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  1. A decade? So quickly? Congrats on a fantastic 10 years of education, a celebration of music and community!
  2. Great list, great recommendations! One more? Of The Girl from Binaural... :-)
  3. here's an interesting thread in reddit from one of the developers of Eero... Eero thinks its tiny box can fix all your WiFi issues : gadgets overview for 6roybatty6
  4. I'm right behind you. Have been looking at this company and their approach for awhile. I have less problem with Tidal on Sonos than I do on with my other two wireless networks. Have utilized both direct wired, bridged connections and a number of different range extenders with mixed results. I really like the mesh network approach Eero is taking (similar to Sonos...).
  5. Chris- Great articlce/topic, thanks much for all your insight and leadership... What's the performance hit comparing S3 vs Glacier? Know that Glacier is primarily for archiving but was curious relative to performance in this scenario? Thanks again, JD
  6. What a good dad! Your kids and their friends will be very appreciative of how generous/cool their dad is...
  7. Chris- If I was making fun of anyone, it was my own neurosis. I have backed both Gavin and Neil's project (got the Neil signed Pono!). Trust me, I know numbers aren't everything, it all starts with the recording... Irrespective, I love that both of these projects have done so much to elevate this discussion outside of our community. A year ago, it would have been hard to think two companies like Light Harmonic and Ayre would be major contributors to crowd sourced, entry level products. You've done much to create the foundation of this community, thank you! This is a great time to be an audiophile...
  8. Meanwhile back at yesterday's Kickstarter darling... Project Update #40: 2nd Round of Shipments Going Out This Week Posted by Gavin Fish ♥ Like Hey there everyone, Have you seen what's been going on with Pono? I must say that I'm impressed with their ability to show the world that high resolution is a worthwhile pursuit for everybody. I'm left wondering, though, why they only went half way. 24/192 and no DSD? That's so 2011. Maybe, just maybe, Larry and I have something up our sleeves. You know, something that our backers have been requesting since we first launched Geek that we've had Juha, Ben and Eric working on. See our blog for a hint. But before we go too far down that rabbit hole, let's bring you up-to-date on our Geek Out shipments... PCM is so 2011! I wonder what vinyl would be? or red book? I've bought both (i know, it's complicated...), I really believe all of this is a good thing for our collective (neurosis?) passion...
  9. The biggest surprise for me with the latest press release from Pono was that Ayre is the technology provider not Meridian. Saw Chris' comments about the change in heart regarding DRM (good!) and started poking around Ayre's site and came across this, perhaps a hint of things to come... Article discusses the merits of DSD vs PCM and (modestly states the World’s First Valid Comparison of PCM versus DSD (now that should get 'em going...) Ayre Acoustics Design Thoughts I didn't have that background on DSD Disk... As noted earlier, Neil has not only has the ability to get "artists' " attention but record labels attention as well. As well meaning as David Chesky may or may not be, Neil's ability to get a Steve Jobs, a Meridian, an Ayre, SXSW and all the associated content providers attention is the real game changer here. Certainly not a perfect process but I'm very intrigued... Hoping I don't have to buy 461 Ocean Boulevard for the sixth time... ;-)
  10. Anyone care to compare the two services? In my book, Spotify wins free, MOG seems a tad better overall at the Premium level...
  11. Tim- Probably have done this but didn't see it noted, have you enabled Error Correction within iTunes when you rip? You'll find it under Preferences>General>Import Settings>Use Error Correction. Best, JD
  12. JD

    Pure Music 1.8

    DBS- Thanks much for checking... I just re-tried the same options (and unplugging the DAC), unfortunately with the same results. I've looked at/listened to Audirvana and noticed within preferences that the default has Integer Mode checked within the Low Level Playback Section. I've shut down Audirvana, restarted and unchecked Integer Mode. When played back (only two songs...), couldn't hear any difference... Three probable causes: 1) I really don't have great ears, I was only two songs in when my wife came back from shopping and/or I have something mis-configured (most likely...). 2) There's an issue with W4S' implementation of CoreAudio (driver related?). To me it's interesting that W4S has their own driver for Apple... Why? 3) Not sure that Integer Mode really works with Audirvana and W4S (and yet it still sounds great!). Having said that, my take is that PM 1.8 sounds if as if more information is getting thru with my set up and therefore better (more full/analog), almost if the resolution was greater. Would like to better understand better what difference Integer Mode can and should make. Will listen longer to both and appreciate each others' strengths. Kinda like listening to moving coil cartridges, YMMV according to your system and preferences. Enjoy the music... JD
  13. Just posted a note on the PM 1.8 forum about getting a W4S Dac2 to work in integer mode. Is there anything I need to do to configure my Mac or W4S to operate in Integer mode?? Not able (at least in PM) to get it operating... Thanks in advance!
  14. JD

    Pure Music 1.8

    Really enjoying the new version of PM, significant upgrade on every front vs 1.74. Couple of quick questions for the W4S community... Doesn't seem that the W4S DAC 2 supports the integer operations being offered by the new players (PM, Audivrana, etc...). Is this something that could be addressed in a new driver update? Not sure if I understand the W4S architecture or thinking here... What PM configuration settings are you using? Thanks!
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