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  1. Been banging that drum for years. At the file sizes of 24/192 PCM, storage and the fact that even phones have unlimited data (mine does at $40 a month) it's a non-sequitur. The only other consideration is the fact that some outfits like to charge an appreciable markup for 'hi-rez' files. Files that they put in the extra work to down convert to 16/44.1. Doesn't make a lick of sense.
  2. I won't miss him, his shilling, his egregious technical misconceptions, his acerbic communication especially in the light of talking out of his kazoo. Good riddance.
  3. Ethernet cable bullshit: WireWorld StarLight CAT8
  4. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it think.
  5. I'll offer again to setup a testing rig and operate it remotely where you don't know what is in play. You supply me the .wav files. You keep not wanting to perform this sort of control however.
  6. Ugh. The 'author' delves right into the 'Antenna Affect'. For balanced digital cabling Siemons and Texas Instruments have 100% debunked this and there are threads where the relevant papers are linked and also quoted from. Digital audio is highly buffered and playback continues even if a cable is removed. If any here are Tidal users just login to Tidal, start playback and give it 30-45 seconds. Pull the cable and enjoy uninterrupted playback. Did the sound improve, degrade, or stay the same.
  7. You can always try issuing the command: service unsupported-transceiver. Not guaranteed to work however. Also issue 'no errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid'. Vendors like Ubiquity and Netgear are a bit more forgiving with 3rd party SFP/SFP+ modules.
  8. Typically 5-7 years is usable. It's the drives that you want to be proactive about. The only other things would be feature set and network speeds if you felt the need for more.
  9. Yikes indeed. I just setup two Catalyst 9300's and the entire cabling bill came to $675.
  10. Check out backblaze drive reports. They publish every quarter
  11. It's a Router that you could use as a dedicated, music only, wireless access point, on it's own SSID and Channel. I'm saying you could spend $60 and have a dedicated network segment that will allow you to play virtually any music format w/o worry.
  12. You would hard wire the NAS into the ASUS and use the AC1200 USB on your playback machine. HDD on the NAS because the $ to GB is better and it will not yield you any SQ increase. Remember you can disable the WiFi adapter and music will still play. The HDD in the NAS is out of the picture at this point.
  13. I would get a NAS (network attached storage) and go with WiFi for the ultimate in galvanic isolation. You can get an Asus AC1200 dual band (MIMO) router for $40, Ac 1200 USB WiFi network dongle for $20. You will get speeds that support even demanding DSD data rates and do it for $60. One way to test all of this is install the free trial version of J River and set it up for 20 seconds of buffer. Start play back and enable air plane mode. Now this will kill power to the WiFi USB but the music will still play out of buffer. If you don't hear a difference then that is the best / most optimal setup you can achieve.
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