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  1. Performance 10 SQ 10 A must listen for Stravinsky fans. Full version.
  2. Hadn't thought of "Chamber" music in this way before, but I quite enjoyed it.
  3. Mostly over my head. Only thinggy I clearly understood was the pile-o-dollar signs...
  4. Certainly one of the more UNUSUAL cover photos ever for a piano concerto recording.
  5. One of the greats of the contemporary composers and one of my most favorite. Rest In Peace.
  6. Jeeeeezzzz! Excuse me while I go throw everything I own in the garbage.
  7. Hey William- I am impressed! Not just by your setup, but by your writing talent. I like your style, man. Your humor make this a good read. Looking forward to more!
  8. I have 6 perfect condition Mini Stillpoints for sale. Will sell in sets of 3 only. $220 each set or $400 for all six. CONUS shipping and PayPal included.
  9. Thanks PAR. I have indeed contacted Aurender support. One thing that I find weird (and disappointing) is that the Q tracks are written to the Aurender's memory and played from there, same as tracks from it's HDD are. Yet they don't play the same.
  10. When I play Qobuz through my Aurender, gapless tracks don't play gapless. I don't know if this relates to Qobuz or Aurender. When playing the same tracks from music files on the Aurender HD, they play correctly. When I play Qobuz gapless on my iMac they play correctly.
  11. Ditto. My favorite also. Kaplan passed away not long ago. He reached his lifelong goal in conducting this with a major orchestra. Danka to DGG and Vienna Phil for making it happen.
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