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  1. Vinyl is good. I'd like a forum to discuss vinyl siding, flooring and seating. Maybe Home Depot or Lowes could sponsor it. As to LPs there are a multitude of places where the discussion of the flaws of that medium are endlessly cited and expensive cures prescribed by the High Priests of the cult.
  2. I don't know why someone would recommend EAC as it is a windows program. It might run under WINE but there is an excellent free Mac ripper in XLD that uses the Accurate Rip data base. dbPoweramp has a Mac version but it is payware though worth the price for the metadata information it provides.
  3. Raspberry pi, with a HAT DAC or, if you don't want to mess with the Pi, and I can assure you it is fairly easy; then a Bluesound Node 2i. You can spend more but listen before you do.
  4. 1. Your limited by the optical cable. Most DACs only accept up to 24/96 via optical. This is not a limitation of either ITunes or the AE as you are using wifi to stream your music. 2. I have my music on a NAS and use ITunes to manage my library. I use XLD to rip. I would agree that putting your ITunes folder on the NAS and having your computers automatically connect to the NAS is the way to go. I also say that I've tried 3 NAS, Western Digital, DLink and Qnap and the Qnap is the only one worth using. My suggestions would be either a Qnap or Synology NAS is the way to go. 3. A Raspberry Pi with or without a HAT Dac or a BlueSound Node 2i make streaming easier that doing it from a computer. You'd control them with either a smart phone or a tablet like an IPad. They can access your ITunes library on the NAS and you can still use ITunes or JRiver or what have you to manage your library. You would use your AE to feed the Pi or Node via ethernet cable. That's my opinion, YMMV.
  5. I can not believe how rude the people from MQA were in disrupting the presentation. Chris should have shut them down until he had finished what he had to say.
  6. tag and rename might work but I think it is a windows program. MP3 Tag would retag them but I don't think it would allow you to search for files with that tag. It also is a windows program but works well with Wine.
  7. As was pointed out else where there is MQA, first in As We See It and in the letters, which were all about it including a devastating one from Tony Faulkner. But what amazes me is that when you have a discussion on Facebook with people about MQA the answer is often, "It sounds great." "Have you compared it to the side by side with non MQA?" "Why? It just sounds good to me, no need for comparisons." Or people get upset that it is brought up in any other than slavish devotion. It is amazing the way a lot of folks don't want to deal with the truth.
  8. MP4 is not an Apple file, it is the successor to MP3. Apple uses the MP4 wrapper for both lossy AAC flies and lossless ALAC files. You can turn the ALAC files into FLAC by using a convertor and there will be no loss, you can always convert to AIFF or WAV and totally lossless files. AAC flies are lossy and any further conversion, such as to MP3 will result in loss of quality. When ITunes started offering 250kbs files instead of protected 128kbs files they gave people the opportunity to upgrade for a small fee. The new files were not DRM protected. I took advantage of that opportunity and upgraded but some files were not available as 250kbs and those were not upgraded.
  9. Well I tried 3 times with consolidate files and 3 times it brought some but not all of the files over to the new directory. The only cure I see is to do it all by hand.
  10. Good question. I suppose it is because I have my own logical organization in mind rather than one that was pre-chosen for me. In the end I suppose it isn't important. I'll be using the library with Linn Kazoo and my Raspberry Pi as much if not more than ITunes. But if I'm using it as a library manager I pretty much have to live with its management. I looked at your script and it won't work for me on this computer as it can only run 10.7.5. However it will work on my others. I'll try it there. BTW, did you ever update Dupin? I own an earlier version that doesn't work on my newer computers.
  11. thanks Doug, I'll try the script. If only ITunes put the files in the folder I want them in instead of insisting that they have to be in a folder named Music. So instead of "Classical" they have to be in "Classical/music." Time for a good rewrite of that app anyway. And now that Finder can play FLAC time for ITunes to do the same. Not that it would matter for my old MacPro.
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