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  1. Looking for information from you guys, so, a question, how is playback volume determined in a flac file? (there are no replaygain tags at all). I'm guessing anotherway of asking the same question is 'how does (e.g.) Foobar replaygain --> scan-per-track determine the replaygain for that file?'. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you, a good suggestion, and you’ve raised a good point about the signal path. I suppose without actually realising it, I was thinking on the same lines. I’ll be looking at the combo you suggest.
  3. Evening all, My current setup is Synology NAS-> Mac Mini running JRMC->Arcam IRDAC->Linn Kairn Pro preamp ->Linn LK140 poweramp ->Harbeth P3ESR speakers. I have a PC also with JRMC to manage my library and use Jremote on ios to control playback. I've had this setup for a couple of years now and mostly happy with the structure/useability. Also mostly happy with the sound......but have considered the DAC maybe in need of an upgrade at some point.... However, what is now 'forcing' my hand is that the DAC will not power up, and is bringing thoughts/questions about ways forward.
  4. Glad to hear your experience - I've just had a look at the Teddy Pardo site under psu's but can't seem to find a unit named like the one you mention, could you point me to the specific unit please. Many thanks.
  5. Thank you for sharing your journey - must admit the Microrendu is certainly an option I'm looking at too.....
  6. This is interesting for me, I have a Touch and can't help feel that I can get more out of it so looking at either upgrades like this or moving away to something else.... How is your Touch connected to your DAC?
  7. My instinct is that to get a better sound from the DAC I will need to spend big (for me). One other thing that is important for me is being able to easily and quickly compile playlists, LMS is not my friend here. This is one of the reasons for looking at alternative methods of transporting my music to the DAC. I know that moving to a PC based system will improve the friendlyness of use, I'm just wondering too if making such a change will also bring sound improvements.
  8. Thank you Ronnie, incredibly kind offer! I have'nt made any decisions (yet!) - so may explore some of the tweaks suggested as they are either quick, cheap, future proof etc.
  9. Apologies for not chiming in to my own thread, I've had a bit of a family issue to deal with over the last couple of weeks. I'll try and jump in later today, in the meantime, thank you all for your replies.
  10. All, I've searched around to try and find an answer to a question I have, but cannot seem to find anything specific. I currently have a Synology NAS storing my flac music, LMS (Logitech Music Server) is running on the NAS and serves a Squeezebox Touch via wired network, which is in turn connected to an Arcam IR Dac via QED P75 coax cable. My gut instinct is that this set up can be improved as most likely hardware and software have improved over the years. I have no plans to replace either the NAS or the dac. My question is, would I get significant sound improvements by removing
  11. #Krutch, I'm very happy with my SBT, as are most owners I gather, my question was would I get a good value 'upgrade' if I did go 'upmarket' on the streamer. I didn't mean to imply I needed an upgrade, I asked would I get one. I think you've helped further convince me to keep the SBT (wishing I'd bought more than one now - ho hum.) Cheers Paul Paul
  12. Thanks for the reply, I'm grateful, and my gut feeling is I agree with you, both about data to the dac and the dac/speakers etc themselves. Paul
  13. Hi All, I have a Squeezebox Touch fed by wired ethernet from NAS and coax out into DAC. Works perfectly. However, I'm looking to upgrade (as always) and have a couple of concerns regarding which way to upgrade, boils down to two routes - carry on with streaming OR go the PC route. One concern I have with the streaming strategy is that to upgrade I'd have to go to something like one of Linn/Naim offerings, and would I get a good bang-for-buck is a question in my head.... A huge general question....in generic terms would I get better sound from a pc than a streamer for the same
  14. Thanks for the link, and yes I am using Audio gd. I'd seen that article, but wondered what the opinions of the people here are. Paul
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