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  1. Got it. I have a couple of those lying around somewhere. Thanks.
  2. Targets ... I think. They are no longer part of my home wireless network ... their sole purpose is to receive music wirelessly (or over ethernet in some cases).
  3. Hello, Years ago I set up my entire house with a series of Apple Airport Express devices (connect to five separate stereos). Slowly the Airport Express devices are wearing out and of course Apple no longer makes them. I have updated them all to the firmware that came out last August, but a couple of them still are not working. None of my speakers have Airplay built in and I really don't want to replace any of them anyway. So my question is this: Can anyone recommend an alternative (Airplay receiving) device that I can use to stream music from my Mac to my speakers? Thanks, Eric
  4. Just trying to process the function of this device and contrast it with my set-up. Maybe easier to start there, because I know it ... My music library (almost all ripped as Apple Lossless, with a smattering of hi-res files) is on an iMac running iTunes. I have an Airport Express in several different rooms, all of which also have Ethernet. I can either stream via AirPlay music directly to any room while at the iMac, or using the Apple Remote app on my iPhone. I can also stream music loaded on my iPhone directly to an Airport Express in the event my iMac is turned off or is being used by a user other than me. In each room the Airport Express is fed to a DAC, then an integrated amp. I also play Spotify via either through the iMac or the iPhone. All of that works very well and I understand it. (I also have an Olive 4HD which is constantly on the fritz, but that is a different story). So essentially, the M-CR510 replaces the Airport Express, the DAC and the integrated amp? Is there any advantage to my current set-up? I could certainly see using the M-CR510 in my office at work, as Eloise described in her first post. Sorry for dumbing down the conversation :-)
  5. "iTunes Match"<br /> <br /> They query your iTunes and match it against 18 million songs and upload only the ones that don't have a match.<br /> <br /> Coming this fall. The little comparison chart at the bottom is rather humorous.<br /> <br /> http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/<br /> <br /> Does not look like it is lossless, however.
  6. The current issue of Business Week talks about iCloud and speculates that Apple will discuss it at their developer conference this month. It also mentions that they are/will be cutting deals with all 4 major labels.<br /> <br /> I think their concept is pretty novel in that you do not have to upload music to their cloud. Instead, their service performs a scan of what you have loaded in iTunes and then makes that music available to you online. The article also says that if your iTunes music is of a lower quality (presumably mp3), you will have access to the higher quality version (presumably Apple lossless) online. All in all, sounds innovative and promising.
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