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  1. Hi Hailey - its been a while, but did you ever sell this?
  2. dmagnus1

    SGC sonicTransporter problem

    Turns out there IS a pop-up "contact us" box on SGC, which I used, and Andrew responded quickly and was very helpful. He also noted problem likely caused by two Roon Cores. Advised me to switch Roon Core to Remote on my Mac. He thought running sT behind a couple of switches would not be a problem, but always best to connect direct to router. Also thought my original sT might be overtaxed by collection size (10K tracks - mostly from Tidal favs). Will make changes and see. Thanks for those who helped. Dave
  3. dmagnus1

    SGC sonicTransporter problem

    I've been to their website and there is no support page that allows for an email exchange. That's why I posted here - I've seen SGC responses to questions posed by other members so I thought I'd take a chance. To be honest - I never considered actually making a phone call. That just seems too "analog". I'll give it a try... Thanks for the response.
  4. dmagnus1

    SGC sonicTransporter problem

    First post in a LONG time... Having some issues with SGC sonicTransporter i3 running Roon Core. I find that I have to restart the i3 every time I want to open Roon on my iMac or iPhone. The application cannot find the Core. Sometimes, the i3 is not even listed as connected to the network when I open my HD icon on my Mac desktop. If I turn the i3 off and restart it, Roon will then function fine. I thought initially that this had something to do with placing the i3 in my office, separated from the router by two switches, so I moved it to the basement and connected it directly to one of the ethernet ports on the router itself. No improvement. I also have Roon installed on my iMac, but have chosen the i3 as the source for Roon Core in the settings. Could the duplication of Roon Core in my system be causing confusion? Or is there some other explanation? I would like to leave the i3 running Core turned on permanently so I could access it anytime from my phone or pad - that's sort of the point of a server, no? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Dave
  5. dmagnus1

    I'm not sure where to post funnies like this, but...

    Maybe she should just stop using her digital inputs and go straight to ana-log...
  6. I was researching the new Simaudio Moon Mind streamer, which seems like a nice product, and ran across this in the FAQ section. Since I have ripped everything to AIFF, this gave me some pause: Q: Will the MiND play AIFF files? A: AIFF format is not straighforward and we don't recommend using it. There are different formats for AIFF files - compressed and uncompressed - but the file-name extension alone won't allow you to differentiate them. Simaudio is currently working to make the MiND compatible with the AIFF file format that iTunes creates (AIFF-C/sowt). It will be available in a future MiND App update during Q1 in 2013. Converting files from AIFF to ALAC is good way to create a new "cleaner" format. Converting a lossless file from one format to another will be transparent and should not create any sound difference at all since the MiND streamer will output exactly the same PCM data to the DAC as you heard. MiND will not support any other type of AIFF file. I ripped everything to AIFF, reasoning that, 1) memory is cheap - the need for compression is minimized, and lossless only saves you about 50% anyway; 2) converting a compressed file to a native bitstream has to involve more processing, hence more opportunities for error; and 3) increased processing must generate more electrical noise, which can't be a good thing. Its splitting hairs, admittedly, but those were my reasons. Now I'm confused. Does anyone know if there really is any advantage of ALAC over AIFF other than file size? I believe Chris recommended ripping to a noncompressed form for playback, and a lossless compressed form for backup - although I believe he was using WAV and FLAC. Maybe I better rethink this before ripping the rest? I'm probably about a quarter of the way through a couple thousand CDs...
  7. dmagnus1

    good integrated that is lively and dynamic?

    Love my SuperNait. you can find a new-ish one for sale for $3000-$3500. Otherwise, a Naim streaming product would fit nicely in your budget (used or entry-level) and both the functionality and musicality of the products is wonderful - in my opinion, obviously. Their one-box offerings should not be construed as compromises.
  8. dmagnus1

    CA Site Announcement

    I'm tired of "jitter". I am totally down for a thousand new threads on "hiss".
  9. dmagnus1

    CA Site Announcement

    Chris - I was very excited to hear about the new direction CA was going, but I have subsequently learned of a site that has even greater appeal to me - 8.track.com. I will be spending my free time there from now on. Thanks for the memories.
  10. dmagnus1

    Sonos or Mac Mini?

    When are they shipping? Have they gotten past the point of no return with respect to public funding? Are you guaranteed to actually get a product? Because I might be all-in on this one...
  11. dmagnus1

    Mac mini to Naim Unitilite

    Interesting topic...can you elaborate a bit on the process by which a UPnP rendered (Naim) and server (Mac) control the flow of digital info from the server to the renderer? I'm guessing that you are saying that there is less inherent jitter in that process than there is in the USB/SPDIF conversion - despite the fact the virtually all these converters have strategies for reducing jitter and reclocking the SPDIF output to the DAC (as well as the jitter reduction that goes on in the DAC itself, whether its reclocked out of memory like a lot of upper end Naim gear, or otherwise). I think this comparison (network player vs. computer-based server) has relevance for a large number of us who are trying to get into this hobby without the requisite engineering degrees... Thanks in advance for your response - I usually go out of my way to read what you (and a half-dozen others) have to say. Your willingness to walk us neophytes through the quagmire is much appreciated.
  12. dmagnus1

    Sonos or Mac Mini?

    G-stern - I have much the same question. I dislike using my main iMac to play files to my DAC/integrated (Naim Supernait) - mostly because I really dislike the interface of using Apple remote with iTunes/Audirvana. Its clumsy. I have a Sonos connected by SPDIF to the SN, and it sounds quite good just the way it is. All of my music is ripped AIFF or streamed MOG. I have never downloaded a Hi Rez file, though would like to try it in the future for grins. So, I have been toying with the idea of a dedicated server/streamer/player (CAPS, Mac mini, other). It occurs to me that, as long as I don't NEED a system right now that supports anything above 16/44.1, that the most cost effective way to enhance my system's SQ would be to do something about the high level of jitter that Sonos is well-known for. That would require some sort of reclocking apparatus interposed between the Sonos and the SN - eg. an Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh reclocker (Synchro-Mesh : Empirical Audio). There may be other jitter-reducing reclockers out there - I can't remember off hand. Virtually all of the USB/SPDIF converts reduce source jitter as well, but they obviously aren't an answer for the Sonos. You can also have your existing Sonos modified (by Wyred-4-Sound?) for reduced jitter - but I have never read an opinion by anyone who has done this...
  13. dmagnus1

    New Product: Arcam airDAC and irDAC

    I'm a bit unclear as to why they are offering a DAC for Sonos that is capable of processing anything above 44.1 (or 48) kHz. Does Sonos now support Hi Rez files? I wish they would - I think there's a growing market out there for an "audiophile" grade product. I know there are mods for Sonos gear that either 1) improve on jitter by replacing the standard onboard clocking, and 2) improve the sound quality by providing better power supplies and isolation. Unfortunately, nobody does BOTH. I am not aware of a Sonos mod that allows for hi rez playback.
  14. dmagnus1

    Finding a sales forum other than Audiogon

    Never sold anything on the internet, but I occasionally peruse the offerings on Canadian Audio Mart. There are sub-sites for Canada, USA, and some others based on location. Don't know anything about their policies, but I have always found Canadians to be pretty respectable people...
  15. Calling Paul R., wgscott, or ELF...