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  1. Wow. I'd forgotten about that article, but now remember being impressed! I am Mac only (got our first computer after residency!), and just haven't gone done the path that you have done in such depth. Two of my sons went down that rabbit hole. I am more interested in DIY with tubes, speakers, etc. I used iTunes for Library management until "Music," have now given up. Audirvana when on the "big rig"- ha! Swinsian for casual (love it). I will keep watching your adventures and maybe jump in the stream at some point. :) Bill
  2. Great article @bluesman. Well written, and it is clear you are enjoying yourself both playing with the hardware side and enjoying the music. Every few months I get intrigued by MC and dive into research. What I would want, though, is up-mixing of my extensive 2-channel material (not "ambience synthesis," but what I guess would still be called extraction). I suppose I would buy some MC music, but it wouldn't be my main thing. I wish I could read up to date stuff on up-mixing (I keep hoping KR will dip his toes into it, though I know in the past he wasn't impressed).
  3. The Russians are awesome. And a bit crazy! I am amazed with the videos from their dash cams in winter driving (though sometimes the results are tragic). I wonder if there is still a steering linkage to the (original) front wheels. Based on the handling I am suspecting not. Would be interested to see how the front tires are wearing. Bill
  4. Wow @PYP, you are blessed with great memories. Great sharing! @bluesman, he worships at the altar of all things Duane Allman (second would be Coltrane- you can hear the chord changes of his "My Favorite Things" on lots of his stuff). Has read the books, all the stories, and with his great memory is a font of knowledge. He was such musician, such a virtuoso. I have all the boxed sets (Fillmore, SUNY, Atlanta Pop, the "Skydog" boxed set with all of his work as a sideman, etc.). The stories from the Muscle Shoals session guys of when he was there are great. He has gon
  5. I'll stop now Sorry again for the thread-clutter. Bill
  6. Built the case from scratch. At least some of the "underwear" (wires and resistors) are red!
  7. It was amazing how many men related to that one! As an OCD overachiever I tried so hard to be perfect!
  8. Our oldest is a musician. Much more difficult path than college, graduate school, life. Note the Duane Allman memorial chops (worships him)....should have shown a picture of him playing slide. One of my most gratifying projects was drawing out the schematic of the lead channel of the Fender Bassman "blackface" amp and building it as a head, point to point. Uh-oh. Just realized this is supposed to be a car thread! Sorry!
  9. Oh- and "slow cars fast." That is the way to go! Bill
  10. Wonderful stuff. For me I suppose one out of three sons isn't bad. He is my future aeronautical or mechanical engineer pilot. Your picture reminds me of working with my father when I was that age. Guessing your age, I think one of those could have been me! I saw a recent quote: "You think you can hurt my feelings? I used to hold a flashlight for my Dad." I tried to resist that phenomenon (and think I did better than mine), but I can't say I was perfect.....!
  11. Oh, and since that picture he (finally!) hit puberty. Late bloomer like me. Much taller and no chubby cheeks! Just realized that other than the braided lines there isn't anything red under there
  12. Learning a lot about you in this thread @bluesman, it is nice. Musician, auto racer, physician, an age estimate. A renaissance man! Pretty cool. Not sure if the auto guys are familiar with this website: https://bringatrailer.com/auctions/ It is fun. The Alpha reference reminded me of it. I saw an Alpha GT video a few weeks ago that was great- what a musical engine/exhaust note! And they are quite valuable... Though the values of the cars on that site are probably inflated 5-10% as it has become more a collector's site rather than the original ethos of
  13. Agree. That is why I posted a simple "yes" to the question of the merits of the Sistine Chapel v The Dark Side of the Moon. All good. I hold my belief that art has objective criteria to determine merit as dogmatically. Bill
  14. Yes, must they "suffer" for their work to be the most creative? A very interesting concept to consider. Certainly many jazz musicians ended up on heroin following Charlie Parker's use. Bill
  15. I was going to resist reading/commenting further, but can't! The answer to your first question in my mind is that yes, it is.
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