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  1. The issue is that a shark would at least take a bite first before spitting it out. This gang of land sharks in here have likely never tried an upgraded cable in their lives. Yet, they're always the first to jump into these threads. Talk about pathetic (and getting a little old to say the least).
  2. I've been trying to decide between this Little Labs Monotor and Rupert Neve RNHP Precision headphone amp. I realize this is an old topic but I'm hoping someone(s) may have some input on either or both of these. So far from internet searches I've found cases of people preferring the Little Labs over the Rupert Neve but none where someone preferred Rupert Neve over Little Labs. As well, the Rupert Neve seems completely dedicated as a headphone amp while the Little Labs has some added functionality that while definitely interesting looking, may be adding to the total cost for something that I don't really need. Point being, dollar for dollar, there may be more direct investment in the headphone amp portion in the Rupert Neve compared to the Little Labs for the same approximate purchase price. On top of all that, I see Rupert Neve has recently announced a new headphone amp, along with a new dac and phono amp under the "Fidelice" line but so far very little info, not even prices. Anyways, hoping someone will be able to provide some feedback on these products.
  3. 17 Hippies (feat. Marc Ribot & Jakob Ilja): "Truffles & French Philosophy Go Sirba"
  4. Is that the place where men are men and sheep are nervous?
  5. Jeff Beck & Imelda May: "Mockin' Bird Hill"
  6. I guess that would be a perfect example of how we all see things differently.
  7. Geez marce. Pretty thin skinned for someone who can dish it out so easily. I'd take a break from this site for a while and enjoy life if I was you. Get some perspective back. 😀
  8. When I was about 10 years old I bought a book titled "1001 Insults" (pretty sure that was the title) and that was one of the insults. Maybe things do never change. Another one I remember was "You're about as swift as a lead balloon".
  9. You must have a hard time getting through doorways with that head.🤣
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