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  1. No problem here with, ds213j+macbook Pro+jriver+cat6+FireWire dac either with jriver or minimserver as a server. No dropouts, able to play gapless.
  2. Hi, Are you talking about dBa or dBc? The results could be quite different from each other... I think 30 db in c weighting is a quite good result...
  3. Since 2008, based on USB or FireWire interface... Chord - Chordette gem Arcam - rdac w Teac - udh01 Hegel - hd11 Weiss - dac2 Weiss - dac202
  4. Thanks, I heard at 2 and got confused . Problem solved...
  5. Hi Pap, What do you mean by 10.00? Close to right or left speaker?
  6. No luck I think somethings wrong with my computer...
  7. If I place the bat files to a seperate folder, and then I try to start "AddContextMenuItem.bat" ms-dos screen opens/closes and this never ends until I restart the computer. Nothing happens to the sub menu. It I place the bat files to the albums folder, "AddContextMenuItem.bat" works and dff to dsf command appears. When I try to start it it I am asked for the "dfftodsf_multi.bat" file, I browse it and nothing happens. Is that clear?
  8. Needs to be done file by file right? Like this? "c:/.../dff2dsf.exe" "c:/music/dffalbum1/track.dff""c:/music/dffalbum1/track.dsf"
  9. I will, but like what? I extracted the zip to a folder and put dfftodsf exe in it, then strated the bat file. Bat file kept crashing. Then extracted the zip to the dff album folder and put dfftodsf exe in it. That time bat file worked but just one bat file was created instead of two. Dff to dsd sub menu was created but when I tried to press it it asker for the "dfftodsf_multi.bat" file, I browsed it and nothing happened. Was I wrong?
  10. After couple of crashes, I just saw the submenu. When I hit it, it asked for the "dff2dsf_multi.bat" file, I browsed it but nothing happens... Pdf says two bat files should be created but I have just one called "dff2dsf_multi.bat".
  11. I am on a 8.1 computer and each time I try to start the bat file it somehow crashes. Doesn't work for me
  12. Is there a software that can convert dff to dsf (including dsd256 fs) without any pcm operation?
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