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  1. I regret that I have decided to cancel Spotify Premium. I thought it was one of the best. But I have not tried any other pay for streaming music service. what does everyone like?
  2. Nils Frahm , Solo Available on vinyl too. Nils playing a two story piano developed by David Klavins.
  3. HIFI

    Bass Players

    Victor Wooton, Show Of Hands Available on 180 gram vinyl
  4. Problem solved admin can close or delete thread thanks all
  5. I have a sonos (white box) for my outdoor HiFi system. For years I have been able to stream music from my Mac mini server and now, out of the blue, it just doesn’t stream to that device. I stream to my iPad and my main system is fine also. It’s just this sonos that is not functional help Thanks in advance
  6. So.... Now I’m thinking. You have two different , somewhat, approaches to helping you set up your speakers in your room. The first people used, as you said, some of the same voicing technics to place the TADs as did the folks from Wilson. With that said I would assume the baffles of the Wilsons are likely in a near identical spot (distance from front wall) as the TADs were. Please tell me if I’m accurate. What are you thinking about your approach to bass room management?
  7. Still not the wide path you are on with the Wilsons and room treatment. The drivers in the TADs , like the drivers in the Wilsons , disperse. In the above photo you are not addressing timing issues, first reflections, as you are in your new set up. This is is exactly why I feel an ab comparison is of no value.
  8. As I have followed I don’t remember the TAD’s in the new room optimized at any point as the path Chris is on now with Wilsons and room treatment . . . so not sure the value of the ab comparison.
  9. Are your walls (front/back & left side/right side) parallel?
  10. And I am completely convinced they could sound better in a larger room.... I am also convinced that once set up in that smaller room they will completely vanish and leave , in their place, a wonderful hologram of artist and original recorded room sound.
  11. So I have a question for you . . . I assume your room analysis measurements show the normal bass issues that are part of all Two Channel listening rooms. What are/did you doing/do to address those opportunities? I'm admiring your project Chris.
  12. “Mostly just kidding “ I’m surprised at your penned thoughts. So as a reviewer of anything one should never purchase or own any anything’s? Quite frankly I would take advantage of an opportunity to own a pair of something’s for less wether a barter or qualifying discount. And I feel one could better evaluate electronics in a quality 2 Channel listening room.
  13. I’m interested.... if if you don’t mind..... Can you share your Top five speaker pics before you settled on your winner? Dont need an order....just wondering what others you considered. Thanks in advance
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