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  1. FWIW, this review of the Z490 mini-ITX boards indicate the MSI and Gigabyte boards have the strongest VRM implementations for OCing, but indicates it is not necessary for normal stock speeds. I wonder if the stronger VRM power designs equates to better sound when underutilized.
  2. Any feedback on your i9-10900 / ASUS machine ? I am considering updating my old machine with either the i9-10900 or i9-10900K, a Z490 board and NVMes. TIA
  3. Hi Kal, Will there be any reviews on the OKTO DAC8 coming out soon ? If so, any ETAs ? TIA
  4. Get your OPPO's while they last. Oppo's Farewell Notice Oppo has just held in it's notice Oppo Shock: Popular AV Brand Announces That 'It's Time To Say Goodbye'
  5. Has anyone used the DVDfab "Hi-Fi Audio Converter" software for ripping 2-channel audio from DVDs/Blu Rays ? If so, how does it work ? TIA DVDfab Hi-Fi Audio Converter
  6. You can't go wrong with the consistency of hard wire.
  7. Interesting video on bit depth, sample rates and filters. https://xiph.org/video/vid2.shtml
  8. It appears the ISO Regen uses this oscillator (Crystek CCHD-575) : http://www.crystek.com/crystal/spec-sheets/clock/CCHD-575.pdf From the spec sheet : Frequency Range:12 MHz to 125 MHz* Phase Jitter: (12kHz~80MHz) 82 fSec RMS Typical @ 100 MHz
  9. I am very happy to hear W4S is continuing to offer upgrade paths for their existing customers and products. Kudos to the W4S team.
  10. emailtim

    JRiver MC20

    Version 20 appears to be a "feature release" versus an "upgraded Audio Quality version".
  11. I just stumbled on this. W4S is offering a mINT + Martin Logan bookshelf speaker package at the cost of just over the mINT by itself. I am not familiar with these speakers though. The speakers run @ $800/pair MSRP. https://wyred4sound.com/products/integrated-amps/wyred-4-sound-martin-logan-special-offer
  12. Take a look at the Wyred 4 Sound mINT (mini-Integrated). The integration contains stereo amplifiers, headphone amplifier, preamp and DAC. The DAC is good, but not as good as in their flagship DAC2-DSDSE. W4S offers a money-back in home trail on the mINT. You would just need to add a source, non-powered speakers and headphones. I heard it at the Long Beach, CA Audio show driving a pair of Mini-Maggies and it sounded very nice. I did not hear it with any headphones. https://wyred4sound.com/products/integrated-amps/mint Headphone Output •32Ω Load: 720mW @ 0.1% THD+N •300Ω Load: 132mW @ 0.1%TDH+N •600Ω Load: 60mW @ 0.1% THD+N W4S has a great track record and is very responsive. I have a few of their products and have been very happy with both the product and company.
  13. To use a DAC or Soundcard, either would need both "Line Outs" and "Amplified Headphone Outs" for your application. The Amplified "Headphone Outs" has to be sufficient to drive your headphone(s) of choice (READ: Know what Headphones you are going to use before buying the headphone amplifier). It looks like the powered speakers you are interested in take a standard line in (Stereo RCA). It is not obvious that the 02+ODAC has line outs. The O2+ODAC is also "limited" to 24/96. If you want to decode higher resolution audio content, you may want to take this into consideration before you choose a DAC or Soundcard. Have you listened to these speakers and do you like them? What is your budget? Do you have any other objectives you would like to meet ?
  14. Thank you for the confirmation. The HD-Plex LPS looks pretty cool as well.
  15. Anyone use a Single PC / WS2012R2-Core / JRMC-19 / AO combo with a W4S DAC2-DSDSE ? If so, any issues with installation, drivers or HiRez(32/384 and DSD-128) playback over USB ? I am thinking of trying this combo with 2 SSD's (separate OS and Music SSDs) and controlling JRMC-19 over the network with another copy of JRMC-19. TIA
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