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  1. I've been without a streamer for some time and have decided to bring in an UltraRendu. For my DAC I'm still using John Swenson's Bottlehead DAC as I've enjoyed it very much the last few years - however its in need of a LPS as well. I'm at a loss deciding which LPS I should go with for both the UltraRendu and DAC. The top end of my budget would be a single JS-2, at that price point I can order separate LPS 1.2, CI Audio supply, Sonore Audiophile LPS, etc. My problem is ranking them in terms of sound quality, I'm not crazy about trying to audition. Any advise please? Thank you!
  2. I'm selling my pristine Uptone JS-2 linear power supply. I originally ordered an extra Oyaide/Belden DC Cable so I'm including two (2) of the 5.5mm x 2.1mm. Also comes with the standard 2-meter, 16AWG, shielded AC power cord and the SMA coax. Very minimal hours on this unit, was in my dedicated 2 channel rig and only for a short time before swapping out for other gear. $750 shipped in the US, I will eat the Paypal fee. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I'm selling my MicroRendu (minimally used) and a brand new Paul Pang switch: Paul Pang Audio Grade Switch - $95 including free shipping. I bought this when I thought I would be running it between my NAS and end point but going through my regular switch sounded great that I never even tried the Paul Pang - its just been sitting on my shelf. I've never even removed it from the original plastic. "Paul Pang now offers a new Audio Grade (5 port) switch. It does re clocking with a low jitter TCXO module with silver output transformer and offers two high priority ports. A 5 V power su
  4. Cool - that's a comparison I'd love to hear feedback on. Was really curious about the LIO.
  5. I just received the JS-2 a couple weeks ago, my MicroRendu delivers tomorrow. If you like I can report back as to how the combo sounds but 1) its not like its going to be bad 2) I don't have any other supplies to compare against. Don't forget the JS-2 has two DC outputs (I will be running my DAC off the other one) so you get a 'two-in-one' for that $925.
  6. The PS price was just lowered on the Sonore page, it initially was a typo. Current price is $1,399.
  7. Is this not the page for the Sonore supply? It shows a MSRP of $2,400 for the PSU SONORE Signature Series Power Supply
  8. Intriguing setup with the laptop John, I'd like to experiment with this. Do you have a DHCP server software recommendation for Windows 10?
  9. Just bumping this to see if anybody else has opinions on the new SonicTransporter... Tough request, I know, since it is brand new. But at least conceptually I prefer it vs. a NAS. Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?
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