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  1. Happy Holidays for everyone and peace to all!
  2. Maturity... And respect... I would not do any business with someone like him... Some people need to go through hard times to open their eyes... And even so, they can't help it but keep on the same pattern...
  3. I have always asked myself if and in what way I was crazy. I know there are areas where I can be obsessed or stupidly repeating the same behaviour in some situations even if I am aware that it never resolved anything. I suppose that you mean habits or tendencies we develop with life experience and how we deal with that Audiophilia can be a way to concentrate some of our obsessions. So yes, I admit that some decisions I made were "crazy" for others (like spending lots of money into this hobby), but I still know my limits - I think ... And I have put a minefield around my sound system
  4. II have loved music for a long time and it brings something to my state of mind. And since it is also a hobby, I like to read what others think. Yes there are controversial opinions, but I am ok with that. I don't feel I have the right to judge others in a personal fashion based on what they discover or talk about. To say that someone is probably not listening to music because he is expressing his opinion between 2 formats seems a little peremptory to me. I always keep in mind that "We see the straw in the eyes of others and we do not see the beam in ours".
  5. They have filled my listening times a long time ago. At home, in the car, through LPs and cassettes. I got some of their music on CD and still listen to them from time to time. They still rock in my mind
  6. Peter, I think he means the "Replay Gain" that (for example) one can apply to a FLAC file, to "normalize" (not the right word though) the sound levels of a track, or within an album...
  7. Peter, I don't know if I should consider you lucky, since I never met a girlfriend that would really appreciate the hobby, nor the music. Mine hates all: the music, my system, hearing anything related to music... At least you have someone with whom you can discuss... As long as it does not turn into "dominant-dominated"
  8. Arrrggggh... I have a wired remote on my preamp... Yes... Wired (20 foot cable)... 1990 technology
  9. Hi Jud, I know you are a very patient man, so I am not worried (that you will find and correct your problem), but I have to say from experience that it will not be a garden of roses... I went through the chore a few times in the 3-4 last years. I forgot once to mute the preamp while disconnecting the usb cable between the dac and the PC... And to make things worse, I had 2 very different ground loops that were antagonist. As soon as one was settled, the other one was appearing. I had to disconnect my subs for some time, until I felt ready to do a new attempt. Strangely, once if finally worked (and I can't explain anything, as I was doing the exact same thing), I had to disconnect the components from the power strip and... Well, one of the ground loops came back... I disconnected and reconnected the power strip, then everything worked... I wish I had a more logical approach to this. And I have 7 components... Regards,
  10. Ha ha ha ! Good one !
  11. Hi Alex, It sure helps, I probably forgot that you told me... I do not write often, I know you are very busy (and I respect that) But be assured that I follow you and John I am even trying to find a "niche" for your latest creation Kind regards, Alain
  12. Hi Alex, I am not sure I understand this part of your description ? Does this mean that the DC cable need to be connected to the PSU with a specific side ? And if it has to, how do we know ? I looked at the cables I have from you and I don't see a difference... Thanks.
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