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  1. The old adage, if you bumped into an asshole in the morning, he's the asshole. If you've bumped into assholes all day you're the asshole. Just send the customer their exit email and be done.
  2. Many manufacturers maintain a product line naming convention for model # while continually revisioning the product. They simply name v1,v2,v3 etc.. As time goes on older product becomes less valuable used. Go figure. In audiophiledom running changes should be readily apparent, hearing wise that is 😉 Shouldn't need a revision # to reliably tell when a product PCB layout, part change, etc... happens.
  3. Steve Lehto, specializing in lemon law in Michigan, has a YT channel I frequent weekly. Good stuff.
  4. Car companies do it all the time. Again if I was Alex and saw that the wrong voltage was applied, and I wanted to be nice about it, I would have sent another unit, letting them know that the failure was due to something other than manufacturer defect, and let them know that there was no warranty and the repair was gratis.
  5. This may not be exactly that situation given the photos and videos. I can see both parties POV. If you purchase something with warranty coverage, whether new or used, and it needs servicing or even replacement I think the replacement should be new parts and look new. If you purchased a used car that still carries manufacturer warranty it's what I would expect. But then again I've never read the fine print on new car warranty.
  6. I've certainly sent my share of Dear John letters to over bearing customers with unreasonable demands. If you truly received a unit that had components burned out that are indicative of improper usage I would have documented that and sent a unit without any additional warranty to be nice. I had a 3 stripe magnetic reader that I thought was a 12 part. It was 5 volt. I knew right away. I also ate the cost and didn't bother the manufacturer.
  7. The consumer isn't in California. This should be an interesting thread. I haven't made my mind up as to whom I'd side with 😉
  8. Measurements would suffice. I blind tested reconstruction filters of a DAC over headphones and could 100% pick out when it was A or B. The cool thing is seeing what it looked like measurement wise.
  9. Yep and it was Computer Audiophile before that. Computers deal in protocols, they deal in substantiation and data integrity. Either by a few feet or thousands upon thousands of mile. Many a hospital where patients outnumber the MD's.
  10. There are a lot of disciplines that won't accept incorrectly performed testing. I know, right?
  11. Been using Amazon Music. Like it very much. I get Naxos through my Library for free 🙂
  12. The issue for me is where everything is subjectively different including things that can't make a difference. It's a credibility issue. I miss Julian Hirsch " Here’s a revealing quote from his October 1977 “Technical Talk” column: “A purely subjective reaction to an audio product tells a reader only what that particular reviewer thought of the product when he ‘heard’ it in a given room, with certain associated equipment, at a particular time, and under particular conditions. Such an evaluation is bound to be highly personal and limited in scope.”
  13. On topic: Microsoft's CPUStress.exe can spin up a user proc to load the CPU. Let me know if you want to do this blind Sandy. We can snapshot your machine, load the exe and without you knowing let me know if we are at 80% or something like a normal 10-20% utilization.
  14. Sandy? How can it be off topic. You're the one that brought up IE doesn't work. Why you're using IE in the first place vs up to date Chrome or FF is puzzling.
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