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  1. Speaking of which: What time zone are you in? I could always extend an MS Teams meet and hop on you computer and poke around for the issues.
  2. It sound's like there are two routers in the mix. If the WiFi is a recent addition I would turn off the DHCP server on it for T-Shooting.
  3. Looks like you have two DHCP servers running. One is handing out .1 and the other .61
  4. You should be getting gateway and DNS ip from the DHCP Server. Make sure your ip setting in windows set to obtain automatically.
  5. You have a gateway of .61. While a gateway can be any valid IP they typically start the range .1 or end the range .254 It should be ISP hardware to WAN interface on your router then LAN side of your router to your internal network.
  6. If your laptop is running Windows: Hit the Windows key by the space bar. Type in CMD and hit the enter key and a new black box should appear. Type in ipconfig and hit enter. Paste the output here.
  7. I said 'that have shield tied at both ends'. You can have floated shield also.
  8. Shielded Ethernet cables that have their shield tied to ground on both ends can pass noise. UTP cables have no ground connectivity. I've posted about this over the years and google for Seimons 'The Antenna Myth' and T.I. paper on radiated emissions of 10/100 Ethernet PHY.
  9. I've used my DC-1 with both Ubuntu Linux and Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Riopee. It should just work.
  10. I haven't heard any problems with regards to Topping quality. If you can make the jump that RME is just begging to be put in your setup.
  11. Nice thing about Aruba IAP is that if you have multiples you power the first one, let it come up, find it's IP in DHCP lease table. Log in with admin/serial# and set it up. When you power on other IAP's they will simply autojoin and cluster.
  12. I use Suricata with my pFsense box. I use BlockerNG and Suricata with pFsense. The amount of phoning home is just mind boggling.
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