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  1. I received the "Iberia" recording yesterday from Mario and listened last night through speakers and headphones. Impressive in every way, and it's like being in the same room as the piano. I think Albeniz would be delighted with the recording technology! I look forward to some recordings of string trios or quartets. Thanks much for the listening opportunity you have provided to the forum members and best wishes for the success of this project.
  2. I'm using a HP notebook and the HD's are a Toshiba and a Iomega.
  3. I have two 500 gb external hard drives which store my music collection-both identical for backup purposes. One is connected to my notebook for music server use. It failed last week and had to be reformatted, losing all the files and requiring copying everything again. Another model failed last year and had to be replaced and re-loaded with 300+ gb of stuff. The question is, would copying what I want to play direct from the external HD to the notebook and using it as the source save wear and tear on the external drive, since it would not be spinning all the time I'm listening to music? Any sugg
  4. I am using a notebook PC with a 500GB external HD as my server. Are you saying that this is better when using the Touch in a remote system than hooking up the HD directly to the Touch and using it as the server?
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