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  1. I'm considering purchasing a used Naim UnitQute. I will have this as a desktop unit connected to my iMac USB to SPDIF connector the back of the unit listening to Tidal. I'm curious if I adjust the volume on my computer will it adjust the volume through the Naim? There is no front volume control on the Naim and I know they have an app for this but I don't want to open the app each time to adjust or mute the volume. Also, can I run a subwoofer through the pre amp output? Thank you, John.
  2. I haven't done anything. I'm still using the Oppo 105 for the streamer. However, I'm looking right now at the Lumin products. Reading reviews and such.
  3. I like it. I used to use a Mac mini but couldn't find a headless interface that worked real well. This may fit the bill. thanks.
  4. Very good point. I enjoy the AN dac more than the many I've been through over the years. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of my music due to the dac not decoding DSD. I'm currently streaming from my Oppo 105 but the interface is horrible and my local audio dealer says the 105 is not a great source and very noisy. switching back and forth my be disappointing as you say.
  5. After looking at the specs closer it seems the coaxial digital is for input only not output so I couldn't steam any signal to my Audio Note dac.
  6. Yeah, thanks Audiodoctor. Just at a glance it looks good. I'll dig into it a little more.
  7. I'm looking for a dac and streamer/serve combo. I cannot find any manufacturers that produce something that I'm looking for except Simaudio Moon, but I know there has to some out there, I don't know all the lastest makes. It must have a coaxial out for digital streaming Tidal or internet radio into my Audio Note dac. However the internal dac should be able to decode DSD because I have several terabytes of DSD music that my Audio Note can't decode. It must also have a USB connection for my hard drive full of music. I would really like it to have a small footprint but but I can't be to
  8. Another great suggestion. My amp is supposed to be auto-biasing. However I'm sure that could be off somehow. I'll give it a look. Thanks for the idea.
  9. Source - Aurender N100 SSD Dac - Lampi Pre - McIntosh C2300 Amp - McIntosh MC240 USB Cable - Curious Power Cable - Cullen Recti tube Stock, label rubbed off so not sure of make 53CS
  10. Good advice, I've sent off an email to Rob at Lampizator detailing my experience thus far. It seems as though the detail has come on however along with little treble harshness. I listened for about an 1 1/2 hours this morning and had to turn off the amp as I just wanted quite. Quite perplexing. I wish I had a tube tester to test the tubes in my amp and pre, although they worked fine with my previous dac which I no longer have.
  11. My Atlantic Plus arrived on Monday, however I was out of town and didn't get it fired up until Wednesday night. It now has about 60 hours of continuous play. My 7 day return policy ends tomorrow and unfortunately it's really not doing it for me. I find myself continually turning up the volume to hear more detail and more of the music, even then it's lacking. Does it require more time? I'm thinking of taking it to a friends house a give it a listen in his setup, maybe its my system? I have to make a decision soon and not sure what to do.
  12. T-ram I hear ya. The only reason I bring this up is because in the Atlantic manual on line it discusses that there is no need to roll any tube but if you wanted to you could roll the rectifier tube. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it.
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