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  1. I’m not sure but having problems with my Mac mini as of late. The first problem I need to solve is the continuing screen stating “keychain can’t be found”. I have tried a few things but no success. could anyone help.
  2. SVS SB16 Ultra . . . Large driver, Large Amp, 8” Voice Coils . . . Priced at two grand per sub . . . Appears to be a lot for the money. Is this just a “get what you pay for” brand?
  3. Budget first . . . $5000.00 usd / pair I have never owned subs for my two channel audio room. I have always had larger speakers so never really considered. Now I am considering. I’m sure I could throw a pair in room and carefully integrate yet ruin what I already have accomplished. With that said I would rather stay as is if I can’t gain sound qualities using my budget allowed. Current speakers are Meadowlark Nightingale with Krell MDA 500 power. I have pretty good bass extension now. Thanks in advance for your experienced input.
  4. Does anyone have experience with SVS SB16 ULTRA in a nice two channel audio system? These appear to be a great price for a 16” sub. Im trying to find out if I dare add two subs to my Meadowlark Nightingale speakers. They do a great job on their own but I’m wondering what my gains vs losses might be. I have never owned a pair of subs for my two channel audio system so I am cautious
  5. I wish to hear from anyone that has had experienced both absorbing and diffusion in first reflection area of your 2 channel audio room. Did you prefer one over the other and why. I’m asking because I have not tried diffusion. Thanks in advance
  6. I’m brand new to ripping the DSD files from SACD’s. I spent a few days ripping SACD’s to my Mac mini server. I‘m using JRiver for player and Mytek Stereo 192 DAC. I have not had a chance, time to really warm up equipment, for any critical listening yet. I may be premature in an observation but I’m going to jump in here for member thoughts. I have some “same” files in my library that were downloaded from a hires website to compare to “same” files ripped from my SACD. There is a sound difference that I hope to describe in greater detail After I spend a bit of critical listening time.
  7. Interested in knowing any ones experience with Manley Labs equipment. I have had an opportunity to listen to Steelhead Preamp with Neo Classic 500 Mono blocks and was moved. So my interest is peeked.
  8. Headphone amp recommendation.... I want something between my iPad and a pair of headphones that need more power than what an iPad can put out. The rated power now is “not enough power to push a pissants go cart around the inside of a cheerio”. I really don’t want to invest a bunch of dough. I just want to run a decent pair of headphones like an AKG240 or something like. Im not striving for “audiophile” experience. Hope that is helpful for any recommendations. Can someone help please? Thank you in advance.
  9. Well reviewed album for its recording mix. Just ordered from discdogs
  10. Hi friends, I'm looking some full albums that would be good “accompaniment” music for my get togethers I host. In exchange for your suggestions I will provide a few of my own top favorites.... Nils Frahm, Solo ... wonderful solo piano and unique sound on Klavins 2 story piano. Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny, Beyond The Missouri Sky Eileen Farrel ... Tourch Songs
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