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  1. Gang of Four: "I Love A Man In A Uniform" "To have ambition was my ambition"
  2. I'm back to A: B-W-Y-R B: B-W-R with my Lush^2 (shipped default as I received it). I'd been using kurb1980's A: B-W-Y B: B-W-Y with jumpers as he described (no idea if jumpers make a difference but I figured I'd try his exact configuration) for about 3 weeks or so. I was happy with this configuration but there just seemed to be something not quite right. Not sure how to describe it but I think of it as a kind of very slight metallic or digital sound, almost a slight exaggeration throughout the entire range that didn't seem quite natural. I've noticed this same quality to varying degrees with almost all the different configurations except one, which is the as shipped default as above. This default config just seems so natural compared to any other config I've tried. Others may sound very good to me but I always seem to end up that something isn't quite right and end up trying another. So for me, the config as shipped default is my overall favourite. I also have the Blaxius^2 and have been happily using it as A:[W] B-Y-R B:[W] B-Y-R after reading the comments about this being the new default shipped config as of Feb 2019. I tried The Attorney's A:[W] B-Y B:[W] B-Y config and immediately really liked it. After a couple hours of listening, I realized I was hearing the same slightly exaggerated quality that I didn't like from some Lush^2 configs. If I hadn't gone through the process with the Lush^2 and ending back to the default and hearing the naturalness that seems so perfect now, I could see me easily sticking with A:[W] B-Y B:[W] B-Y for weeks before the sense of something off crept back in again but I think I was much more attuned to what I didn't like that I immediately ended up switching back to A: [W] B-Y-R B:[W] B-Y-R. These configs I now have for Lush^2 and Blaxius^2 just sound so right compared to any others I've heard in my system, at least for now 😀
  3. Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions: "Salt of the Sea"
  4. It's getting even more confusing trying to follow the different configurations with the recent attempt to introduce a new nomenclature. Why the need to have an entirely different way to describe something that's already been decided on by the manufacturer of the cables himself? Are the people pushing for this going to mail out new paperwork to replace the paperwork describing the configurations that was included with the cables at time of purchase?
  5. Stan Ridgway: "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues Part 1"
  6. Sorry for all the confusion. First, my post attempting to explain in response to TheAttorney using the picture Peter posted in an earlier post got messed up somehow. My response somehow got inserted in the quoted portion from Peter's original post with the picture, which I see could easily make it appear that response was from Peter. Second, because my understanding is that with the Blaxius^2 digital cable, W is always connected at each end, then with no other wires connected at the connectors, meaning black, red and yellow are not connected to the connector, then this would be described as A: W, B:W. or as Peter has shown for Blaxius^2, A:[W], B:[W]. So to get the PNF^2 configuration of A: W-Y&B-R, I assumed since W is always connected, and from looking at the printout showing different configurations that came with the Blaxius^2, which appears to show W as always connected to the first 4 pin portion of the connector, then connecting Y to one of the first 4 pins would be the same as A:W-Y or as Peter uses, A:[W]-Y. In actuality all I've done is connect Yellow (Y) to one of the first 4 pins. I have no idea electrically how this is actually connected. I hope this helps explain my thinking with showing [W]-Y. As far as Peter talking about B also always being connected, or necessary to be connected, this is the first time I've heard or seen this mentioned. It definitely wasn't mentioned in the included printout I received with my Blaxius^2. 😵
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