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  1. Agreed. So what measurements do you have an issue with and what would be the better alternatives?
  2. No ISO, from what I understand, focus on repeatability / consistency.
  3. I think people celebrate reproducible results. It means the protocol, either bad or good, at least works. I have a friend that ISO certifies manufacturing. It's funny because he'll certified piss poor manufacturing practices as long as they are consistent.
  4. I'll point out the error laden, but yet somehow a bunch of people gushing, DarqueKnight video quality with eR thread. That one counts too right?
  5. So when you are brewing a cup of tea would you rather tea that has 0% of any pesticide or FDA acceptable levels? If given the choice and you have a preference.
  6. Your logic seems a bit broken. Are you saying miscellaneous can't measure and can't put out a regimen that you could use to reproduce or debunk said measurements. Could you see yourself suggesting shortcomings in the the current testing and suggest others or do you just want to throw tomatoes?
  7. His measurements are reproduced with regularity. Also Schiit sending him a Modius for testing speaks for itself.
  8. I think Bruno Putzeys just did a really good article on feedback: https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/amplifier-negative-feedback
  9. You must be Bizarro to my Superman. Both drink tea and have chickens. Or it could be the other way around.
  10. When I put in 3,000 ports at a hospital campus it takes about two weeks for everything to start actually working as I configured. It's 100% bullshit
  11. Would this include a setup with two SFP+ modules were someone other than the listener could turn off a tranceiver? That is you could have it in rack for an extended period of time? Say 3-6 months?
  12. These are your words, no? " “The FMC is a powered device that could leak noise back into the system. "
  13. Then why even bother with a Media converter? Other than the 328 foot length limitation of copper Ethernet? You're still last legging it over copper. The point I made should be evident: While audio was playing I removed the cable. While your audio is playing try removing the FMC. If someone wants to send me an FMC I'll record a few tracks.
  14. You can use the search function. Years ago I did ADC captures and posted a D/L link when it was still Computer Audiophile. I was randomly swapping an Ethernet cable in/out during playback. No one could tell when the change was made.
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