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  1. I'm a little confused by this article because the speed of the interface is not the source of the problem it's the spinning media. If you put 16TB of Flash memory inside a USB 2.0 (480Mbps) enclosure you would see a massive speed up of your music library. Spinning disks are orders of magnitude slower than Flash memory in terms of access time and latency.
  2. I’m a Subscriber to both Spotify and Tidal but I would probably drop my Tidal subscription if I could get lossless quality from Spotify. Better interface and the ability to see what my friends are listening to is valuable to me.
  3. So this link doesn't match your question 100% but it might be some inspiration for flagship speakers to try from different vendors. Someone on Quora posted a nice long collection of "Big Cabinet" speakers along with pics and: https://www.quora.com/Does-anyone-miss-component-stereo-systems-with-giant-speaker-cabinets
  4. I attended Burning Amp here in San Francisco in 2011 and there were these speakers sitting a large room playing the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's at a very high volume. And it sounded better than I have ever heard this album. I had no idea what they were at the time I thought it was just some strange (and strange looking) one-off project someone had done - little did I know that these speakers were the top end of Linkwitz designs. I'd like to hear them again at some point. They really were impressive.
  5. Fabulous review. I am really heartened to see someone from a pro-audio background doing reviews that reach the traditional HiFi/audiophile audience . I think this adds a much needed perspective in the audiophile world. How do the Dutch and Dutch speakers compare to the mixing monitors you used in your career as an audio engineer? I'm not sure if you mostly mixed on Genelec, Focal, ATC, Barefoot, etc but would be nice to hear what you think as the pro monitors strive for this truly neutral sound as table stakes. Great work and kudos to Chris for bringing you on board!
  6. I too am a Genelec fan since I was first introduced to them when I worked at Dolby Laboratories here in San Francisco. That was when I first began to understand some of the fundamental differences in the professional vs consumer audio worlds but that is discussed in another thread . . . Regarding ATC I share Chris's curiosity about these speakers. It is important to understand that ATC is first and foremost a driver/transducer designer and manufacturer that also builds complete speaker systems much like Dynaudio. (Genelec are extremely well engineered and designed but Genelec does not design
  7. CORRECTION: Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis - Sony Music Unlimited uses AAC. In any case HE-AAC delivers the best quality at a given data rate vs MP3 or Ogg so that's my prediciton for future success especially after the patents expire.
  8. The variability of broadband quality around the world and (probably more importantly) mobile wireless networks will mean that low-bit rate music formats will continue to be the dominant format for mainstream music listeners around the world for the next 10 years. Probably longer. In most cases it won't be MP3 though. AAC is better and already used by iTunes and other big players.
  9. Totally agree . . . the future of music (at least for the majority of music listeners) will be the dominant audio format used in services like iTunes and Spotify today. This format is AAC (and it's more efficient cousin HE-AAC)
  10. Hi All- I am looking at buying a new DAC for use with my Mac. I am wondering what the merits of the Oppo vs the Mytek might be for this use case where the DAC is connected to a Mac computer. A few questions: 1. Does the Oppo operate like any other USB DAC - ie, do you just plug into the computer USB port just like a DragonFly or DACMagic? 2. I assume the Mytek can only do stereo DSD while the Oppo can do multichannel DSD? 3. Is the DSD support on the Mytek better in any way than the Oppo? 4. Sound quality likely to be pretty similar or different for those who have heard both?
  11. You can find genelec at any Guitar World store and probably any other dealer specializing in pro\studio gear.
  12. Unfortunately most stereo DACs do not decode Dolby digital. Pretty much any multichannel DAC/preamp will though since most multichannel sources are Dolby Or DTS formats. Licensing fees may be a factor but I think it's more use case. Stereo DACs assume a stereo source from cd players, etc. A Dolby decoder is almost always licensed into devices that can handle stereo and multichannel sources.
  13. great project! can you outline the total cost of materials?
  14. Dwolla is shaking up the online payment world right now by by-passing the credit card networks. It's a $0.25 flat transaction fee regardless of amount. A true disrupter: Dwolla: A Service for Passing Money Back and Forth - NYTimes.com
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