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  1. "...under this parallel configuration there was a dramatic sonic improvement." And a dramatic revenue improvement! Win-win!
  2. I know the site says that, but I've never been able to get audio units to work with DLNA. I've tried enabling Sonarworks headphone processing (Audio Unit) via DLNA, but absolutely no change in sound. I've asked the same question you are asking a couple of times here, but no response.
  3. I decided to do just that: a fresh install (Nuke-and-Pave). Everything is working now.
  4. Hmmm... I am having so many other problems with Mojave, that I am restoring a Time Machine backup to my last, good High Sierra backup. For example, any attempt to change *any* audio settings was crashing the Finder and returning me to the Login screen. I also tried BitPerfect and noticed similar behavior - none of my audio devices appeared in the selection drop-down (not even the Internal Speakers option). I am guessing that a last minute change to Mojave broke something with audio devices. You would think I’d have learned by now not to update to a major release on initial launch.
  5. FYI: lots of problems with A+ and Mojave. I upgraded to the GA release (10.14), this morning. A+ crashing, unable to open/access audio devices, preferences dialog crashes on opening, et al. I *do* follow this thread, and I hadn't heard of problems with the Mojave betas.
  6. I've asked the same question a couple of times in another thread: My DLNA renderer is a Bryston BDP-1. My experience: the answer is 'no' to support for AU plug-ins with A+ and DLNA.
  7. Just asking this, again. I am playing 3.2.7 to a DLNA renderer and using the Sonarworks AU. Realtime audio units and control does not appear during playback and I don't believe I am hearing any difference in sound. Direct connected via USB, everything works as expected. The A+ website does say AU are compatible with uPnP; just curious if anyone else is seeing the same behavior.
  8. Apologies if I missed something in this thread... but, do Audio Units NOT work in UPnP mode? Thanks, in advance.
  9. @Pedro123 look at my post above from October 10th and see if mirroring those settings changes anything. Let us know how it goes.
  10. Very cool. Are you going to add that to the A+ UI (i.e. not just the A+ Remote App)?
  11. The DougsScripts solution works great to export a 'Folder.jpg' into each folder. But a warning: if you rename/delete an album, from within iTunes, iTunes won't remove the corresponding folder as it's not empty.
  12. Here is a post from another forum, supporting Bryston digital players, on the topic of getting album art from Soundirok: Again, be sure you adjust the cover filename to match the case of the actual files in your folders. See if this helps.
  13. Also be aware that Folder.jpg is not the same as folder.jpg. The name is case sensitive. If you are still having problems, let us know and we can dig deeper. I was an early adopter, love this app, and have posted quite a bit on the topic on Audio Circle to help out others.
  14. ^ I am going to try a TimeMachine restore of this file from yesterday and see if I can revert back to Library mode. EDIT: no luck... keeps wanting to start iTunes and then it crashes. I think I will listen to a record. EDIT 2: OK, I deleted the file and re-launched. Audirvana asked me for my license key, etc., and then started with my previous settings intact in it's default Library mode. Whew... EDIT 3: Started with my Library and playlists intact... settings had to be recreated, but that's a lot less work than rescanning the library and recreating my many playlists.
  15. Shoot... now I am running into the crash on startup problem. Started after trying out iTunes integration mode. It launches iTunes and then crashes... I am going to try reinstalling, but I hope I don't have to completely recreate my library and playlists, et al. EDIT: no luck.
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