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  1. Bitperfect only means that what comes in, comes out. Just like it came in. Bit perfect won't improve what came in 😉
  2. @volpone @suresh3 Look what I just bought: Link
  3. Running v157 here with no issues at all. (PCM up to 192KHz as my DAC doesn't do DSD). I think something went less well with your update, probably.
  4. I think Lobbster only wants to install a simple upnp/DLNA renderer. Not installing JRiver MC.
  5. Looking nice, hurka! What case is that in the USBridge?
  6. From Allo's website the link goes to https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/FUIonEVVyrNwWlsWDYBUW3lGie0OJX4Iw62SxVDDBDw?_encoding=UTF8&mgh=1&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  7. I had a spare Sparky laying around so I decided to try it I downloaded the Volumio image from the site, placed it into an SD card, attached a USB Hard Disk with music files and my USB DAC to the Sparky and booted it. Volumio could see my music but no sound was coming out. Logging in showed me that volumio was trying to send the sound output to card 0 while my DAC was being listed as card 1. Changing the hardware output from 0 to 1 on mpd.conf solved it and I'm currently listening to Macy Gray's "Stripped" in 24bit/88.2KHz with no issues. So you pr
  8. Thanks. Not a deal breaker as it's easy enough to hide, more as a nice to have.
  9. Jesus, A quick question. I'll do a refresh on my system in some months and will most likely put a microRendu in. Are you considering on making a black version available or will it just be the silver one? Asking just because all my other components are black.
  10. @andervt I had the same problem when I installed windows 10 Pro. My DAC is not the same as yours but the symptoms were precisely the same. Installer program would run but the driver wasn't installed and I got that same error at Device Manager. Contacted my DAC manufacturer and they told me that happened because the driver wasn't a signed driver and they gave me the procedure to turn off Win 10 Pro signed driver enforcement so that other drivers could be installed. I did that and the driver installed successfully and no problems ever since. The procedure I followed was similar to the one
  11. I'm a happy ReadyNas user for years, with both an Ultra2 (2-bay) and recently a 316 (6-bay). Great price/quality ratio in my view. Even if you need audio transcoding the intel 2.1GHz CPU in the 314 will do that without breaking a sweat (Same CPU in the 316 and when I do transcoding CPU never goes above 4%, for just decoding never above 2%, so I'm really underutilizing it)
  12. From the Nina Simone cover albums I also enjoyed (and have) Round Nina. I never heard Revisited and something tells me I probably won't I have enjoyed Morgan James' Tribute to Nina, I wouldn't call it a spectacular set of tracks, but it feels like an honest tribute and some of the renditions are very interesting. It's a live album. Morgan James Morgan James Live from Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola: A Tribute To Nina Simone | Morgan James Officlal Site / Amazon.com: Morgan James: Morgan James Live: Music
  13. When I converted my collection from APE single file + Cue to separate FLAC files I tried both Medieval Cue Splitter and Cue Tools. They both do the job but Cue Tools allowed me to automatically create new folders and check the resulting files against Accuraterip. So it was click and forget, just wait for it to finish all albums. This was some years ago so I believe it might even be better now.
  14. What Audio_ELF said. I'm also on a Mac and my recommendation would be to use a player that accepts FLAC, pretty much everything except iTunes does. This way you can play your files pretty much everywhere without the need for conversion. There are a lot of players for Mac such as Free: Vox, Clementine, Songbird, VLC Paid: JRiver, Roon, Audirvana, Amarra, Decibel, BitPerfect, HQPlayer Have a little tour around CA and you'll see several threads about these and other players.
  15. Qualitywise you'll get the same. Try both. See which one you fancy the most.
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