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  1. After a favourable review in Stereophile, I decided to purchase the download of Spangled by Gaby Moreno Van Dyke Parks. The Nonesuch web site describes the download as 96/24 but I noticed that it was surprisingly quick to download. When I checked what I had downloaded, it was 44.1/16 which is not what was expected or advertised. This is misrepresentation of the product offered. I sent off an email to Nonesuch via their web site explaining my concerns and they final reply was to blame me for not downloading it correctly. This should not be allowed, it is fraudulent.
  2. I've also noticed that the latest version now correctly handles must-artist compilations. it was a bit of a mess before.
  3. My understanding was that you had to install a PD card into an Oppo 103 which had a specific output protocol which allowed connection to a PD DAC for playback of all Oppo compatible audio formats. This isn't SACD ripping in my eyes
  4. Just found this thread today. I have an Oppo 83 and use a decent surround processor so a OPPO BDT-101CI will do me just fine as a replacement I believe. Will the 101 work regarding ripping SACDs? I have read the complete thread and not found any reference to the 101 Thanks, Terry
  5. Please could you explain what is meant by the Oppo103 solution Thanks, Terry
  6. Plus you get to own something physical which doesn't get lost when your hard disk goes down
  7. They only seem to acknowledge the issue and do something about it when somebody complains. Seems their business model is to do no testing themselves but let their customers do it for them.
  8. Retakes and stuff like that. Are they worth the same price as the stuff on the 1st CD? I'm not too sure. Trouble is, they don't let you buy the tracks on the 1st CD only if you want them all.
  9. Had a quick look in the morning and I'm not impressed by the tagging. Two track 1's for instance but no use of the Disk tag. The file names all start with a numeric which bears little relation to track numbers Seems I've got to spend 1/2 hour sorting it out now
  10. I take your points Mark which were very well put. On the other hand... Layla on SHM SACD is $53 from CDJapan, so I guess HDTracks is a bargain? $2.49 seems to be a standard price from them for individual Hi-Res tracks including Layla, so it's no more expensive on a track by track basis than any other Hi-Res content from them. As you say, audiophiles can always be $$££'ed for more money. Sigh!
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