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  1. You can use USBIP. USB over IP. Might not me the most trivial thing to setup, but works fine. Dsd512 asynch usb to the other side of the world if that's your desire. Whatever 10usd to 35usd device that runs linux and a 2usd usb soundcard should do fine as the host. There are clients for windows and osx.
  2. No, you said : "The wall-wart power supply uses-up one of the two normal sized USB ports, so if you are going to connect a external HDD for your audio library and a USB DAC and an input device to control the thing, you'll need an external USB port multiplier hub." I was but merely pointing out that you do have both the full size USB available at all times. Of course you're right about needing a usb hub if you were to connect a usb drive, usb dac and usb input device, but 2 versus 1 port available does give extra flexibility. Besides, it has built in bluetooth, so you could always use a bt keyboard. And if you plan on using network storage and/or remote desktop/bluetooth input device you can get away with only 1 or 2 ports depending on your configuration.
  3. No, the video doesn't show that. You can't use a normal usb host port for charging/power. There is an otg micro usb port for charging/power.
  4. What potential issue? Win 8.1 with bing is *exactly* the same as win 8.1, and you can upgrade to Windows 10 Home for free.
  5. Furthermore, it's not singlecore. It's quadcore. And the wallwart does not use up one of the normal sized USB ports. It can also be found under various chinese brands, and uses a powervr gpu that only has proprietary drivers for Windows. (So no Linux atm). It will work fine for high def sound, that's the least of the worries. and it will handle pretty much everything you throw at it, save for 100 open tabs in Google Chrome. Windows is probably installed in a squash-like format which will give you lots of space left (relatively, considering 32Gb of total space) for installing the neccesary programs. It's pretty much the same as all the cheap Windows tablets that are thrown at you atm, without the screen. That's why a battery is included.
  6. My suggestion: Just let the ipad1 support die already. Make a new version that works fine with iPad1, and then let that be the last version that support ios 5. (or maybe just let 5.02 be that version, if 5.03 and onwards are troublesome with the ipad1)
  7. Is the new cabinet a result of Hornslet Furniture closing down? Who knows... Anyways, they look really bad, and the protruding drivers seem out of place, and cheap. Bet they still sound very good
  8. There are issues using those old vertex 2 ssds with modern hardware. The are roughly detected only 50% of the time when booting with modern motherboards. Give it some time and they will probably die on you too.. Just get something more reliable than those drives already, as they themselves are the problem.
  9. The first few versions after 3.0.4 were horrible. 4.x was a little better. The newest version hasnt had this bug even once at my place. I just pushed and replaced 1000 tracks at once to the playlist without any problems. This is with an ipad4 running ios 8.4.
  10. Yay. The dreaded playlist bug is fixed with version 5.0. I don't mean to sound negative, but it's actually usable again now. Just do not reintroduce the bug. (Tha last version that worked fine before 5.0 was 3.0.4) Great job!
  11. The driver has been mainlined since 3.11. Auralic are now using 3.14, but they haven't enabled the driver in the kernelconfig. Easy fix.
  12. Roon is not JRiver, the interface is more alive and dynamic and for that it needs to use certain GL functions. Even then, the needs are minimal, but you don't even have a GFX driver installed except for the basic video driver. There will never ever in a million years be a server 2012r2 GFX driver for DN2800MT, so unless Roon incorporate an "ugly" mode (which I can't imagine the would ever do), your options are either to install Windows 8.1 32bit or to upgrade the motherboard and/or associated components.
  13. Either it's muted, or it's not. It doesn't help to "think" it's not muted and waste your time to trying to find the reason on why you're not getting any sound, when a potential remedy is right in front of you.
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