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  1. Yikes indeed. I just setup two Catalyst 9300's and the entire cabling bill came to $675.
  2. Check out backblaze drive reports. They publish every quarter
  3. It's a Router that you could use as a dedicated, music only, wireless access point, on it's own SSID and Channel. I'm saying you could spend $60 and have a dedicated network segment that will allow you to play virtually any music format w/o worry.
  4. You would hard wire the NAS into the ASUS and use the AC1200 USB on your playback machine. HDD on the NAS because the $ to GB is better and it will not yield you any SQ increase. Remember you can disable the WiFi adapter and music will still play. The HDD in the NAS is out of the picture at this point.
  5. I would get a NAS (network attached storage) and go with WiFi for the ultimate in galvanic isolation. You can get an Asus AC1200 dual band (MIMO) router for $40, Ac 1200 USB WiFi network dongle for $20. You will get speeds that support even demanding DSD data rates and do it for $60. One way to test all of this is install the free trial version of J River and set it up for 20 seconds of buffer. Start play back and enable air plane mode. Now this will kill power to the WiFi USB but the music will still play out of buffer. If you don't hear a difference then that is the best / most optimal setup you can achieve.
  6. I thought you held a CCNP credential? What are the three types of L2 switching?
  7. Great, how about some screenshots of the improved video. A/B.
  8. There no such thing as a switch that is going to improve playback. Streamers and Computers play music back out of local buffer. Buffer that could have filled seconds or even tens of minutes ahead of actual playback.
  9. Sounds like you may have nerfed the switch CAT OS. If you have the only way to recover it is via a Hyper Terminal session over it's serial console port. You'll need a Cisco Console cable (roll over cable) and a USB to RS232 adapter and Microsoft's Hyper-Terminal if using Windows. It'll take about 4 hours to upload the image and you'll have to know how to get in to rommon mode to tell the switch which bin file to use. You'll also have to be aware that you may not have enough space in the included flash memory to upload it.
  10. The bottom line is, much like unicorns, 'audiophile switches' are a fantasy. These are data devices that are burst in nature, non-realtime, and HIGHLY buffered systems. I'm a Cisco Certified Network Pro (Route and Switch) and have experience in design and implementation of everything from STUN encapsulation over TwinAx connecting IBM AS/400 and AVB/AES67 for live sound application and much in between. Guys, this simply isn't how everyone thinks that it works. If you are interested please start pulling the string that I linked to and do some reading.
  11. Jitter doesn't exist in static storage (buffer). Buffers eliminate Jitter. Here's a PDF from Silicon Labs
  12. Irrespective of what you think you know, it's not how it works.
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