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  1. I gave it a whirl on the computer speakers and couldn't tell anything. I am not going to try it on another system though. NO way I can make it through 3+ minutes of Crowded House again.
  2. I wouldn't worry so much about sensitivity or their 8 ohm rating. I would double check their impedance plot. Based on my experience, no tube amp sounds it best into anything dipping much below 4 ohms, especially if we are talking about the bass regions. Don't care a bit what the dealer says. To paraphrase the guy from Forged in Fire, "It will work, but it won't kill." I think that you will do better with your 9000.
  3. Would a CAT 7 cable be a better choice where shielding may be needed, as opposed to CAT 8, or is 6A a better choice?
  4. Well, I did give the anonymous CAT 5e UTP a try along with the CAT 6 and no network connection, and really couldn't identify any difference. I ended up just leaving it in. Not sure how this would go with streaming. Can't really compare all 3 that way, but the only cable that changed the sound was the CAT 8. As stated above, it would appear that in my set up at least, the shielded cable caused some sonic degradation, even if only slightly.
  5. I have some generic 5e around here and I will put it up against nothing later on. Honestly, I don't expect to hear much difference between 5e, 6, and no network, but we shall find out.
  6. I could probably just plug the cable into the T Mobile unit, but I don't know if that would be such a good idea.
  7. Raining all day, so I decided to try some silly experiment with CAT cables and my Innuos. First up, BJC CAT 6. Everything sounds find. Nice open sound. Next, Dbillion CAT 8. Certainly, a little warmer sounding. Less energy on the top. Easily noticed on Waltz for Debby HD version. Different, but fine. Finally, nothing. Disconnected the Innuos from the network. Sounded pretty much identical to the unit when connected by the CAT 6. The UTP CAT 6 sounded closer to nothing when playing music from the internal drive., than the CAT 8. I didn't think I would
  8. Ted, I have both in my system. For long runs where noise is an issue, I would go with Gotham GAC 3. Better shielding than star quad without the issues. I have done shoot outs with my Black Cat XLR cables and Gotham GAC 2 AES cable. The Black Cat is a little brighter through the midrange, if not quite as energetic on the very top end. I recommend you try a short run of the GAC 2 AES, as well Due to its low capacitance, it would also be a great cable for longer runs, but would not offer as much rejection of noise as the GAC 3.
  9. As I understand it, these new high resolution remasters were sourced from DSD transfers circa 2012 or so. Any reason to go with 24/192 vs. 24/96? Won't I just be getting more noise? BTW, I cued up Apostrophe along side the CD version, and it appears to have a tad less compression. I wonder how flat these sources may be as compared with the CDs, as a whole.
  10. May find your answer here. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/34722-more-disruptive-schiit-vidar/page/4/
  11. Mask wearing never was a panacea. If you are under 50, your greatest co-morbidity risk is obesity. Yet, I don't see any push to address this. Nothing. Consequently, serious cases are higher in that group than they should be. More hospitalizations. More danger for people like your friend. I live in a solidly Trump voting state, and I don't recall seeing anyone not wearing a mask in public. I guess I need to get out more.
  12. Sorry, I am confused. Do they not follow "common sense" measures in Italian hospitals? Aren't masks and distancing part of the protocol? Did your friend not follow the rules?
  13. I have never seen my board certified immunologist wear one. I guess he doesn't know any better after 40 years of practice, although, admittedly, none in public health. He still maintains his own practice, so this is probably the reason he can do this. Perhaps, he is just an outlier in so many ways.
  14. Moderator, please move this thread to the Objective-Fi forum. Amir
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