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  1. Running it right now. Much quicker and cleaner. Thanks.
  2. Jagger's voice on the new one sounds a little better to me than on the London CD, which is quieter and wider. His voice on the London CD has an opaqueness to it that is relieved slightly with the latest. Sorry, but I can't help further with the SACD comparison. As I recall, it seemed a little cleaner overall than the CD (better tape?) but mastered similarly.
  3. Kimo

    $12000 equipment

    Do you think that she has a tube amp in the trunk?
  4. Kimo

    $12000 equipment

    How about this one? Better than a vintage amp for sure.
  5. Kimo

    $12000 equipment

    I wonder which depreciates faster.
  6. Kimo

    $12000 equipment

    I will admit that the phono preamp doesn't appear to be a great value, but the 129,000.00 turntable does weigh 850 lbs and looks very solid. Please note that price does not include arm, cartridge, or record clamp. Perhaps someone here at Computeraudiophile has one on order?
  7. So the cables may only be causing a ground loop issue with the server, and not the BR player, or the phono stage, which are also plugged into the DAC? If that is so, then there is a USB only device called the IFI Defender that purports to break ground loops on USB connections. https://ifi-audio.com/products/idefender3-0/
  8. On occasion, I like to run a fully balanced DAC/preamp with no rca anlaog connections into a tube amp with only rca connections. I purchased xlr adapters and connect those to my DAC/preamp to run a single ended cable to my tube amp. I have also tried dedicated xlr to rca cables. All is well, if not ideal with one exception. When I connect the Innuos server via USB cable to the DAC, I end up with lots of steady high pitched noise. Disconnect the USB cable from the DAC, noise is gone. I have tried moving plugs around on the power strip, disconnecting the server and blu ray player from the internet, disconnecting the phono stage, and the blu ray player from the system, but the only move that makes a difference is disconnecting the USB cable. I would like to actually use the server with the tube amp, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. When the fully balanced solid state amp is connected, I have no noise on any input. Thanks in advance.
  9. Maybe bad editing on the author's part? Perhaps, he means to state what "the best" MP3 will do? He writes earlier: So, I grew up experiencing two technology transitions: from analog LPs and phones to digital CDs and voice-over-internet (VoIP), which sounded fine, then from those to highly-compressed MP3s and cellphones, which definitely sounded worse.
  10. So what can "the best CDs" resolve down to?
  11. It has been awhile. I got rid of all my SACDs. All I have left are the SRVs on MoFi. As I recall it was one of the better ones in the group. I don't think I would bother with the 50th, if I still had the SACD.
  12. I purchased the latest download at 24/192 for a little over 12.00. I compared it with original London CD. Only other digital version that I have is the mono. Didn't bother with that. Sounds a little lighter in tone, wetter, and fuller between the speakers. Also, it is a little louder, but nothing crazy. I am not noticing any major new detail being revealed over the ancient CD, however. Recommended per above. Probably cheaper than buying the London CD at this point.
  13. I don't even know if you can call anything a mistake. He truly looks like a really really smart guy, who operates in different ways. Maybe as smart as Michael Lavorgna.
  14. I checked out his website. He seems to varied interests. http://www.softky.com/
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