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  1. Finally broke down and spent a little cash on a usb cable, the Black Cat Digit. I would summarize the sound of 1m running between the Innuos and the Satie Dac, as such. Very even handed and detailed without any edginess. Soundstage is never forward, so sense of depth is increased. Nothing seems out of order. Voices and instruments sound a bit more real based on the way that they start and stop. Bass lines are easier to follow. Flow is excellent. As for negatives. The very top and bottom sounds a bit reserved. Maybe not quite the sense of scale as I have heard with other cables. My wife, who is rather indifferent to all this, liked the cable from the start. She hates harsh, and even forward when not so harsh. Even when she isn't in the same room. Not sure how that works, but she has been consistent. The Digit is clearly a step up in terms of revealing more information in a very natural manner than the Belkin Gold or Supra, my 2 cheap baseline cables.
  2. Didn't he play with the J. Geils Band?
  3. Thanks for the recommendations. I looked them both over. I did order some Supra speaker cables as well. XL Annorum. They were developed along with QLN speaker company. We shall see how they fair. Hopefully, they bring a little something more than the basic stranded Gotham copper. Jenvig strongly recommended these over the tin plated offerings.
  4. I will say that in my system, the latest changes provide a more significant sonic upgrade than the prior one. I think that you will be very happy, indeed.
  5. Nice upgrade on my lowly Zenith II. I imagine the SE will really shine. Improvements across the sonic board.
  6. And, bingo, my crappy LG tv just quit. Could be the LEDs, could be the input board, could be the power board, though the boards looked fine. It is going to the curb this weekend.
  7. Indeed. As I look over to my system, I am pretty sure that my speakers, DAC, and amplifier were produced by companies made up of a grand total of 2 guys. But we are at risk with larger companies as well. If my Sony Blu player has problems, it is off to the landfill. Same with my LG tv. Not worth fixing out of warranty, if you can even find a tech.
  8. I have gotten very used to the Raal sound via the tweeters in my monitors. I have never been partial to most metal domes, and now, after living with the Raals for several years, don't think I would be willing to deal with them at all. Might still be a horn or soft dome that fits the bill. If I had any need for more headphone listening, I would certainly audition the Raals. I am curious as to how they compare.
  9. https://gdpr-info.eu/art-17-gdpr/ Note, Article 17, Section 3 (e). Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall not apply to the extent that processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. Disclaimer: AudioDoctor is not a lawyer
  10. Tie. The Grimm seems to have a little more mid bass than any of the upgraded cables, which enhances the space and the big thwacks. The Supra presents the bigger hits with better texture. We are not talking about crazy differences, but they are there.
  11. Yes, but can be quite pricey for 2.5 meter speaker cables. SILTECH ROYAL SIGNATURE EMPEROR DOUBLE CROWN LOUDSPEAKER CABLES £51,890.00
  12. Listened to both the 3D and Normal version. Dynamics were a bit scary with the 3D version though percussion also was not so full. I actually enjoyed the tune. Audiophile stuff be damned. Everything is grounded. Innuos server going to a Linnenberg DAC with a Linnenberg amp. Not much noise in this system, even with the phono amp.
  13. The XLR cable is connecting my dac/preamp to my amplifier. I would be open to trying the tracks. Thanks for the offer.
  14. I briefly had a silver cable in house called Silver Arrow. It was an RCA, so I tried it with my phono stage. It was smooth but also whiter and brighter, by comparison to the RCA cables that I had around. I looked into Tempo Electric for the their solid core silver cables, but have not auditioned any. Zenwave has some nice looking silver cables, including sliver foil speaker cables, but they are rather pricey.
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