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  1. I would like to try your downloads as well. Merry Christmas!
  2. Mutant_matt , typing in 2002 did the trick!! I can't tell you many hours I spent trying to figure this out. A BIG Thanks to you and all who have helped me! You da man !
  3. Re-downloaded, just to be sure, from Sonore site iso2dsd_OSX_v6 When I hit Execute I get message: "Failed to connect libsacdread: Can't open for reading"
  4. Made another stick with same result. Words in error message the same but numbers were different. I have also tried: Verifying IP address Rebooting router to force new IP address Switch between ethernet > WIFI>ethernet
  5. Guys, I successfully extracted many SACD"s some 6 months ago using Oppo 103 using ethernet. Now, when I hit Execute button in ISO2DSD I get message: sacd_extract(1232,0x7fffa99063c0) malloc: *** error for object 0x104eb3000: pointer being freed was not allocated *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug Any ideas?
  6. Can you please provide link for source of the correct internal connector?
  7. Alex, Yes, those of us with SU-1 would love to power with our JS-2 and/or LPS-1 !
  8. Monoprice sells a hdmi 4 port switcher that does the same thing. Model HDX-401TA. $43.69.
  9. See my comment about wrapping electrical tape around female end of power cord for more secure connection in socket.
  10. You might want to try wrapping some electrical tape around the female power cord end to make a more secure coupling in the socket. Not a bad tweak with other cords with other components either.
  11. With my 2012 Mac mini with JS-2 LPS I had two UpTone Regens in series but eventually sold after trying Intona. After break in with 2 Curious Regen links my digital with Roon/HQ Player is best ever. Remember Intona requires no external power. I'm also interested in W4S Recovery with Intona but may be "gilding the lily "with my LampizatOr Lite7 Plus.
  12. Try this Ebtech - Audio Solutions. It's called HumX. It's a huge problem solver. I have two in my complex system. I turned an audio buddy on to it who was at wits end and he was thrilled.
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