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  1. More updates. 1. Gotham SPK 2.5 remains my favorite for inexpensive speaker cable 2. Grimm TPR remains my favorite for AES, but for analog I have come to the conclusion that it is a little harsh in the treble. Could be the silver plating. 3. Supra EFF is a bit different. Has the Supra signature edge relief, but also sounds a little tipped up. Not as harsh as the Grimm, however. Again, a silver plated cable. 4. Mogami Gold just does not sound quite right in the treble to me. 5. Canare Star Quad is my new recommendation for XLR cable. Does not have the issues
  2. Actually, you could weaponize mmw. Confirmed by a Nokia design engineer. I would tell you to keep your eyes open out there, but, well, you know...
  3. Audiophiles: Dead or Dying? Not sure, but they often sure smell funny....
  4. Actually, I want to say speakers, since they impart the most character. I have to say amplifier, however. I would rather listen to mediocre speakers and a great amp, than great speakers and a mediocre amp.
  5. Not sure. I was going to say power cables, but changed my answer at the last second.
  6. Kimo

    Innuos 1.4.5

    I talked with the Innuos rep and I am pretty sure that a sonic upgrade wasn't part of the plan. I don't think I heard a change, but no way to compare.
  7. Black Cat retails for 799.00 per 1 meter. I have not heard the Sablon. I generally try to avoid chasing higher end cables, but a few people suggested the Black Cat with the Innuos, so I broke down and picked one up. I use Supra, Grimm, and Belden in the rest of the system.
  8. Finally broke down and spent a little cash on a usb cable, the Black Cat Digit. I would summarize the sound of 1m running between the Innuos and the Satie Dac, as such. Very even handed and detailed without any edginess. Soundstage is never forward, so sense of depth is increased. Nothing seems out of order. Voices and instruments sound a bit more real based on the way that they start and stop. Bass lines are easier to follow. Flow is excellent. As for negatives. The very top and bottom sounds a bit reserved. Maybe not quite the sense of scale as I have heard w
  9. Didn't he play with the J. Geils Band?
  10. Thanks for the recommendations. I looked them both over. I did order some Supra speaker cables as well. XL Annorum. They were developed along with QLN speaker company. We shall see how they fair. Hopefully, they bring a little something more than the basic stranded Gotham copper. Jenvig strongly recommended these over the tin plated offerings.
  11. I will say that in my system, the latest changes provide a more significant sonic upgrade than the prior one. I think that you will be very happy, indeed.
  12. Nice upgrade on my lowly Zenith II. I imagine the SE will really shine. Improvements across the sonic board.
  13. And, bingo, my crappy LG tv just quit. Could be the LEDs, could be the input board, could be the power board, though the boards looked fine. It is going to the curb this weekend.
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