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  1. Can anyone point me to the exact model for the Finisar SFP that's recommended? I'm having difficulty parsing old posts (it looks like there were two Finisar SFP's that people toggled between preferring?) from a forum search, and should be receiving a second LPS soon to set up a dual Buffalo BS-GS2048 configuration, so I'll need the SFP's to connect the switches. Thank you!
  2. Just changed my Buffalo BS-GS2048 to 10V from 12V on my LPS and also am enjoying it so far -- more relaxed/smoother, as Nsxturbo mentioned, with yes, better imaging and what possibly is a slightly lower apparent noise floor from 12V. Worth a try if changing voltage is not too much of a pain/possible for the LPS used (mine has an accessible trim pot simply by opening the chassis).
  3. Thanks to this post, I realized I somehow (no idea how, really) had misinformed myself on the Edgerouter X's voltage requirements, and had the lab LPS I'm using with it at the moment set to 5V. Apparently the officially supported voltage range it will accept is between 9 and 30V, but, as you said, it obviously is fine with lower voltages, because I've run it at 5V without issue for some time! I just changed to 10V, which does seem to provide a tiny bit of a SQ change -- maybe a bit meatier/less slight, which makes me wonder, @Nenon, do you power your's with 12V?
  4. Thanks to both you and Nenon for the helpful replies.
  5. @Nenon I quoted the above from your post quite a bit upthread detailing your Pink Faun'd BS-GS2016 mods, and was wondering if you could mention which brand of bitumen material you used. Having a bit of a tough time parsing all the options. Would Dynamat, for instance, work? Also -- did you remove the BS-GS2016's motherboard from its standoffs and place material underneath (with clearance, I assume, for the standoffs), or did you just surround it? I can't quite tell from the photo. Thanks!
  6. Thought I'd point out this eBay seller who appears to be unloading a number of new in-box Buffalo BS-GS2048 switches for a very low price (currently at approx. $70 per switch), with a discount at 3 or more and a separate listing for buying lots of 6 with similar discounts at multiple lots. I realize the seller only has one feedback so far, but they have sent me one switch already and all was as described, so I have another on the way: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buffalo-BS-GS2048-48-Port-Desktop-Rackmount-Gigabit-Ethernet-Smart-Switch-NIB/233673811943 (individual switch listing)
  7. Hi sahmen, FWIW, I've been using my SR Orange fuse at the stock rating (so "small"/5 x 20mm 1A Slow Blow) in my SR4T for going on 4 months now of near continuous, 24/7 usage (I don't tend to turn my gear off) with no issues. While it's true that audiophile fuses have been known to blow and people often times order the next rating "up," I personally haven't experienced a blow with SR, HiFi-Tuning, or AMR fuses at stock ratings, and I've replaced quite a few fuses in a variety of gear. From anecdotes on the internet, it seems that these fuses tend to blow more often in preamps and am
  8. Absolutely don't blame you for not wanting to tackle that mod with such a pricey mobo. Mobo soldering/mods in general seem sort of fraught with potential for catastrophe, especially if you don't know what you're doing, but even sometimes if you do! (I remember, in terms of those who don't know what they're doing, when Paul Pang used to send out his clock mods as a kit for customers to DIY mod a motherboard, which he stopped doing because so many people would "brick" their motherboard with improper soldering, Paul Pang's other customer service/QC issues notwithstanding). The idea t
  9. @Nenon have you ever attempted something like this motherboard memory power bypass that was discussed some time ago in the Irish Tir Na Hifi forum? They were using LT3045 regs back then and PHD supplies etc. to directly power the RAM sticks. Something I haven't seen done before or since. Here's the thread: http://www.tirnahifi.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3267&start=90 Some pics from the above page:
  10. USPS is something else. Glad to hear your SR4T arrived.
  11. I've use the Aptitlig blocks for a number of years now to get mostly various power-related components (conditioners etc.) off the carpeted floor (along with some Herbie's Audio Lab Superior Decoupling Spikes) in my apartment. They work great and definitely bring an audible improvement! You've prompted me to get some of the smaller ones to put under my SR4T and tx-USBUltra SE, I think, I keep forgetting to do that. Right now they're just on Herbie's Audio Lab Tenderfeet (which are just on top of a desk). Anyway, one of the better budget tweaks in audio, and can lead to Daiza et. al upgrades lat
  12. Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare. FWIW, my SR4ST-12 (ordered mid Feb, arrived approx. mid to late April) took about 10 to 12 days to arrive from South Uist to Southern California via the standard Royal Mail -> USPS route. Still, I've had numerous issues with USPS bungling domestic shipping in the past, with probably one pretty seriously delayed international item, as well, so yes probably safer to go a different carrier if possible.
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