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  1. I'm sorry, but you misunderstood what I meant. I meant it ... Look at the drawings with the words "NOPE" http://www.linkwitzlab.com/Keele - Introduction to CBT Loudspeaker Arrays.pdfhttp://www.linkwitzlab.com/Keele - Introduction to CBT Loudspeaker Arrays.pdf As regarding the phase-linearity various design of acoustic systems- here is an article for you ( but in Russian) https://metal-vinyl.co/articles/99.html
  2. Unfortunately, such design of the acoustic system can not be sufficiently phase-linear and can not meet the CBT (Constant Beamwidh Transducer) criterion
  3. By the way, BluOs still has a plus in comparison with Roon. It has support for the REST protocol for external command management over TCP / IP. This means that BluOS can be used in the Smart HOME alarm and notification system. Roon promises this in the future ( in v.2) *Play ( and replay) at the event , pre-recorded message about the event . To the required ZONES This is very important for the all real MODERN system
  4. 1) As far as I know, BluOS does not have built-in DSP (like Roon) and this is а big minus 2) I mean CLIENT-SERVER SOFTWARE for open hardware (PC & ARM) and software platforms ( Win/OS X/Linux) for working with usual DAC. Like Roon is
  5. As far as I know, BluOS does not have built-in DSP (like Roon) and thus loses Also does not work as PC / ARM software to traditional peripherals (in the form of audio cards)
  6. I think that PiCoreplayer with Daphile (server+multizone player in one) or with Roon are best combinations for today. Especially by reason that Daphile have bruteFIR convolver DRC for each possible zones. (Daphile as SQUEEZEBOX SYSTEM ORIGINALLY , also supports UPnP-DLNA and syncAirPlay. And with external BubbleUPnP server support OpenHOME Linn UPnP ). As best DAC for my opinion I use NAD D7050 DDFA DACamp or UcD based NAD D3020 DACamp,all throughout M2Tech USB to SPDIF)
  7. I prefer specific music for testing audio devices. These misic must be with natural insruments , with high dynamic and with great low frequency. These all features have : Klezmer , Gypsy, Gypsy-Klezmer , Shaman Rock.
  8. Hi Guys ! In my opinion and experience much promising solution than SMS100 is XBMC (! Openelec ) with headless SQUEEZELITE implementation. In this case we have high-grade AV (!not only audio ) UPnP-DLNA/Airplay device and audiophile SQUEEZEBOX simultaneously !!! I made this one ,tested and very satisfied.
  9. Pogoplug PCB used in SMS-100, and so SMS-100 is DIY capable ( by software based on USB Flash duplication ) http://img.briedenredaktion.de/_bild_1395833763.jpg http://www.hack247.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/pogo4(1).jpg PogoPlug II review | Linux User & Developer - the Linux and FOSS mag for a GNU generation
  10. Hi Guys! Has anyone tested speakers with BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drivers.Cambridge Audio "Min" or others. Your opinions?
  11. Correct DACs (AUDIO CARDS) comparison is only possible if you also have flawless AMPLIFIER AND SPEAKERS. Choosing them is also quite a task. NOWADAY by the way, we don't use usual(PISTON) SPEAKERS anymore. To achieve maximum quality we install only NXT and BMR technology speakers (! with additional SUBBASS (20(35)-160(200)Hz) speakers of course). We're also using superior quality amplifiers (DR/NF/= 116-120Db ,THD less 0,0xx ), mainly Hypex UcD and Flying Mole DAD series. Only in such conditions RME FF UC , for example, can show its worth (and BEST of ALL results)!!! PS: Duri
  12. During two years I use RME FF UC. It have superior (natural) audio quality and have all type native drivers (include ASIO). 1)My main configuration for music: Multitouch PC, RME FF UC, J River player,Voxengo BMS Plugin (for 2.1),IK Multimedia ARC, Fast class D amps (Flying Mole for example), BMR type satellite speakers with fast 8" subwooffer. 2)For Cinema mode : Asrock Vision 3D, PowerDVD 11,RME FF UC in 5.1 analog outs mode ,Reclock , 5x Fast class D amps (Flying Mole for example), 5x BMR type satellite speakers with 2x fast 8" subwooffers.
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