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  1. Have you bought the H10 @TheAttorney? I have installed Euphony OS as well as music storage to my H10 for a year and how to make sure the OS had been installed to Optane partition (and not to NAND partition)?
  2. I'm looking for an audiophile-grade inlet with fuse and switch for the dedicated LPS of server. Anyone pls recommend some names?
  3. I have another consideration: I have 4 rails as follows: 12V - 10A to CPU / EPS 5V - 3A to JCAT USB XE 5V - 3A to JCAT Net XE 19V - 10A to a DC to DC ATX that I’m considering between HDplex 800w and Hdplex 400w. Server is being planned as z590 + 11900K. what I’m thinking is: CPU is the most power hunger, and because I give it a dedicated rail, the DC to DC Atx does not play a crucial role as it should be, so hdplex 400w seems more suitable than 800w. I’m still considering between the two. Any thought?
  4. I’m interested in z590 + 11900k for my new server. It seems you use active cooler (fan) to keep cpu temperature that low?
  5. Tks for your info, is this reliable information?
  6. Hi, May I know if there is any case out there with passive cooling solution effective enough for z590 and i9 11900K? As I read, the Hdplex H5 can only suitable to the chipset which is up to 95w TDP, while the 11900K has a 125w TDP. Not to mention the H5 is still out of stock now. Any help is appreciated!
  7. I have both and both work well in my Nuc8i7beh
  8. @ASRMichael, my NUC has Uptone JS2 LPS, it maybe not on par with PH SR4. It can be upgrated with apacer ram and Intel Optane H10 SSD which is my plan but I have not pulled the trigger yet.
  9. Hi, anyone who tried 2 box solution for stylus server + endpoint, and how it compare to 1 box, in term of SQ? My current server is a fanless NUC8i7 which is nearly identical to the Summus server, and I'm thinking of another NUC8i3 for the endpoint, if the sound improvement's worth it.
  10. Tks for the link! Do you think 8gb ram is enough for ramroot and buffering songs to ram?
  11. I'm interested in an Edgerouter X for making a vlan for audio server. My question is: if we isolate the audio server from others, how the Roon remote (on my iphone) connected via wifi access point can talk to the server? Can you pls share you solution!
  12. Hi, Is there anyway to bypass volume control or any software mixer? I found it working but no where in setting to bypass the mixer. Also I could not find where to log out Tidal/Qobuz acc in Stylus interface.
  13. Hi Dave & ASRmichael, It works now. i ended up with only address path as “music”, user PW to my synology Nas, and domain as “workgroup” Thank you!
  14. Hi Dave, Thanks for your advice. I followed your guide but could not success. Stylus shown “mount errror” as attached screenshot.
  15. Hi, I've been trying Euphony OS + stylus for few days and extremely impressed with the SQ. I use a single box (a mac mini) to play stylus and send music to my USB DAC which can decodes MQA. My questions are: - My music is stored in a NAS, but in Stylus I found no way to import music from NAS. When clicking "Network Drives" I could not find any shared folder from NAS. - For MQA: Stylus do not support to unfold MQA but passthough it instead. However, when I played 24/96 MQA files from Tidal, my dac showned input signal as 24/48, why not 24/96? The dac also did not show "MQA" signal, which I believed the input signal was PCM, instead of MQA passthough. So did I miss anything in Setting? any advice is highly appreciated Jacky
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