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  1. You should probably blame iTunes for that. Before iTunes kerfuffled everything PM was solid as a rock.
  2. to get it 'started' i select on track, and play that, then as soon as it's started play the album. seems to work ...
  3. When I watched a video clip how HD Tracks worked and hear they were blindly ripping SACDs and it took them 1,000 or so to realise they "weren't true DSD files ..." - SERIOUSLY! even a pre-audacity amateur rookie would know that. That speaks volumes about their modus operandi and I for one still completely disregard their marketing-speak. Have a look at 1.18.00:
  4. Please post your favourites, and ones you feel are 'must haves' in a collection. Any genre. Video is well edited (doesn't excessively chop and change camera view). Audio is very well done for a live event and is worthy of 24/96. The guest list is extensive; Sting, Josh Groban, Yo-Yo Ma to name a few.
  5. I've rolled back to 1.89b as this partial track playback issue was driving me up the wall. Are there others with no PM issues, or has there been a mass shift to A+?
  6. I've experienced the partial-playback-repeat with a non-DSD file. The ticks seem to be at the end of the songs - i could be mistaken, but at least it's hissless and popless. It's also harder to get the first song to start playing too (after launching). It seems to not play the upcoming track(s) if they were added after the (current) last track starts playing. I've not had a lot of time with 1.89g - but will play more and report directly into PM too later.
  7. same here. Had to come here to check I wasn't misreading.
  8. perhaps give Kodo a spin too
  9. what a great way to get people to come in earlier. Very intriguing office - especially your safe, and the sign at the rear of it
  10. May I add my confusion into it too. I thought CD sampling rate was chosen because it was ~2x human hearing (Nyquist etc), so the two aspects (frequency and sampling frequency) were 'tied'/related (one necessities the other). Something is wrong with my thoughts - my 2.8MHz SACD's tell me so
  11. For the audio the Mac Mini connects to the DAC via Firewire (so no need to use a splitter etc from the HDMI). The HDMI audio goes no where (into the projector).
  12. I've started to store my blu-rays discs on my hard-drive. Not having physical discs floating around is a big +. My focus is concert BDs and the storage/playback has to be lossless. IMO, these concert discs, along with good quality audio (and video) are a great experience. ATM my primary concern is whether or not I am obtaining lossless audio. I'm new to this, but I want to share what I've done so far and hear from others who have/are progressed/ing along a similar path. I only have a stereo system, and it's the main listening system. I have a pull-down screen and projector. I do
  13. my alternative SPL meter: when the gold on her sleeve starts to shimmer
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