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  1. Has anyone tried an Entreq grounding system on their Etherregen? I have one and it helps a very small amount when I put it on my dac. From what I have heard is you don't really need to use the ground on the Etheregen unless you are having some problems, which I am not. Just curious.
  2. At this point I think it best to cancel my offer. It's been a couple days and I have yet to hear from you. I have to assume you sold it or decided to keep it yourself. I will just order some from the company. Good luck with your sale.
  3. I would love to have them. Can you take paypal? If so, consider them sold. Thanks
  4. I am ready to copy my 8 tb of music from my old music computer to my new SGC i9 with internal storage. My question is what about sending my files out of the old computer thru my ETHERREGEN, then to the new SGC i9? Anyone think my files will benefit from this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank's for all your help R1200. I can't wait to get this digital system up and running in. I've been so impressed with both the MicroRendu and then the UltraRendu. I did get 10tb of hard drive in the SonicTransporter i9 and a nice surprise is it came with optical out, so I can go directly to the OpticalRendu. From what I am reading, I may still want to use the IsoRegen to my dac. I always enjoyed the difference it made with the UltraRendu. So I'll use the 1.2 batteries until everybody agrees on the best power supply for the OR. Is anyone using a different power supply for the i9 computer?
  6. I just bought the System Optique bundle, so now I'm wanting to transfer my music from my Windows 7 audio computer to my SGC i9. I also have an EtherRegen and am wondering can I transfer my music files out of the old computer by ethernet, THRU the EtherRegen, then to the SGC i9 via ethernet? Has anyone tried this yet? I don't know much about computers, so thanks in advance.
  7. I did have the LPS-1 on both the Ultra and the Iso and was so thrilled with the sound I was getting I really didn't want to change a thing. Curiosity got the best of me so I ordered a LPS 1.2 just because EVERYTHING I have ordered from UpTone has improved my system. I put it on the IsoRegen for a listen and was blown away! Ran to my computer and got in line for another LPS 1.2 to energize my UltraRendu. The Ultra reacted the exact same way with an equal gain in sound quality, soundstage, and bass articulation! The cumulative effect of both pieces now powered by the LPS 1.2's is breathtaking!
  8. I received my second LPS 1.2 the other day. The first went on my IsoRegen and I still can't believe what a nice difference it has made. I truly think it kept getting better for 4-5 days. I put the second one on my UltraRendu and gave it a day of play time before I sat down to listen. WOW AGAIN!! It makes about the same bump in sound quality as the first one did. I'm excited every time I listen! Digital has never been better!
  9. Either I guess. I was wondering if anyone had one 1.2 on each piece. I'm getting in line for a second supply to power my UltraRendu. I'm also wondering if anyone has tried in on both the IsoRegen or the UltraRendu , and which piece did it make the best difference. Thanks in advance.
  10. It's not that hard to re focus on the LPS-1.2 power supply. EVERY time I play my digital files, I am reminded of the sheer force and drive it brings to the event. It can play nice and delicate, and shrink down the soundstage when needed, but it has a GIANT soundstage when combined with the IsoRegen if the recording warrants it. Mine was great in a couple days but is quite a bit better after a week of playing. Does anyone have the new supply on both the UltraRendu and the IsoRegen yet?
  11. I had to switch my internet service the other day and am now using the Linksys Velop extenders thru the house. My digital took a pretty large step backwards but still plays my files, but not as well as before. Then the LPS 1.2 showed up ( thanks Alex) and now my digital sounds a lot better. More articulate with better drive from each instrument. Larger soundstage with much better air around each performer. All from a battery upgrade just on the IsoRegen! I am now ordering a second LPS 1.2 for my UltraRendu. It's a slam dunk! I'm also VERY interested in anyone with a better ( read audiophile)
  12. The Vega was in need of repair and I wanted to get the quad dsd upgrade and I needed a second dac, so I went like two days without all my digital and freaked out. Bought an Altair to keep the music flowing. Yes, I do love my Vega, but I don't know that I ever had all the settings right.
  13. First off, thanks for your help. I have a Win 7 connected to a wireless router, but use a cat 6 cable to the back of the MicroRendu. Out of the MicroRendu (using the LP1) and Cardas power cable, I connect to TWL Discreet usb cable to my Auralic Altair dac.
  14. The Micro Rendu does see Roon. I am pretty sure either Auralic likes to see it's Asio driver installed to be correct. I'm not sure I understand the mode question. Thanks
  15. Hi all. I have a Windows 7 computer/ MicroRendu/Roon/Auralic ( both Vega and Altair), and can not get the driver for either dac to enable. I'm not sure if it's a Windows problem or Roon problem, or even to Micro Rendu problem, but each time, with several different drivers tried, it gives me the " device initiation failure". It seems like a high definition WASAPI driver is the only one it will enable. Probably something I am missing, but any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
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