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  1. 8c (and Kii) put into domestic use, I like the promise from from 6 Moon: "The 8c sounds natural and neutral anywhere in the room. Sit close and listen into the recording - you are there. Sit farther away and hear more indirect sound with perfect timbre because of even dispersion and flat power response for a 'they are here' experience." http://6moons.com/audioreviews2/dutchdutch/2.html It does not seem to be very possible with traditional speakers due to wide fluctuation of off-axis frequencies ... during my audition, I noted 6 Moon's observation is correct and wh
  2. Thanks Kal. For all D&D users who put them close to the wall, it's indeed a good news!
  3. Thanks Kal, it's your first review of 8c that impressed me first ... Do you mind sharing more specifically how 'not as good as' means regarding possibilities of bass peaks and dips?
  4. baconbrain: that ... was a pair of vintage speakers, ProAc EBS ... its measurement is too nasty to you? firedog: thanks for your suggestion. There is only one Kii dealer at where I live sadly. I also have one friend who doesn't buy Kii since he dislike that dealer ... he bought PSI instead but I guess he already has some good acoustics treatment. I think dealer may play a factor in the purchase decision as we're not talking about 500 USD but almost 10000 USD here. fas42's love for 8c could be understandable. But personally I'd like to have two pairs at home for two mon
  5. I have done serious research into 8c and Kii. I went to audition 8c in a showroom twice and Kii for once. In one (out of three auditions) I particularly asked the 8c dealer to position 8c in positions similar to that in my home. I am not an audio engineer / studio mastering guru, though I have tried to understand as much as possible many technical terms related to acoustics. Consider me a guy who love music very much and is eager to learn. The following are my concerns, based on my limited technical knowledge. I hope someone could address my questions below and help me decide which speakers to
  6. iago thanks so much for your detailed reply. I have invited Simon today. See if he has the time to come to shed light on what we have discussed and your professional analysis.
  7. Thanks. I am going to ask Simon, Prism Orpheus to join this post if he is ok. Your description is extremely methodological and detailed, which I think Prism should have done the same to customers. If he is unwilling for some reason I'll at least let him know your result. iago, is it possible to do the same test for me for unbalanced connections, using mike of Lyra (in the combo input 1 and 2 at the back)? Sorry to write to you on Sunday. And many thanks for this. I hope the mystery could be solved soon. (I actually took Orpheus to the local dealer but with all sophisticated equipment thei
  8. iago, Have not update the Orpheus condition. Just talked to Prism. You wrote last time: "So the Orpheus in stand-alone mode is picking up noise on the instrument /microphone level inputs. Could it be possible that the noise is coming in over the power line?" The guy said Orpheus without 'terminated' (connected to any analogue input) will have significant noises for its mic and instrument input. If the analogue inputs are connected, the noise level and nature would become normal. Their answer doesn't solve the problem of Orpheus connecting to the turntable, but they did raise the
  9. iago, thanks for your reply and suggestions. I have try plugging Orpheus in other outlets with no luck. Since I really have no time to further investigate the issue, I just bought an iphono and things work fine. It's not the best scenario but I need to travel and have set up everything before leaving. Will look into the issue later if I have the time. After all, the issue is unresolved ...
  10. Sorry my DESCRIPTION WAS WRONG ON THE HOME CIRCUIT. I have a B2 Box, dealing with audio only. It is then distributed into different outlets. One dedicated to poweramp. One dedicated to Orpheus. Another one dedicated to other components, with the help of extension box. I have a B1 Box, which deals with ALL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES. Sorry my earlier description is wrong. My PC is connected to an outlet from B1 box. It's earthed, using Consair power supply 550W. The PC is connected to Orpheus through Firewire. I tried disconnected ALL OTHER GEARS (smart TV box, HDMI switch, CD
  11. I tested. Basically I don't know how to specifically 'route' the analog input to the out. There is no 'switch'. I guess it's always on. 1. I turned up all the volume. Assuming the input is always on, with no cables plugged in the input, the background is slient without any noises. 2. I hooked up my cdp through the custom-made RCA-TRS cable to one line input of Orpheus. No issues at all. No background noise. STRANGE!
  12. DO you mean I use XLR or TRS output of Orpheus to connect them back to Orpheus any TRS line input (? Will it do any harm? But ... the thing is I don't have this kinds of cables ...
  13. iago Thanks for your patience. 1. I have dedicated power lines for my audio-video system. But to some extent ... I am not sure. I said this since the extra power box (B2) is also linked to the mains (B1). The electricity men and some of my audiophiles say it's enough. 2. So far i am playing ditigal playback, mostly through my computer connected to B1, but frequently a Bluray Disc Player and CDP. The PC is 4m away from my Orpheus. 3. On the B2 box side, I have installed six outlets. One set is for active use. The other set is idle, just a reserve if I need to change the entir
  14. iago thanks for your responses. You're basically saying what happened is really strange since: 1. even co-axial won't create such noises 2. even ground-looping won't create such noises Yes, the noises throghout all scenarios are very similar. Sometimes a very high pitched sound will pop up. I experienced very strange 'explosive' sound when I touched and moved the instrument cables already plugged in the front panel. That's a horrible sound. My direct impression is the Orpheus seems to have its mic and instrument totally polluted and can't be touched with any gain at all.
  15. It seems I have discovered something more fundamental ... I discovered the following: 1. I started with the RCA-TRS unplugged (so it changed back to MIC position), but with the RIAA fiter switched on for input 1 and 2. 2. I increased the gain from its lowest 11db to more, 20, 30, 40 and so on. 3. Both faders of input 1 and 2 start to have some signals going up and down irregularly (see the pictures) 4. I turned up the volume there is very noticeable unpleasant NOISES coming out from both channel. 5. I switched to the flat curve, the noise is lowered, but still noticeable. [ATTACH=C
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