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  1. I am interested in purchasing a DAC/Headphone Amp under $1000. I am considering Pro-Ject 2s or the SMSL M500. They are MQA compatible. Not sure I will use MQA but thought it might good to have this option. When reading reviews from Amazon and Crutchfield it appears that the Pro-Ject 2s has quality issues. Have not been able to find any user comments/reviews on the SMSL M500. Has anyone compare these to units and determined the best in sound and quality? Any other recommendations for DAC/Headphone Amp under $1,000? Thank your for considering to help me. Greg
  2. Vortecjr, Thanks for your assistance. Taipan
  3. Vortecjr- thank you very much for your comments. They are extremely helpful. Out of your suggested options, which would sound better and be easier to use by a newbie? Thanks so much for your help. Taipan
  4. Dear fellow Computer Audiophile members - I am also a newbie looking for help. Currently I am using a Mac Mini (with Pure Music/Itunes) as a server with an external hard drive, PS Audio DAC, and USB cable in my study on the main floor. Most of my files are ALAC with a few high resolution FLAC files. I am interested in setting up an audio system in my basement connected to the music serve in the study. I was considering adding another another Mac Computer (have a Mac Book Pro) in the basement so I could share the music files from my Mac Mini in the study. Please note I do have a hardwired ethernet system in the house. The Mac Mini has a hardwired connection and I have a hardwired ethernet connection available in the basement. The modem I am using is furnished by Century Link. I came across the great reviews regarding the MicroRendu. Most of the existing audio setup like mine in this thread seems to talk about using Roon with the MicroRendu. At this point, I am not interested in adding Roon to my system. I would appreciate suggestions on how I can use my existing audio system/server (in the study) to add an audio system in my basement which includes a MicroRendu. From what i can understand, I will need to move from Pure Music/Itunes to other soft programs. If this is correct, can you please recommend the software programs I should use and how I should set up the new programs. Also, from what I could read I would need to edit my existing ALAC files to another file format. If this is correct can you please advise what file format I should use and the best resource to convert ALAC files to the new file format. In reading the thread I am confused if I would need another Mac Computer in the basement hooked up to the MicroRendu or I can just use the MicroRendu (standalone/without a computer in the basement). Appreciate your advise if I will need a computer in the basement or just the MicroRendu. Would also appreciate any additional thoughts on what else I might need to do modify my system to accommodate the MicroRendu. I want to thank you in advance regarding answering my questions above. THANK YOU. Taipan
  5. I am a relative new to the world of digital music. Currently I have a Mac Mini (fusion drive running operating system, and external hard drive holding my music files), PS Audio DAC and use Pure Music/Itunes. This system is on my main floor in my study. I was impressed when I read the review of the MicroRendu. I was wondering how I could add the MicroRendu to my system. To that end I would appreciate your help and thoughts regarding the following questions: - What is the easiest way to add the MircoRendu to my system in the study? - I am setting up a theater in my basement and plan to have a second stereo system in the theater. I plan to use the Oppo BDP-105D player as my DAC. Until I read the review of the MircoRendu I was thinking on getting another Mac Mini using Pure Music for the theater. How can I set-up my system in the theater to use the MiroRendu? I an have ethernet cable run to the theater (is part of my home network). Would it be possible to hook the ethernet cable in theater to the MicroRendu and excess my music files on the hard drive in my study? If this is possible could I continue to use the current set-up in the study? Thanks for your help as I learn about computer audio and how the MicroRendu can be used. Taipan
  6. Ian and John thanks for your input. Your are both correct. Wonder why they are out on the web. Only thing I can think of is they want to hack into your computer or put virus in you system.
  7. Mike thanks for the input on Roon. This is new since I did my research 3 years ago.
  8. Has anyone familiar or has used FLACMANIA.BIZ? If offers free FLAC music downloads. It seems to good to be true. One of my favorite artist is Chris Botti and FLACMANIA has a download for one of his albums. Would appreciate members feedback if FLACMANIA and other free FLAC download sorts are safe and legal to use. Thanks for your help.
  9. Fallback thanks for the input. Is it fairly simple to setup/use your iTunes library with Audirvana? I am not thrilled with the Apple remote I use with older version of Pure Music. The volume control is very sensitive. It the Audirvana remote control better in your opinion? Have you tried Amarra software and if so how does it compare to PM and Audirvana? Thank you very much for your thoughts and help. It is greatly appreciated.
  10. I have a Mac Mini music server. i had been using the Pure Music Version 2.0. I would appreciate members opinion regarding the best current music playback software for the Mac Mini server. I looked on the internet but found very few comparisons for the recent versions of software for a Mac Mini Music Server. It appears from what I could find that either the Pure Music 3.0 and Audirvana Plus 2 would be a good choice. Your thought would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.
  11. Thank each member for their input. It is greatly appreciated. I am using Pure Music software and have 16 mg RAM. Thanks again for the help. Greg
  12. It is like a continuous/consistent soft clicking sound. Thanks for trying to help. Not that I can really help with your situation, but by "jitter", are you rather talking about some kind of noise, like a "ground loop" ?
  13. I just setup a Mac Mini music server, and I am having problems with a jitter noise coming through the speakers. My setup is a New Mac Mini Fusion Drive, external 1T hard drive, PS II Dac, USB cable, Modwright pre-amp, and Prima Lumia mono blocks. I have tried to isolate where the jitter is coming from and it appears to be from the Mac Mini. Have others had this issue or do you have any suggestions how to remedy the jitter from the system? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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