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  1. Thanks all for the replies, very helpful. @PAR Thanks for the direct experience, was the kind of information I was looking for, I came from an optimised PC/JRiver background myself, and know the quality you can get - so your friends thoughts on the Bridge are quite very informative! 😃 I would basically be connecting my "RoonCore" PC (Effectively a NAS for Roon) via ethernet directly to the Network Bridge, using it as a Roon Endpoint, then into my Directstream Dac over AES. The Oppo would be removed from the chain and returned to solely video duties. 24/192 is more than e
  2. I'm upgrading my Streamer and looking for something that would better my heavily modded Oppo 203 streaming i2s into my Dac. It's a PS Audio Directstream Dac I use, currently use its i2s input from the Oppo for music. The Oppo cant stream DSD from Roon, and I'm sure theres better sounding streamers out there, so I looked to dCS with their reputation as top notch digital. The Network Bridge would be used purely as a "best quality" streamer for my up to 24/192 and DSDx64, probably over XLR. (The DS's inputs are pretty "input agnostic" due to the way the dac does it's thing
  3. Anyone using one as their streamer into a Dac? Reviews read A+ for it, wondering about first hand opinions... Thanks.
  4. Been down this road with my Oppo 203 and can say it sounds terrific from i2s inito my Directstream Dac. I posted a mod thread over on another forum HERE: My Oppomod 203 progress thread (MODS: Hope its ok to link this, could be good information to some, thanks) Only snag with the Oppo is that you cant stream DSD from your Roon Library unless its from teh Oppo's USB port and your "limited" to 24/192. Aside that...all good. Sounds noticeably better btw with Oppo's "PureAudio" button activated, disabling all the video circuitry.
  5. wondering if anyones downloaded the trial and had a play.
  6. Lots of good 9V 1A linear supplys about... will 1A output be enough? thanks.
  7. What's The Dunn fella got to do with it? Ah..I see what you mean now... I'm the Designer of the suggested server above. I think its best bang for buck thats why I recommended it. Nowt sinister, honest Richard.
  8. Thanks very helpful. In overall sound quality terms Jesus, you reckon the PCIe is the better bet?
  9. Windows user here Eloise I suspect it will be fine, just wanted to double check. Any thoughts on sound quality benefits of PCIe card over the older one? If my Dac is ok then I'll go for the best sounding one. Also, is burn in a factor with these cards? Anything capacitor based I've found to settle down after a couple of days, wonder if that applies to these cards? Sounds great atm, but maybe a bit "shiny" in the mid and treble. bass a bit one note?
  10. I've emailed Resolution Audio (makers of my dac) to ask about this. They should know if their USB input is based on the M2Tech solution...
  11. One last thing thanks... My Dac has a USB 1.1 input. Would I be better sticking with the older PCI version of the USB card? or will the PCI-e version have no problems with a USB 1.1 input in a Windows 8 based server? If possible I would prefer to go with the PCI-e as I'm assuming its better sound quality than the older PCI version? There are forum posts on here to confirm this I think. *My concern is with THIS update on the OStM Site... http://sotm-audio.com/english/bbs/board.php?bo_table=notice&wr_id=30 My Dac is not based on the M2Tech solution (as far as I know) but
  12. Sounds great into my Rega Dac, big improvement over the standard Vlink.
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