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  1. OT. What does Euphony have, in terms of SQ, over something like Daphile (free) or Audioliux (50$) for it to be worth approx 300$? Did anyone make a direct comparison?
  2. Great. Will try to install it overvthe Weekend.
  3. Great. Will try to install it overvthe Weekend.
  4. Very basic question. Can i install Gentoo on a usb thumb drive and boot from it without affecting the osx of my mac mini (mesning i can reboot in mac osx or the windows partition when needed)? i do this with both Daphile and Volumio without any issues. thanks
  5. Better start from scratch. Flash and install Daphile on a new usb stick as per instructions. I have Daphile running on a Macmini, booted from USB, with LMS installed on a Synology NAS, controlled with iPeng.
  6. not sure if this helps. did you select under Daphile>Settings>MediaServer>External (add the LMS server address of you Surface)
  7. @David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist Do you have a schedule for Qobuz launch in Canada?
  8. Check Darko’s website. He discussed this in a video with the Auralic designer. I think it was part of his coverage of Munich 2018.
  9. Madra

    RMAF 18

    Any feedback on the Sanders’ Eikons?
  10. Hi Chris All carpet underlay products will help reduce impact noise transmission and add sound absorption in your audio room. However, they will be of little help in providing noise insulation with the floor underneath. For this, you need mass. First thing to do is install a double layer dry board suspended ceiling with high density insulation in the rooms below. Cover all the ceiling and try to avoid openings as they will be a weak link and affect sound insulation. You can also float a floor on top of the existing one, as massive as the existing structure allows. Better consult with an acoustical engineer to advise on an adequate floor section.
  11. here are Three brands worth checking out. Tidal I listened to a now discontinued 2 way stand mount with diamond tweeters and Ceramic mid-woofers. It was their smallest and cheapest loudspeaker, and a totally unknown company to me at the time. While not as full range as the CR1 (auditioned at the same show BTW) they blew my mind. This was a sound I can live with for a long long time. They were impeccably finished, and the design elegance of the current models is icing on the cake. YG Acoustics They seem to be gaining momentum at shows lately. I listened to the Carmel, and their reference model of few years back, and believe they are worth investigating. Being chunks of black aluminum, looks are polarizing. Avantgarde Acoustics I listened lately to the Duo Mezzo driven by their own amplification and a DCS Vivaldi dac. During my brief listen, I heard no horn colorations, driver discontinuities, and heard all the dynamics horns are known for. Looks are again polarizing. I find them to be beautiful modern sculptures. The CR1 are great speakers, and a tough act to match, let alone to better. Good luck with your search. I will be closely watching this space.
  12. I do not know about Jude as he is quite new to measurements, but Atomic bob has been at it for a long time, has written extensively about measurements methodology and pitfalls and is generally well respected in the community. He does not seem to have a high esteem of Amir and his work, at least from what I came across on SBAF and Head-fi. Add to this that Amir runs a site and is a dealer, so he has vested interests while Atomic bob does not. For me, the winner of the credibility game here is easy to determine, your mileage may obviously vary.
  13. One should be very careful with Amir and Audiosciencereview. Do a google search and you will get some perspective on the accuracy of his work and his motives.
  14. If your numbers are correct, it barely covers layout, printing and distribution expenses, with a small office rent. This is not sustainable, unless nobody is getting paid for their reviews and they are doing it as a side job. i agree with you, if Chris is to make CA ad free, with a type of subscription access, CA will die.
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