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  1. Thanks. Resistance might be a concern with the 4 ohm/87 db speakers at 8'. Used Naim looks like the most economical choice. Apparently, DNM once had a speaker cable designed for lower impedance speakers, but it looks to be out of production.
  2. I spoke with the designer and he really was only concerned with high capacitance cable, due to high bandwidth of the amp. I may try and whip up something from on DIY for fun. 8' of the BJC apparently comes in at 200 total pf. I am going to try to get under 100'. I will shorter runs, if need be.
  3. I guess I have a boutique amp with high bandwidth.
  4. I would consider low capacitance wire to measure no more than 20 pf per foot for purposes of this discussion, and closer to 10. In the house, I have Gotham 35 pf per foot, and BJC 25 pf per foot. Right now, I am considering giving Nordost or Naim a try.
  5. The designer of my power amplifier advises against the use of high capacitance speaker cable. It is not a problem to avoid such cable. That being said, is it possible that an amplifier that doesn't get along well with high capacitance speaker cable might work better with ultra low capacitance speaker cable, such as Nordost? I would like to get some opinions as to whether or not I should even bother giving consideration to an audition. Also, is there any advantage to using low capacitance speaker cable with tube amplifiers?
  6. I will do my best to give a summary with pro and cons. The FRM-2s are best described as a musical speaker with a very full sound and sweet highs. The Raal tweeter rarely offends and makes many other metal drives sound harsh or closed in by comparison. The bass is very full and fairly deep for any speaker, let alone a monitor. The midrange is blended very well. By comparison, my 10" Tannoys sounded more open through the midrange, leaner, more coppery if you will, with some harshness on the high end. While the bass is very full and deep, it is not as dynamic as a larger speaker. The treble is very sweet and clean, but perhaps not as extended as some. I can't really find much to fault with the midrange, though some might look for a more forward sound. The speaker is not hard to drive, provided a 4 ohm friendly amp is in use. I have used both tubes and solid state with equally satisfying results. Pros: Smooth and even frequency response, excellent bass, sweet treble Cons: Not as dynamic as a larger speaker, more open sounding speakers can be found, needs enough amp for the 87db/4 ohm load When I have compared with other speakers at the dealer, I tend to find those sounding a bit closed in and slightly harsh by comparison.
  7. I wonder if the guy in white ever used this photo on a singles website?
  8. So if I crank up some John Fahey solo acoustic guitar on this last system, just how big would the guitar appear to be?
  9. Thanks. It really is no big deal rescuing big dogs, except for the fact that the larger breeds generally don't live too long. You just have to make the best of it, and be ready for that punch in the gut in 4 or 5 years.
  10. I know that I saw a thread where the Atmasphere OTL guy was talking about how me easily measured voltage drops along a power cord, and that the sound of the amp can suffer because of this. My tube amp came with its own specially designed cord that is rather long and stiff. I have never tried it on the solid stage amp, which goes to show that I am not a very good subjective audiophile.
  11. There is something about this one that I find completely objectionable, besides the price.
  12. But still much less voltage than a tube amp supply, so less demanding, no?
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