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  1. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    CAPS Twenty? Explication please ...
  2. “better ways” ... riff on this please!
  3. Appreciated if you could give a link to this!
  4. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Exc summary - now copied to my hqp ref notes ...!
  5. Where my original motivation to try them came from - Jud’s report, now quite some time back!
  6. http://www.ghentaudio.com/pc/et12.html They are a Ghent off-the-shelf. I don’t do diy!
  7. I recently updated my mid-2011 macmini to High Sierra (max os) & can manage dsf256 upsampling from dsf64 with ASDM7, 44.1x256 with no dropouts. HQP, ER, ultraRendu, rme dac. Issues with redbook to dsf256 dropouts, which I didn’t previously have & pcm hires to dsf256 is a no go. For those I use Audirvana, no problems - it’ll go to dsf256 without issue for all, except it doesn’t upsample dsf. Just needs a replacement pc, with ur-powerful bells n whistles.
  8. I went with the Ghent Linkway Cat8 jssg360 pair into the ER & moved my original Ghent Cat6 jssg pair out of macmini into Netgear gs105 switch (in other room). Another incremental uptick!
  9. jamesg11

    Offline Upsampling

    Yes, knowledge of hqp led to my query - as you say, Pro is not priced for us domestic users! But, of course, that same internal processing occurs on the fly with hqp ... you just need a stellar pc installation for the best results, again $s.
  10. jamesg11

    Offline Upsampling

    This means that the EZ dsd upsampling method includes a conversion to dxd? Or ...?
  11. “I had read once or twice that powering the LPS1.2 with another linear power supply will improve the LPS1.2's performance.” Now for another lps1.2, powered by the SR4, into the ER!
  12. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Thanks, in preferences how do I ensure that this is always an upsample to dsf256, regardless of input file? Previously, had this ... now forgotten how to set it.
  13. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Sorted. Now hqp 3.25.6 on high sierra. End of road for for 3! Just to check that this different presentment of info means my rme dac is still outputting dsd256 in pure dsd setting - the dac always showed 768? Or has it somehow flipped to pcm ...?
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