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  1. coot

    Doris Day

    Truly a classy lady in every way and a splendid example of life in the "Good ol' days".
  2. Gee thanks. Now I have Ling Scars all over my eyeballs!!
  3. Very cool, Bob! Looking forward to your future reports.
  4. What is that gorgeous "rack" in the Meitner booth? I said rack but it's much, much more... Thanks Chris. I tried "falken°hr" and all I got was zillion refrences to tires. The raised "o" looks like degree sign.
  5. What is that gorgeous "rack" in the Meitner booth? I said rack but it's much, much more...
  6. coot

    Organ music

    I don't know your location, but a quick search at Amazon.com organ recordings reveals over 300 to choose. I have more than a dozen St Seans #3; Here is my favorite:
  7. Great! No doubt someone will want one of the other 18 million+ colors in the ether.
  8. Dudamel is a fireball. Amazing to watch and doing wonderful things with the Phil - when they can keep up!
  9. Mine did the same thing a few weeks ago. I did a shutdown and restarted. That fixed it and it's been working flawlessly ever since.
  10. When I first installed Qobuz on my Aurender N100 I was a happy camper. It worked well. Now it seems it will only play for 30 secs. at a time. I am subscribed to Studio. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I'll take battery backup as long as it gives me time to do a shutdown. A look at Amazon and reading the users' horror stories it make me wonder If there is such a thing as one that actually protects without a smelly odor or fan noise or other problems. Thanks for your comment, sfseay, point taken. The ideal would be one that returns to ac power when it's back on. My outages rarely last more than a few seconds and no breakers are triggered.
  12. For $7 grand it had better be VERY reassuring!
  13. As Aurender owners know, power failures can damage the product. Do any of you use a UPS for protection? What make and model works well with a minimum of headaches? Suggestions, please.
  14. Stunning full Firebird (Qobuz). Wonderful colors and SQ.
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