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  1. I completely agree with your thinking, @AudioDoctor :). Re. the legal part, it differs in that in TX, if they are shot in your house (even if you walk in to do it), you won't be prosecuted. Again, though, that wouldn't be my idea of a good plan if we were all outside and safe. No one is dying over "stuff" if me or my family would be the ones doing the shooting. Bill
  2. Phew, glad I live in TX, at least in this regard (though we did enjoy living in MN for 3 years for post-graduate training). I was going to reply to the question "dog and firearms," but that sounded too cavalier. I would never do anyone harm over material things. Never. They can have it. Unfortunately, I don't want people on meth (or others uninvited with ill intent) in my house when my family is home. Too unpredictable, too dangerous. I have too many crazy stories from the ER. The police would not respond in time in the country where I live. The intruders would b
  3. Yes @LarryMagoo! I was getting to that point! And everything is right now as I watch the Euros out of the corner of my eye while listening :) Very much recommend trying it out. Bill
  4. Forgot a question. EQ after the plugin. I use it for headphone EQ (HD650s). Minimum phase. I also do minimum phase upsampling. My suspicion, especially after working with the configurator, is that phase is an important part of what you are doing(?). Best to leave it out? LP in the high-end only? I suspect that if the ringing effects of LP EQ is problematic, it is more at LFs. MP at low frequency and LP at high frequencies? Bill
  5. Making progress :) Realized that AUs were working In Audirvana 3.5 on my main system last night. Deleted 3.5 on my laptop and re-installed this morning. AUs, including real-time control working again. Great. Was feeling stupid about the "load" button in the Soundstage Shaper. Wished I had taken a screen shot, but believe me, it wasn't there! Deleted and re-downloaded the plugin, installed, now it is there: Now I am cooking. First impressions are great, primarily re. body and tone. The crossfeed effect is very subtle. I think t
  6. Thank you for responding. If the configuration tool produces a specific format, how is the calibration put into the AU plugin in an AU host? I am not sure why plugins aren't working in Audirvana. It has been off and on historically, based on looking at their forum. Strangely, I never had difficulty until lately. I can load them, but if attempt to control in real-time the track begins to load then stops. If real-time control is disabled the tracks load and play, but the AUs have no effect (Apple's, anybody's). I have been reluctant to bother the developer (I don't use plugins
  7. Ugh. I hate to confess to being a computer simpleton, but I must. I am trying to get going with Soundstage Shaper. I have a long history using an EQ Audio Unit plugin with Audirvana for headphone listening, but I am very frustrated that I can't get any plugin to run in the latest (non-studio) Audirvana. I am working through the calibration. Interesting. I think I got the standalone version going at one point, and it was promising! Saving the calibration results in a ".dat" file. All of my other AU presets are ".aupreset" and ".dat" is not recognized? I own an
  8. I have had periods in my "audiophile" life where my only system was headphone-based. Lots and lots of hours of listening. I have come to believe that EQ is a necessity (for me at least). I flirted with many models, but always come back to the HD650s. One option for the OP would be to experiment in this regard. It could be tried inexpensively. My first step was to generate filters based on a consensus of the broad variety of reliable measurements available (this is where you see in my graph the correction in the mid- and low bass). My next step is narrower notches for diaphrag
  9. Thank you for the great report @Panomaniac. I, too, have tried many, many solutions, Can Opener being my favorite, but after fiddling and fiddling, thinking I have it right, I eventually go back to plain listening. I will have to give this a try! Bill
  10. If I didn't want to upsample in software or use AU plugins (the reasons I use Audirvana), I would use Swinsian. Bill
  11. Fab Filter is somewhat of a "gold standard;" you couldn't go wrong there. But yes, expensive. I have resisted "splurging" on it. Bill
  12. Audirvana does a great job of hosting Audio Unit (AU) plugins, the Mac specific format (rather than VST format typically used in Windows). There are a dizzying array of options, from free to huge bucks. I have several that I have used over the years, but have been using these for quite some time and like them: https://ddmf.eu/iieqpro-equalizer-plugin/ (min phase) https://ddmf.eu/lp10-linear-phase-equalizer-plugin/ (linear phase) Bill
  13. Wow! Despite you being who I perceive as the leading expert on Audirvana, if I had your requirements I would be using Swinsian! :) I like its organization, tagging, appearance, and simplicity much better (though a dark mode would be nice). If I didn't want to upsample and use AU plug-ins, it is all I would use as I don't stream or listen to internet radio either. Bill
  14. Yes, other convolvers have been around; seems like mostly from the pro sector. This one could be cool as it will hopefully be easy to use and has been developed by a good friend of the forum/audiophiles. I have been searching for an answer to this question as I know I read it somewhere, but I can't find it. The processing order in Audirvana. Is it upsample then Audio Units or vice versa? Bill
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