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  1. Yes, I couldn’t wait for the improved M1, but I’ll be tempted to upgrade if it proves a major step up. I’m delighted with what I’ve got from the M1 thus far - ASDM7EC/256 with poly ext2 will do everything bar dsf256 files. I’ll now list some other filters (I’ll base it at pcm192 files) & report back ... certainly some I tried were a no go.
  2. Any feedback on the macmini M1’s convolution capabilities?
  3. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Will try it - though not if on v14?
  4. Cost of Pang starts at? Thinking I’ll stay safe, as per JS paper, & go with an ADark Giesemann sine + filter; & stay frugal, well relatively, as befits the original purchase ... maybe the King, which specs above 130. It doesn’t matter, but they have a 75ohm option?
  5. Righto ... here’s mine! Trade-in please!! Cheers, Jim.
  6. My ER is powered by js-2 at 12V & is never more than v warm, which I guess might be hot for someone else - no measurements though!
  7. I went from this above Ghent (now on mac mini m1 server in adjoining room) to this Ghent (& have thought it an improvement) - ET12 Linkway CAT8 40Gbps/2000MHz Ethernet(JSSG360) Cable.
  8. Consider 1. the upsides of the new mac M1 & 2. the usefulness of an NAA to mac upsampling ie optical rendu or say hqp naa.
  9. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    So then, with the macmini M1, I assume down-sampling to 128 from 256 is similarly demanding? Otherwise, a 2-stage down- then up- could work ... inelegant though.
  10. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Update with new macmini M1 - now able to do all pcm to 256 with ASDM7EC/48, polysinc ext2, including 24-192 ... care of simply changing buffer from default to 100. Go figure ... Also dsf128 to 256 fine, leaving only the puzzle of dsf256 files which don’t work (tried 5EC etc). Odd, this final hurdle.
  11. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    I just use ‘screen sharing’ on the MBP to control the mac mini M1, plus the HQPD app on iPad for remote music selection.
  12. Here my settings for 192k to DSD256 with ASDM7EC and poly-sinc-ext2.



    HQPlayer Settings.jpg

    1. jamesg11


      Thanks - only difference is buffer time, so I’ll try changes there.


  13. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Hmm ... I want! ... can you show your full HQP settings please?
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