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  1. Thanks PAR. I have indeed contacted Aurender support. One thing that I find weird (and disappointing) is that the Q tracks are written to the Aurender's memory and played from there, same as tracks from it's HDD are. Yet they don't play the same.
  2. When I play Qobuz through my Aurender, gapless tracks don't play gapless. I don't know if this relates to Qobuz or Aurender. When playing the same tracks from music files on the Aurender HD, they play correctly. When I play Qobuz gapless on my iMac they play correctly.
  3. Ditto. My favorite also. Kaplan passed away not long ago. He reached his lifelong goal in conducting this with a major orchestra. Danka to DGG and Vienna Phil for making it happen.
  4. Well I have always lusted after Vandy 7's. They're absolutely my style - just not in my $$$ zone.
  5. I vote this thread most hilarious ever. Thanks all for making my day!
  6. ...IF possible. Currious... what are you using for speaker isolation footers?
  7. Please keep us posted on the outcome - with photos is possible.
  8. Hi William, Thanks very much for the link. I will keep it for future reference when needed. Perfect. Happy listening...
  9. I can relate to that. I have music on only when I have time to actually sit down and listen. No background music- really listen. 95% classical, 100% engaged. Average 60-90 minutes a day. I was brought up in a home where my father had classical on almost constantly, even out in his shop working. I cannot do that, music requires my full attention. As for my dear wife, she is like yours - always doing something else, scanning email or playing word games on the laptop. Music to her is background as well. I play it a bit softer when she is in the room - even choosing less "bombastic" pieces. No Shostakovich 5. But when she leave the room...
  10. Congrats on your Tekton purchase(s)! I plan to get a pair of Moabs but I have cats who would ruin cloth grilles in no time so will make some perforated steel grilles. Folks seem to be pretty happy with Tektons. Similar to you, my room has a corner to the left and the right has a large opening. The bass on the left is 3x what is on the right without room correction. This is the reason I mentioned bass. I am not familiar with AccuEQ, but that must be correcting it. No doubt it's also allowing you to have to Ulfs so close to the wall. Just one more question: What made you think the Ulfs need more bass? Did you hear them before buying the sub? Just curious.
  11. Isn't it bass-heavy in the left? Not only due to a corner being only on that side, but you placed the sub also on the left.
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