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  1. Wonderful read, Bluesman. You have a real gift for clear thinking and writing. As a former music instructor long ago(!), I found it fascinating and can't wait for more. I have to say, however, there are days I might rather be someone under 50 than me at over 80 - if I can have my pick of who.
  2. @Ari Today my Aurender N100H's wifi stopped working. Conductor on iPhone is stuck on downloading data - I guess it was in the middle of a sw update? Also my iPad which I usually use to control it fails to find the Aurender. Any suggestions appreciated
  3. Our cats are especially "unreasonable" to speaker grilles!
  4. Don't know about the music but but very clever graphics.
  5. Yes, I have this happening with Qobuz while playing classical on Aurender N100H. No rhyme or reason or very often, perhaps two tracks out of 10 hours. Replay the same track and it plays fine. Started in the last month or so.
  6. The lighting reflections make me think it's a hard (therefore sound reflective) surface. Don't see how that can diffuse sound, but rather reflect it. Whatever, apparently the music was great regardless.
  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I felt like I was there by way of your great wordsmithing. Good job! Always wondered what those monsters sound like - Now I don't have to go out and buy them. PS: Whats that center rectangle - clear plasticky-looking thing?
  8. Hi William, Nice progress on the system. I like the dark/light absorbent pieces on the wall behind - reminiscent of piano keys. Re: Kitty I see no damage to the grilles or sub speaker surrounds. How do you keep kitty from clawing those? The temptation must be strong. -Al
  9. Is amplifier heat directly related to electricity use? Does a class A amp use more electricity than A/B - both same power output? Don't bring up class D as we already know they use less power and run cooler.
  10. A bit bright sound but well worth it! I mean c'mon - It's Bernstein at his best. Scary good.
  11. Just stay off my lawn, kid! ---------------- 98% Classical
  12. I feel a new golden era in music enjoyment began with the availability of Qobuz (US) last year specifically and streaming in general. The sheer number of releases now available to me is amazing. Much of it is new to me, never before available or at least unfamiliar. I continue to discover composers and new music each day. Never in my lifetime has such a gigantic musical opportunity presented itself and I'm damned excited about it and enjoying it to the max! Never would have happened without the computer.
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