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  1. It is. What Chris is saying is that he sent the X1 back after finishing his review and not for a Leedh upgrade.
  2. If it equals or betters the volume control of reference level dacs, it should be head and shoulders above volume controls in mid and entry level ones. One more path worth keeping an eye on is Leedh Processing. It was implemented a year ago in Soulution dacs and rumored to be better than their dedicated preamps but so far no playback software has it. looking forward for your testing.
  3. Do you prefer this compared to the same setup but using the volume control of your reference dacs?
  4. There is actually one: Not Independent= Not Trustworthy
  5. The LessLoss is a file player with digital outputs. For 91k, you still need to add your favorite Dac.
  6. I was referring to its' anti-vibration properties. Some manufacturers go to great length to treat vibration using special footers, enclosures carved from solid aluminum blocks..... They claim that it affects the performance. You may obviously disagree.
  7. Clearaudio have been using Panzerholtz in their turntables for quite some time.
  8. @miguelito, checked your Duos, very classy color combination you’ve got there.
  9. I actually auditioned the Duo Mezzo in a reltively small space and it worked rather well. I was seated 3m from the speakers but felt that a couple of additional meters, and more space around the speakers would yield even better results. My reservations about the Duos in Chris’s room are equall sound and aesthetic. Having a pitched low ceiling on the sides, I do not find them a good visual match, and I know Chris is sensitive about visuals.
  10. @The Computer Audiophile, the Avantgarde Duo Mezzo was one of the speakers I recommended in your TAD CR1 replacement thread. Glad you enjoyed it. That said, I feel it is going to be too big for your listening room. An Uno XD will be visually and sonically (probably) more appropriate. Maybe more experienced Avantgarde listners can chime in.
  11. @bobfa, if I understand correctly, one cannot boot from a USB thumb drive and try/install Euphony on a USB thumb drive. Is that correct? I want to try Euphony on a mac mini with Squeezelite (currently running Daphile on the mac mini from a thumb drive in squeezelite mode with LMS running on a Synology NAS). I want to avoid reformatting/ erasing the mac mini hard disk. Is this possible? Apologies for this basic query.
  12. OT. What does Euphony have, in terms of SQ, over something like Daphile (free) or Audioliux (50$) for it to be worth approx 300$? Did anyone make a direct comparison?
  13. Great. Will try to install it overvthe Weekend.
  14. Great. Will try to install it overvthe Weekend.
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