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  1. The SQ is so pure it has transported me back to April One!
  2. So no classical I take it. Never been to any hi-fi show. Prolly never will as I don't do big cities and don't care to be in crowds. 98% classical hermit...
  3. No decision as yet. Still scraping $$ together. And I haven't yet approached HER about it...
  4. I knew there was a reason I dislike artichokes.
  5. As John Cleese used to say "And now for something completely different..." Its an unusual trio in the classical world for sure but try it, you might like it. Cool SQ, too.
  6. Thanks for further clarification. Makes complete sense. Well done, sir.
  7. So you did not compare SQ of A30 mated to the dCS with the W20/dCS?
  8. Yup, I was perfectly happy with the previous version. Is it possible to go back?
  9. I wonder if he cried when his mommy washed his mouth with soap.
  10. For those listening via usb: Have you found that any of the usb add-on noise suppression/removal devices still make a difference?
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