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  1. Ted, I have both in my system. For long runs where noise is an issue, I would go with Gotham GAC 3. Better shielding than star quad without the issues. I have done shoot outs with my Black Cat XLR cables and Gotham GAC 2 AES cable. The Black Cat is a little brighter through the midrange, if not quite as energetic on the very top end. I recommend you try a short run of the GAC 2 AES, as well Due to its low capacitance, it would also be a great cable for longer runs, but would not offer as much rejection of noise as the GAC 3.
  2. As I understand it, these new high resolution remasters were sourced from DSD transfers circa 2012 or so. Any reason to go with 24/192 vs. 24/96? Won't I just be getting more noise? BTW, I cued up Apostrophe along side the CD version, and it appears to have a tad less compression. I wonder how flat these sources may be as compared with the CDs, as a whole.
  3. May find your answer here. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/34722-more-disruptive-schiit-vidar/page/4/
  4. Mask wearing never was a panacea. If you are under 50, your greatest co-morbidity risk is obesity. Yet, I don't see any push to address this. Nothing. Consequently, serious cases are higher in that group than they should be. More hospitalizations. More danger for people like your friend. I live in a solidly Trump voting state, and I don't recall seeing anyone not wearing a mask in public. I guess I need to get out more.
  5. Sorry, I am confused. Do they not follow "common sense" measures in Italian hospitals? Aren't masks and distancing part of the protocol? Did your friend not follow the rules?
  6. I have never seen my board certified immunologist wear one. I guess he doesn't know any better after 40 years of practice, although, admittedly, none in public health. He still maintains his own practice, so this is probably the reason he can do this. Perhaps, he is just an outlier in so many ways.
  7. Moderator, please move this thread to the Objective-Fi forum. Amir
  8. Here goes: 1. Apogee Wyde Eye: Same cable for analog and spdif. Did not try them for AES or XLR 2. Belden 1694A: Spdif and RCA 3. Belden 1800f: XLR, BAV XLR 4. Belden Blue Jeans LC1 RCA 5. Belden 5000 series speaker cable 6. Canare L4E65 7. Gotham: GAC 1 ultrapro, GAC 1, GAC 2 AES, SPK 2 x 2.5 8. Grimm TPR AES/XLR 9. Mogami 3173 AES, Silver Series XLR, Gold Series XLR, Gold RCA/SPDIF, 3103 speaker cable 10. Vovox Sonorus XLR 11. LIvewire Advantage Microphone cable
  9. Well, it has been over a year and I have sampled a fair number of cables from Apogee, Belden, Canare, Gotham, Grimm, and Mogami. I must share my findings, if for no other reason than protect an impressionable innocent from wasting their precious hours doing cable comparisons. Firstly, none of these "neutral" pro cables sounded that much alike. The brands seem to have a house sound I spoke to an engineer that explained it this way. As with microphones, cables need to be free of noise and work when called upon, but they are known to sound different from each other, and a good e
  10. I just think that a small floor standing speaker generally will offer better value. Takes more time and money to build a book shelf and then build the matching stands. Large "book shelf" speakers, ala JBL, may be a different story.
  11. Between these two, the floor standing speaker would be my pick. Better bass extension, better efficiency, better power handling, better resale results (if that matters), better flexibility. I am using Alta Audio FRM bookshelves. When these are gone, I will be switching back to a floor standing speaker.
  12. I will be hooking it up to the Z10 today. The Z10 working straight off the DAC's volume control seems to have plenty of headroom and, again, excellent control. The Z10 is very clean and detailed.
  13. Well. I have not yet received the 12 watt amp, but I did receive the preamp, which also does duty as a 1 watt amp and headphone amp. You have to turn the volume most of the way up, but I have not had to max it out, and yet I am getting pretty decent volume and excellent control out of 1 ZOTL watt. I am pretty surprised by this result. The room is not small.
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