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  1. Yep, no manual, no more - months ago did a heap of searching for it when trying to sort an issue ...
  2. Righto, so that’s the mapping key! Can now avoid randomly plugging in-out til one fits ... well, conditional on remembering this above.
  3. ... currently, I’m using the JS-2 to power the lps1.2 ...! As well as RME dac. (& yes, I like a pun).
  4. I’ve currently got my Netgear GS105 switch - note no ER yet - powered by the Uptone brick using an ‘audiophile’ power cable ... but that’s because I’ve got a bunch of spares cos I haven’t set up my vinyl gear since we moved house 18 months back! No idea about specific sonic improvement - I just use them where possible, on the theory that minor incrementals burgeon into larger sonic upticks.
  5. Now up & going! Not sure which pref change did it ... now to make this success repeatable.
  6. Interesting - does AV actually have a DOP / native DSD preferences setting choice? Or just select dsd + dsd256 & then max of pcm + dsd? Anyway latter method has no success with pcm ... simply hangs on “loading first track”? DSD albums up to dsd256 play fine. Go figure ...
  7. Right, just looked at sonore site & dlna & naa have the same output options, including native dsd which avoids the max pcm mac trap. So there must be a setting in AV which selects that instead of dop? I’ll chase this later today. (Sun is up here in Oz ... no smoke in the air ... a good day!).
  8. Thanks Jud, as per HQP I have AV set to upsample everything ie pcm to dsd256 (I’m aware AV won’t upsample dsd to higher dsd), & the RME dac is set to dsd mode. It now occurs to me that maybe the rendu’s dlna output mode, unlike hqp naa mode, may not enable dsd256 on a mac where the rme dac’s pcm upper limit is 384 ie uses dop? No problem with naa doing this of course. Anyone know if this is the issue?
  9. Flipped back to AV from HQP, latest version. Can’t get redbook pcm etc to dsd256 upsampling functioning via ultra rendu into rme dac, set to pure dsd, as per HQP. Plays dsd files up to 256 fine. Settings I should check? ... can’t see the issue I’m afraid. Used to work okay!
  10. Anyone achieved dsd256 via EC modulators with the sonicTransporter i9?
  11. Anyone had experience running the EC modulators with a sonicTransporter i9? ie achieved dsd256 without glitches?
  12. Hopefully, there’ll be a section on how to get HQP 4’s EC modulators to work on the sT, say at dsd256 ...
  13. Yep, I bailed out of Roon about a week ago when I went to go Lifetime & saw the hike up. Had done 2 years of annual, & liked the metadata info & organisation a lot - but was using HQP for sonics. So, I’ll now try to get Audirvana working as metadata feed ...
  14. @The Computer Audiophile I don’t get how a thread with this level of abusive intolerance is tolerated on this site?
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