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  1. I think TheStupidOne ( who probally did his listenig experience with the same BXT set-up as myself ) has pointed very well out the differences and some of the main advatages of adding the BXT to the Kii Three. I will also add the overall presentage of the sounstage impressed me a lot, better 3D and placement of the instruments when listenig to my well known reference music...and the system also performed superb when playing at a lower level.
  2. I sometimes use my Kii Three's as a test monitor for my own and my musician friends home-studio work before the finale mixing process. It's also a big help to use the KEF LSX in this process. Then I get two differnt approaches to the music. The KEF LSX will be allow to stay in my living room together with the Kii Three's who has taken care of all my "serious" listening to my favourite music now for more than two years. I'm still very happy with my Kii Three speakers but the BXT are still on my wishing list (Yes, I have done a long listing test to the full BXT system 😀👍)
  3. From my earlier post what I experienced improved my set up with the Kii Three: "- Using better power cables with much better (Furutech) connectors also will have a positive impact on the overall soundstage. - My original Kii stands are nice but the top-plate with the gasket will have a full connection to the speakers. This causes the speaker stand to vibrate and also make unwanted resonances to my wooden floor and again had a bad impact on my turntable. Solution: Fill the stands with sand and I have also used four extra rubber dampers on the top-plates to lift the speakers aprox. 2-3 mm over the gasket. This also have improved the low frequency and made the overall sound more "airy" and even a more 3D soundstage." I've also resent had a very nice demo listening the BXT modules with some of my reference music in my dealers listing room. I must only say this takes the Kii's to another level with the way the overall soundstage was presented and revealing the details in the faster low frequency respons was outstanding. The BXT modules however are expensive and my Kii Three's still sound fantastic in my living room, so I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to spend so much money on a complete active system that also will be vulnerable to any small errors inside the speakers... We are now talking about a total of around 35 000 euro. But I must say again The BXT are still on my list...
  4. The distance between the speakers, the amount of toe in and the distance to the listing position together with the overall condition of the listening room will all have a impact how the final result from the Kii Three will be.( as all other speakers I have had in my listening room) I have 220 cm between the speakers with a toe in towards my listening position at 275 cm from the speakers. The speakers are about 60 cm out from the back wall. The amount of toe in has varied, but if I draw a line from the tweeters it will point aprox. 50 cm beside each side of my ears. This sounds quite superb in my listening environment also compared to my former setups at twice the price... The built in DSP and the EQ settings are very helpful tools and together with the cardioid dispersion is really what makes the Kii Three speakers sound so good when placed in different listening environment. So it's just to test and experiment for the last final result according to your own sound preferences.
  5. The two woofers on the back of my Kii Three's are aprox. 60 cm / 23 inches out from the wall. Boundary setting are now 0. I have made an angled stainless stand for my Kii Control. The dB settings are visible from my listening position.
  6. The placement according to the back wall and side walls will influence the overall presentation from the Kii Three's. This is my experience after listening to these superb speakers in my living room for two years now. Yes, the DSP settings can do much especially for the lower frequency beneath 50-60 Hz but I find the overall sound performance are even better with more air around the speakers. @bobfa I will recommend testing this beautiful Kii There/BXT setup with some different placement, especially from the back wall and also the toe-in towards your listening position. Congratulation with a superb setup!
  7. My Kii Three speakers are now two years old. I'm very happy and impressed with the sound in my living room from my quite simple setup ( compared to my earlier bigger and more expensive systems). My Clearaudio Concept turntable with Audio-Technica AT33PTG/II pick up with Rega Fono MC Phono Stage connected with a special made rca/XLR cable direct into the back of each of the Kii's sounds really nice and are beeing used for "late night with a good wine listening". That leaves me with 3 digital inputs on my Kii Control and one analog input on the back of the speakers. All 4 sources with a possible individual setup, controlled from the Kii Control. The dedicated people behind Kii Audio have given me a superb support and have also performed some software upgrades using internet and teamviewer from my pc connected with usb to Kii Control in my living room. Highly recommended !
  8. My first Aries G2 would never work using the usb galvanic isolated usb out to Kii Control. The other usb port on Aries G2 ment for external HDD however worked perfect connected to the Kii Control. I got a new Aries G2 from my dealer ( who also are the main dealer for Kii Three). My second Aries G2 has worked from day one without any usb problems using the dedicated galvanic isolated usb to the Kii Control.
  9. After a week with to much focus on levels and limiter flashing in this tread, her is just a little recommendation for music I'm now enjoying on my Kii Three's. The Norwegian harpist Sidsel Walstad new exiting album playing electric and acoustic harp together with two drummers sounds real good in my living room. Give it a try and have a nice weekend! https://listen.tidal.com/album/95485055
  10. Same here, I use my digital Auralic Aries G2 fixed full level output - usb out to Kii Control. After following this tread about the rather silly subject of playing music at levels that could damage your ears, I did a test in my living room yesterday evening. I have used the Kii Three for 16 months, booth for dedicated hi-fi listening and in my home studio, and yesterday maybe for the first time I turned the Kii Control at around 85 from a digital source ( Aries G2) on some really bass- heavy music. No red lights flashing but after some minutes I turned the music down because not disturbing my neighbors in the house close to mine. It was also simply far to loud in my room..and yes the advanced setting on the limiter was activated ("yes"). Playing my vinyl with the turntable phono preamp using the The Kii Three my settings are at max. 85-87 on the Kii Control because of -10 -12dB signal output compared to my digital sources. For 16 months I have never seen the limiter red lights flashing and I also want to keep my ears in good condition as long as possible.
  11. I use a Audio-Technica AT33PTG/II Moving Coil Cartridge together with the simple but very nice sounding REGA Phono MC preamp. http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/rega-ania-fono-mc-mc-cartridge-and-phono-stage I use the REGA with a special made 2 X 2,5 metre phono to XLR cable direct into the back of each Kii Three speaker. All controlled from the Kii Control. Works very nice. The output signal from this turntable system into Kii Three are about -10dB compared to my digital sources but this is no problem in my living room with a max volum on the Kii Control set at 85 - 87 for playing vinyl is more than loud enough ..
  12. This is the famous Scandinavian monkey from the danish designer Kay Bojesen https://www.kaybojesen-denmark.com
  13. Feeding my Kii Threes with some high class vinyl...sounds great in my living room. Video and sound from my iPhone 8. I will soon be audition the BXT system but I'm not sure how this could take my already great sounding system to a higher level, but I'm really curious what the BXT could do... IMG_0014.m4v
  14. Just the same feeling here..? In my living room the Kii Three's outperforms more expensive systems I'v had over the last 10 years with several speakers standing exactly on the same spot in my living room.
  15. An execelent and informative review. After living with the Kii Three speakers for over a year, these speakers never stop and impress me the way they handle all kind of music from old prog rock, jazz, blues to modern electronic music in my living room. I really don't miss anything from the overall soundstage but I will soon have an audition of the BXT modules and after the first reports I have heard the BXT modules do something positive with the overall soundstage, not only in the lower bass area. And the Kii Three/BXT system will also work extremely well even in smaller rooms.
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