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  1. This offer is for Bryston’s BDP-2 digital player not the BDA-2 DAC.
  2. I bought it in September 2014. Faultless playback throughout my time with it. No IAD upgrade installed because I always used one of its USB outputs. Thanks for the questions.
  3. For sale is my Bryston BDP-2 Digital Player, a Stereophile Class A component. Excellent condition. Price is $1,075. Includes original packaging and ethernet and power cables. Manual not included but available to download at Bryston's website. I bought it new from an authorized dealer, and I'm the original owner. CONUS shipping only please. Ships from NYC. Price includes UPS ground shipping and Paypal fees. I'll complete a factory reset on the unit before shipping.
  4. wow the new version of soundirok works great for me. much faster load times, lots of artist info from wikipedia, etc. i experienced the same crash problem as other users a few days ago, but this latest version was worth the wait.
  5. New Sonore Signature SE owner here. It appears I'm having Mike Rubin's problem. Using Drive Mounter, I can mount an SMB share, which I can successfully browse using my laptop as storage_readonly/nas But, per Drive Mounter's SMB settings tab, aren't the files supposed to mount to storage_readonly/music/flac/nas Perhaps this discrepancy is why MPD fails to index anything? Thanks, friends!
  6. I think this is my issue. My audio components are in the living room, and a bunch of this networking gear, including the MC200CMs, is in my office. The coaxial from the wall in the living room plugs into a Verizon FiOS router, which must be 10/100. I guess one option is to buy a second gigabit switch for the office, so things would look like this: wall --> ethernet cable --> gigabit switch --> ethernet cable --> MC200CM --> SC-SC patch cable --> MC200CM --> gigabit switch --> sonicTransporter and Synology NAS. Seems a bit overcooked though.
  7. thanks for this. good to know i'm not alone. i just upgraded to build 196 hoping this might fix my issue. no luck. i posted something on community.roonlabs.com too. tonight and tomorrow i'm also going to try to compare the sound quality of roon to mpd.
  8. i used the release of the new version to try roon out for the first time. everything works very well except that my watched folder does not update automatically. force rescan works, but it's as though the folder isn't really being, well, watched. roon core is running on a sonictransporter i5, which is mounting a nas share via smb. does watching a folder require the folder to be stored locally or something? what am i missing? thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, Per the advice here and at Audiostream, I bought a pair of TP-Link MC200CMs and a Tripp Lite Duplex Multimode SC-SC patch cable to run between them. Strangely, in one implementation they work fine, but in another I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. From the ethernet jack in the wall to a switch, with the two media converters between the switch and my NAS works fine. From the ethernet jack in the wall to the first TP-Link, then the patch cable, then the second TP-Link, then a switch with a NAS and sonicTransporter connected does not work. I've tried toggling Auto and Force on the converters (always keeping them the same, that is, both on Force or both on Auto). Any ideas?
  10. I have a new, sealed and unused Bass Egg Verb and Bass Egg Shell for sale together. $70 for both, PayPal only. CONUS shipping included. The Bass Egg system makes a great gift for young music fans: http://www.bassegg.com/
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