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  1. Thanks Ari. They always told me "Try to keep up".
  2. Covers do not display correctly (Sorry for double images - edit did not work)
  3. Suddenly the last few days my iPad display always looks like this when I click to enlarge an album cover. It happens whether or not the album is playing. Aurender 5.17.15 iPad MC916LL.A OS 9.3.5
  4. Thanks, bobbmd. Thinking now about Kii 3, and be done. Saving up.
  5. I subscribed at the beginning of US service and have had zero problems until last week. Suddenly I'm having dropouts - a series of short ones then music for several minutes, then sporadic short dropouts again. Server is via Aurender N100H which plays internally stored music perfectly.
  6. The SQ is so pure it has transported me back to April One!
  7. So no classical I take it. Never been to any hi-fi show. Prolly never will as I don't do big cities and don't care to be in crowds. 98% classical hermit...
  8. No decision as yet. Still scraping $$ together. And I haven't yet approached HER about it...
  9. I knew there was a reason I dislike artichokes.
  10. As John Cleese used to say "And now for something completely different..." Its an unusual trio in the classical world for sure but try it, you might like it. Cool SQ, too.
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