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  1. Yep. This all goes back to statements I made about what constitutes best practice. Even in networking we have RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) where two NIC's can setup a channel and go from RAM block to RAM block. iPerf does something like this where it sets up RAM buffer on Server and Client side so the disk subsystem isn't involved in seeing how much network throughput can be achieved. With JRiver and their killer buffering options, their ability to abstract themselves from the lower layers literally means it is a play back system that is feasibly capable of taking
  2. I responded to the context of what you considered changing variables in your setup as far as hardware change up (that you would run a cable?) and that is what I meant by ZERO change to your variables in you physical layout. I'm only saying we can introduce a VPN tunnel to the mix with the same copy of a song stored locally and one hosted. Does that clear it up?
  3. No, this can be done over your existing. It's called tunneling or VPN. It's a logical overlay over your physical infrastructure as it sits.
  4. You have a lot of contraints: Drive throughput, most likely the DS214 is a software RAID so that's slow. Short of scrapping it and starting over with an eye to backups.... The only other solution I can think of is another DS214 and setup replication but that doesn't protect your from crytpo-ware as your copies are still online.
  5. This is easily tested. I'm game for testing this if others are. I'll help put in the effort if others will sign on to participate. But @Archimago already did something like this... Doesn't mean it can't be done again.
  6. Sorry, just some confusion on my part: 'Power supplies in commercial networking products are usually $5-$7 affairs made' You are saying consumer then commercial...
  7. The data, as it passes through routers is completely reconstructed and forwarded. Switches and routers routinely perform store and forward. Literally STORE data and then FORWARD. When we are talking streaming content, ripple isn't a concern because you aren't going over copper but optical on these transits. There is no AC ripple on optical connections. I'm curious where your information comes from. For my Aruba builds my power supplies have a cost starting at $350 for the lower wattage models. I'm pretty sure the BoM is way beyond $5-7. You also get a life tim
  8. You'll have no issues running Linux on x86 platforms regardless of form factor.
  9. I believe you may have inadvertently placed a heatsink on the wifi / bluetooth module. You shouldn't do that with the possibility of degrading the RF performance.
  10. I'll toss on another helpful hint: If the vendor takes American Express, and you have an AMEX card, use it. First off AMEX will extend most warranties by 1 year, second the coverage can vary from $1000 to $10000. I have a business card so it's $10K. If you have a documented problem like the OP you just make the call and AMEX WILL sort it out and most likely >90% in your favor.
  11. What you are looking at, theoretically, could do 1250MB/s with it's 10GBe port. My 38MB/s is what I get over my WiFi. For audio and HD video even my 38MB/s is way overkill. This depends on what you want to accomplish. RAID 5 is easy and strikes a good balance were you can have a single drive failure but not two concurrent.
  12. It's pretty easy. I would just hop on YouTube and search for a video on the unit you want in question. Most likely someone has documented it. Just make sure the unit is unplugged and touch something that will ground you out before handling the RAM modules. They generally insert at a 45 degree angle and you flip them up to 90 degree. They are keyed so they can only fit one way.
  13. RAID is about continuity/uptime and backup is about reconstitution. If you are archiving your physical media then they are your backup. If it's other critical data then simply setup a file structure where critical data is in its own folder and just that folder is backed up. *BTW you may hear someone say RAID is backup or a form of backup. This is patently false. Just FYI. For people that I've setup Synology NAS it's how I handle it. Then just use the DropBox app and make sure to backup the critical folder.
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