be kept to the minimum. As it looks like the cables this company sells are no shorter than 12 inches, you may not get from the REGEN all the benefits you would if the cable was as short as possible. Mind you, they have cut at my request the power leg on a cable I ordered from them; maybe they will agree to make you a shorter cable with connectors angled up or down. Good luck!
  12. Well...I did miss post #10. Only 3 posts prior, not too bright on my part!
  13. Why don't sharks eat lawyers swimming in the ocean? Professional courtesy!
  14. Mordante, The Wavelength Proton and Brick DACs have no controls, only one USB port and terminals for the interconnects and the external power supply. They are limited to 24/96. USB DACS Product Page Good luck, Gilles
  15. Ethiopian groove may not be to everyone's liking. I now love it. I recommend these 2-CD sets: Ethiopian Groove Worldwide, on ethioSonic 860215, http://www.budamusique.com The very best of ethiopiques, mantded245, http://www.ethiopiques.info Labels like The Rough Guide To...and Putumayo may offer interesting compilations serving as bases for exploration. Good luck with your search! Gilles
  16. You may want to look at these: Cone/Spike Isolation Bases Hi Fi Racks Stainless Steel Isolation Cup Floor Protectors for Spikes (pack of 4) I have no idea however if they have an impact on SQ.
  17. Barry, No problem, I understand. Given the respect and credibility you enjoy on CA, I guess many here will wish you to keep us posted with developments, as Superdad did for the power supply he developed with J Swenson. Good luck, Gilles
  18. Hello Richard, and thank you for your support. I always play through iTunes with A+ launched, and have not experienced impediments. As I wrote, I never before had this problem. I will test playing through iTunes without A+, and have yet to play in A+ standalone mode. My current schedule will allow me to do this in 2 or 3 days only, after which I will post results. Best, Gilles P.S.: attending the Montreal audio show this weekend!
  19. mwheelerk: I see how I did confuse you, my apologies. I believe it is due to my insufficient familiarity with proper terminology. I understood folder and album as having the same meaning and think I now understand that they do not. Albums appear in the iTunes window, not folders, right? As I wrote later, and I confirm, I only select/click/play tracks using iTunes. You just asked how I see the creation of a "duplicate" folder and disappearance of the original folder. Well...I just see the disappearance happening right under my eyes in the iTunes window. A track will simply disappear from the album it belongs to, while retaining its number, title and duration information. As explained, I then look for a duplicate of the album artwork (with music sorted by Album) and eventually find the new album. I do not see the creation of the new folder or album, I obviously see it only once created. I hope you are now clear on what I do and see. wgscott: I had understood that you suggested to uncheck thees boxes as a permanent setting. I will adopt your suggestion and report on the outcome. Because this problem is irregular and intermittent, I can't predict when I will report whether it cured it. Thank you again, Gilles
  20. Thank you kumakuma and pooger. When I want to play a file/track, any track for that matter, I always and only use iTunes, with music sorted by Album most of the time. First, I click on an album and its contents then appear inside a window immediately below the album. I see there the album title, artist name, track numbers and titles, and their duration. Second, I double-click on a specific track and that's when it may disappear from its folder and end up in that new duplicate folder that has a somewhat different name. The track will play though, without any other problem. Whether I start with the first track on that album or not, the balance of the album will play, and the subsequent tracks will not be moved to that other folder. There is something that I am not getting here. If, as kumakuma recommends, I only playback your music through iTunes, not by clicking on the files, how can I playback music through iTunes without clicking on a file/track? I have to start somewhere. I never click, or double-click, on any file/track inside the iTunes media folder location, only through the iTunes window. Double-clicking on an album's artwork will start playback with the first track of that album, but what if I want to listen next to the second track of another album and so on for 3, 4 or 5 tracks on as many different albums? Short of creating a playlist, how do you listen to a number of tracks each on different albums? Based on my knowledge of iTunes, I have to open the album and click on the track I want to listen to. I do not recall reading a post reporting this problem. In any event, as this problem appears so isolated and uncommon, I do not want you guys spending too much time on this. I am very appreciative of your support, and will post the solution if I ever am successful at finding one. Best, Gilles P.S.: I never dared unchecking the boxes wgscott recommended to leave unchecked because I do not want to run the risk of having my library not kept together at one single location. Maybe I'll have to follow wgscott's recommendation.
  21. Thank you wgscott and mwheelerk for your attempts at helping me. wgscott: In your first reply, you wrote "make sure the two checkboxes shown below are unchecked" and "I keep both boxes checked" in your second reply. I am certain your writing "unchecked" is an oversight. I have always kept these two boxes checked, as per recommendations to this effect I have read on numerous occasions on CA. mwheelerk: I make the playback choice from the folder/file structure. I see the track that I selected to play disappearing from the folder the second I click on it. I search for the duplicate folder in Album view in iTunes and find it the wherever it is, based on the likely new folder/album title. Also, the duplicate folder remains in the structure once the track has ended playing. It will remain there as long as I do not rename the duplicate folder as the original one. The duplicate folder will disappear instantly upon being so renamed and the track will be back in the original folder. I plan on deleting the entire folder when this happens next, copy the CD to the HDD and play the same track to see if this solves it. It may be, as wgscott suggests, that there is a problem with my computer. I'll post developments. Again, thank you both for your input. Gilles
  22. Hi Jud, Just wish to thank you for your recommendation of the Mapleshade Clearlink Pluls USB cable. I used a Transparent Performance cable and have yielded to your occasional reminder of the Mapleshade cable. While once landed here in Canada it costs twice as much as the Transparent cable I bought 2 years ago (shipping + FX), I find the extra cost is worth it for me. I find the sound is more detailed, with a larger and clearer sound stage. I am a happy camper...until I want to upgrade again. Best regards, Gilles
  23. Hi Richard, I hope all is well with you! I tried a few different settings over time and adopted new ones for pre-ringing and anti-aliasing in A+ 3-4 months ago. Never had to repair permissions. I listen in Exclusive access, Direct and Integer modes. As for processes, I disabled Mission Control, Spotlight, iTunesHelper, Time Machine, Journaling and Repair Disk Permissions. I also limited Language and Text to English, and unchecked marks for the presentation order in Spotlight. I did what is recommended in Larry D. Moore's book "The Audio Optimization Guide for Apple OS X - Mountain Lion" about one year ago. Mind you, I remember now that I made the changes he recommends before I updated to OSX 10.8.5 a few months ago. However, I never before experienced yesterday's problem. Sorry Richard, I am not sure I understand your question: Can younplayntheough iTunes without interruption? Music plays without interruption, until I loose sound...well, that was yesterday. I have been playing music for about 3 hours now, without problem. I do not use Playlists and have not yet tried A+ in standalone mode. Maybe I should wait and...hear if this happens again. Gilles
  24. Hi all, Seeking your advice with respect to a problem that I attribute to iTunes, which I have been experiencing for months and did not care too much about, until I had enough last night and decided I had to solve it...with your help please. Maybe the solution is a fresh installation of iTunes. The problem is iTunes creating unwanted folders upon clicking on individual tracks. It happens on occasion that I select tracks to play using Remote on an iPad Mini or iPhone, one after the other, jumping from an album to another. Sometimes, iTunes will then instantly create in my iTunes music library a new folder that will contain the track that just started playing. By simply clicking on a track to play, this track is automatically moved to a new folder from the folder that was created when I originally copied the CD on my HDD. That new folder will have the same artwork as the original folder. No duplicate of the track is made, it is simply moved to a new folder and is no more in its original folder. I did not check what happens to the track in the original folder next following the one moved if I let it play. Will it be moved to that duplicate folder? I don't know. I know however that if I click on another track from the same folder it will be moved to the new folder. This does not happen every time I click on an individual track, it happens irregularly. Also, the title of the album associated with the track moved will be changed, by as little as deleting a space before a semicolon in the title or, for example, by deleting "The Doors:". The consequence of this renaming is that I end up with one folder with one less track at its normal alphabetical place, and a new folder with one track bearing a new name at its new alphabetical place in the library. It may be that the original folder is in B and the new one in T. Luckily, I have only 512 CDs and I can stroll up and down quickly and find the new folder by looking at the artwork. In order to file the moved track back in its original folder, I have to rename the album title associated with this track as it was before it was moved. iTunes will then file it at the right place, until this happens again. The new folder then simply disappears. Out of caution, I thought so, I did for a while file the whole album in question as part of a compilation, even if it was not a compilation, hoping that this might prevent this unwanted creation of a new folder, but it did not prevent it. While I did not lose any music when iTunes creates these unwanted folders, this is not fun. I will sometimes look for a track and not find it, then realizing that iTunes played this trick on me again. Any help will be most welcome, thank you very much in advance. Gilles
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