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  1. Hi Solved with help from Flavio 🙌 I needed to run the Audio hijack virtual cable, now listening to music with 1000% improved bass
  2. I just migrated from Dirac 1.x (which was easy, measure and run form a MacBook Pro connected to a USB DAC and play through Roon) now I have upgraded to 3.0, Dirac no longer even sees my USB DAC it endlessly searched for a AVR on my network of which there are none Clearly there is an easy fix ..... right? anyone else been through this and able to shine a light?
  3. You could hear a difference in power cable but didn’t do much to get Dirac room correction to work which would have immense sonic benefits? Ncore amps measure close to perfect. Candidly, this is a bit hard to take seriously - it’s as if audiophile in your definition is made up of stuff that’s complex, distorted, large and hot.
  4. There is a new NAD DAC/streamer/preamp with Dirac built in coming about 1500 USD from memory. I use dirac on a Mac plugged into a Lyngdorf 2170 , I find Dirac superior to Room Perfect but YMMV. Room perfect was always a little hot at 2kHz. i have used misiDSP too, very good and huge bang for buck. On bass is fine, takes some transparency - believe due to SNR - away so would not put it on mid or high frequencies. That being said, a speaker EQed flat or to your target curve will likely soun vastly superior to a very ‘transparent’ transducer that’s all messed up in frequency respond d
  5. Can I run run Dirac on an iMac with the music HDD in one room, using roon and dirac on that machine, and output a corrected signal to a roon endpoint in another room? Seems like not but wanted to ask the group, thank you for the help
  6. I can't find this addressed anywhere directly. Can Dirac Live - running on a Mac in one room - output a corrected sound filter to a Squeezebox Touch running as a streamer in another room?
  7. Brilliant review, based on measured evidence sadly all too rare in high end who's reviews now generally mimic automotive - hype and attitude over substance (see Dan Neil from WSJ). Automotive went there because the market for reviews - content - was saturated, so the author's attitude is 'differentiating.' High end doesn't have a good excuse.
  8. I think 'bypass' omits the correction - you're bypassing the dsp and sending and uncorrected signal through Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It's here Tidal Adds Support For Google Cast Products | Androidheadlines.com
  10. Sources say talks are ongoing and may not result in a deal Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service - WSJ
  11. Has anyone downloaded these from HD Tracks? Those are "48kHz/24bit recordings mastered to 96kHz/24bit" but wanted to see if the quality justified pricing over CDs.
  12. good read http://pitchfork.com/features/articles/9748-what-your-music-format-says-about-you/
  13. Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free streaming | Digital Trends Here’s a new talking point for audiophiles and flannel-wearers at the water cooler: Vinyl sales generate more money for the music industry than YouTube, ad-based Spotify, and VEVO combined, according to a new report by the RIAA. And it’s not just by a little. While the on-demand, ad-based, music services are generating more money than ever — $163 million in the first half this year as opposed to $128 million last — vinyl sales, at $222 million, have those numbers soundly beat. The once-antiquated format now acco
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