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  1. For those listening via usb: Have you found that any of the usb add-on noise suppression/removal devices still make a difference?
  2. Not a fan of the Podger group. Sounds like they threw all their instruments in a pile and are clubing them with bats. Never made it all the way through - do they set the pile afire at the end? (I'll prolly be sorry for posting this.)
  3. Thanks Chris, but sadly Berkeley is is WAY above my pay scale. More exploration needed.
  4. How would I connect my Aurender N100's usb2 to the 8c. Is there a usb-to-AES/EBU adapter of some kind? -------------- In the US, D&D really seem to be ignoring the hi-fi market and aiming this product very much toward the pro studio folks. So far I have not found any hi-fi dealers, only pro shops selling them. Weird.
  5. OK - more research has me setting 24" tall Tekton Impact Monitors (isolated) atop a pair of 25" tall Powersound V1510 subs (isolated from floor). Preamp, crossovers and room correction would be handled by a DSpeaker X4. At a later date I will power the monitors with Primaluna tubes. On paper at least this gets me from well below 20Hz on up. Comments are welcome.
  6. Thank firedog. Exactly the specifics I am looking for. Sadly, the nearest dealer is 9 hrs away.
  7. To Kii Three owners: Are there any of you that listen primarily to classical? Would you directly address the "big" sound of this product for classical music that is fully large scale ie, full symphony orchestras and + chorus + organ, etc as opposed to string quartets, chamber groups, etc. Name specific works if possible. I am considering purchase and the above description applies to most of my listening. Thanks.
  8. Way to go, Chris... You just flipped the jealousy switch in more than a few hearts!
  9. But a review comment said bxt goes down to 12hz. One should be able to tell that xtra half octave, no?
  10. In searching for the best Rocky 3 on Qobuz we discovered a gem. Not the best SQ but what a performance! At first we thought too fast, but she sparkled so dazzlingly she totally swept us away!
  11. Chris No matter what speakers you choose, you're gonna need one or two(?) of these: https://www.google.com/search?q=TRW-17
  12. Adding a sub is out of the question due to lack of space. Thank you all. Current spkrs are Ohm 5000s which are not imaging very well in my space + they don't go low enough, so thinking monitors + subs will. Re: RC, It would need to be digital between Aurender N100H (usb only out) and W4S DAC. Looking at DSSpeaker. Adding RC still doesn't get me the below-20Hz I'm looking for.
  13. I listen to a fair amount of music with pipe organ in it. In the interest of reaching below 20Hz, I am considering replacing my current floorstanders with subs with stacked monitors on top since floor space is limited. Anyone else doing this? I would assume isolation between the two would be important. Are there problems I should know about?
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