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  1. Dip switch settings for Singxer SU-6 to run I2S on Topping D-90? Does anyone know if they conform to PS Audio, Audio-GD, Matrix, Ho;o Audio, Gustard, L.K.S. or W4S? Thanks
  2. Kal, You are absolutely correct- all my 5.0 SACD's are missing right rear channel-routing to the .1 LFE channel. I used Telarc SACD with 5.1 test tones to map 5.1 channels. All 5.1's play correctly. How do I correct this for 5.0?
  3. Missing rear channel when ripping multichannel SACD with Oppo 203 I just ripped a batch of both stereo and multichannel sacd's and right rear channel is missing. It has been many months since I did this. Previous multichannel rips play back perfectly using same iso2dsd technique. I have tried creating files directly off spinning disc and from raw ISO with same result. I have also downloaded the just released Mac OSX Version 7 of iso2dsd with same results. I have a 2012 quad core Mac Mini and have also run Disc Utility which checks out fine. Running playback of DSF files o
  4. I would like to try your downloads as well. Merry Christmas!
  5. Mutant_matt , typing in 2002 did the trick!! I can't tell you many hours I spent trying to figure this out. A BIG Thanks to you and all who have helped me! You da man !
  6. Re-downloaded, just to be sure, from Sonore site iso2dsd_OSX_v6 When I hit Execute I get message: "Failed to connect libsacdread: Can't open for reading"
  7. Made another stick with same result. Words in error message the same but numbers were different. I have also tried: Verifying IP address Rebooting router to force new IP address Switch between ethernet > WIFI>ethernet
  8. Guys, I successfully extracted many SACD"s some 6 months ago using Oppo 103 using ethernet. Now, when I hit Execute button in ISO2DSD I get message: sacd_extract(1232,0x7fffa99063c0) malloc: *** error for object 0x104eb3000: pointer being freed was not allocated *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug Any ideas?
  9. Can you please provide link for source of the correct internal connector?
  10. Alex, Yes, those of us with SU-1 would love to power with our JS-2 and/or LPS-1 !
  11. Monoprice sells a hdmi 4 port switcher that does the same thing. Model HDX-401TA. $43.69.
  12. See my comment about wrapping electrical tape around female end of power cord for more secure connection in socket.
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