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  1. Hello Some months ago, after ASR review, I purchased DAC Topping D50s, and that was a good purchase. After that I started to look for new Amp, and decided to test new technologies , the BOSC amp. https://orchardaudio.com/bosc My idea is to replace McIntosh MC275 MK4 tube amp in my home office. But this is not an easy task , that Amp is real classic piece, one of the best tube Amps for close to 60 years. I simply get tired to replace dysfunctional tubes, and wish to stay more green with less electricity consumption. And I had suspicion, that maybe small Damping factor of MC275 (about 14) is some problem for my beloved acoustics (Triangle Magellan Concerto with sensitivity 93db, but with wide region with only 2 ohm resistance). What I liked from short specification of that BOSC project, is greater switching frequency (close to 1 mhz) and bigger Damping factor (more than 500), also smaller gain (for today output level 4-7V balanced , no need for gain 26, even 10 is enough). So I preordered pair from Orchard Audio plus asked for individual measurements for extra 50 USD. Couple days ago I received DHL package. Everything was in good shape, and I started installing in system. My system is bit unusual : my house is in forest area, and i have lot of short dropouts. Therefore my Home office is supplied with 5KVA Metasystem Megaline online UPS (with THD less than 1%). There are computers connected directly to that, but Audio system is connected through heavily customized McIntosh isolation transformer (MPC1500). The essence is: Balanced power supply output plus 3-pole LP filter. And good grounding contour outside. That Balanced PS (2x115V, EU 230V) had profoundly impact on PS noise, especially limiting PC SMPS noise. So MC275 was out, BOSC in. There was no need to listen much. Bass region was better controlled, perceptually even louder in lowest region. Midrange I think the same, HF maybe better may be not. I am 62 , so what HF… Hiss was close to hearing limit with ear directly in tweeter, remember speaker sensitivity 93db! Resume, I don’t need to consume more electricity, take care to purchase extra tubes and with weaker bass. New BOSC amps stay in my system, I’m very satisfied with build and performance quality. Anybody need MC275?… Second compare I did with ReVox Exception E450 integral amp. Here hiss was for magnitude more, but with better LF control than MC275. Somehow less clarity in HF. BOSC wins even more. Some minor things. There is no delay to connect speakers when switching on, so we can hear some minor thump/clik. And when I connected from Bosc output to Velodyne Subwooffer Processor SMS-1 Power input (Parallel to speakers) input dividing resistor literally vaporised with characteristic smell. So after that I connected SMS-1 through linear input… Obviously switching on need some delay relays to speakers. Some data about Triangle, MC275 and BOSC in pdf. Overall, new elements and new technology clearly win. Ivars M. Triangle Magellan Concerto.pdf McIntosh MC275.pdf Orchard Audio BOSC.pdf
  2. I have couple ripped test CD with phasing test tracks The Sheffield _ Coustic Set-Up and Test Disc NORDOST SYSTEM SET-UP & TUNING DISC Ivars
  3. Looks like the correct channel mapping and phasing for Gustard X22 is when DIP 6 and DIP 7 both ON. So far I'm very satisfied about sound quality both Sonore microRendu/UltraDigital (I2S) and Gustard X22. Even better than microRendu/Auralic Vega. I prefer to upsample everything to DSD256 (Gustard) or DSD 128 (Auralic) through Roon or HQ Player.
  4. Additionally , when DIP 7 is OFF, DSD channel mapping is reversed and out of phase. PCM is in correct phase and mapping. If DIP 7 is ON both PCM and DSD is in correct phase but reversed mapping. Ivars
  5. Thank You, Jesus, indeed setting DIP 7 into ON changed channel mapping, now PCM and DSD is similar.... but reversed. Setting DIP 7 into OFF , PCM is correct, but DSD reversed. Using Gustard X22 into I2S input. So question remain the same, how to set DIP correct for DSD? Or it is a bug into Gustard firmware? Thanks again, Ivars
  6. Jesus, I have a question about DIP #7 setting about Gustard (using Gustard X22 DAC). There are 2 different Gustard specifications in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h5PMUBkldkpt1rCnAR4ZHYGZNeCe-vwIFyKWYMZWsX0/htmlview# I configure it OFF as in https://www.sonore.us/ultraDigital.html according Gustard but LR chanels are reversed in DSD (comparing to PCM). Do I need switch DIP #7 ON ? Thanks, Ivars
  7. Hi Geoff, recently noticed such behaviour: if some album not contain first track, then script simply didn't start to play. If album don't contain some track in the middle of album , then script stops on missing track number and didn't proceed further. Maybe it's possible to handle somehow that missing track thing? Best, Ivars
  8. Just downloaded CD quality files. Unbelievable quality, perfect! So nothing wrong even with Redbook, if studio work on such level. Thanks a lotI
  9. Few words more about last edit Script. Overall I am very satisfied about possibility to play with good quality upsampling my library in ALAC. I want to play some of the files in process of editing metadata (artwork, genre, track name misspellings etc). For me iTunes is most obvious library (using Get info) and playlist manager in Apple ecosystem. But as player iTunes have some serious problems (no auto sample rate, no posibility to use NAA or another network endpoints, no DSD). HQ Player have excellent converter/player engine, but no ALAC and weird library manager (Album sorting as Composers tag, but not as Album artist). For me possibility to play CD or HD library as DSD128, while editing incorrect files is best of two worlds. Plus possibility to use Apple Remote app on iPad. Some small difficulties with Shufflin genre, artist or whole library are unsignificant. For Album Play, Song Play or Playlist Play everything works as intended. So biggest thanks to Geoff and recomendations to everyone! Ivars M.
  10. Dear Geoff, indeed shuffle mode works as described. Some misunderstanding arises when all next tracks, after chosen shuffle (or playlist) track, from respective album, are in decoding (from ALAC) and loading into RAMDISK process aren't yet finished, then iTunes react but script wait till loading finished. Apologize for my rudimentary English, have difficulties for easy explaining. I wonder, isn't there a possibility not to decode and load in RAMDISK next tracks from album, those tracks are deleted anyway, when next playlist (or shuffle) track begin to play. Ivars
  11. Thanks again Geoff, some first impressions : album play from Remote everything OK; Artist play also ok, genre play seems also ok. For me unclear thing is Shuffling all library, or genre, or playlist. I guess there is no library sinc with your script at all. Or sometimes if first tracks are from same album. I can't specify what's goin on. Shuffling genre or artist is not in sinc with iTunes (both Remote and Desktop). So for now, best prepare whole playlist and play (or skip some tracks). Ivars
  12. Thank You a lot, but I have little different tagging habits. First I did enormous efforts to tag by hand all essential tags correct , and I follow standard iTunes tag set, including album artist tag everywhere. For compilations there is no album artist (blank space), so no Various Artists. I also use Grouping tag for genre groups , for example JAZZ grouping include genres tags as Jazz/Vocals, Jazz/Contemporary, Jazz/Smooth etc. Also I have disc numbering as 1 of 1 or 1 of 3 everywhere to consolidate multidisc albums under single album name. Anyway using Remote from Genre or Artist mode in shuffling make problems to any developer mangling with iTunes . I remember Damien struggling with Audirvana iniTunes mode. So let s use your script with album or playlist mode and don t worry about the rest. One more thanks to You, I’m very happy! Ivars
  13. Dear Geoff, thank You , indeed now in album mode everyting works perfect, tested for some albums without any problems. However in artist mode I had unpredictable result. I guess it depend on number of albums , including compilations where artist is present. Obviously artist mode interprets as list or library mode. But now almost everything is OK . So big thanks for Your efforts, said it once more, highly recomennded for everyone, who use iTunes for library mangement and HQP for sound quality , especially if your files are in Alac. Ivars
  14. Geoff, I narrowed Remote problem. If I select album and press album play triangle besides album tittle, then wrong operation begin (as reported) and after that Remote lost library sinc. Remote then react only to play and pause buttons. If I press play on selected album first song, then all songs loaded and play correctly. Same in the Artist view, press first song and it's as intended. But not with pressing artist name. So the problem is with choosing play album or artist tittle button. Ivars
  15. Dear Geoff, one more attempt to use Remote at my country location with iMac Retina (High Sierra) and last edit script. Unfortunately each time Ramdisk loaded (till full) and therefore HQP play first songs from Remote song view (as numbered), not album selected. iTunes same time play selected album as intended. No any problems with desktop. HQP output is NAA (modded mini mac and Korg or Auralic DAC). iTunes same time play through optical system output to another DAC selected album. There is some few sec pause till ALAC converts to wav as intended. I even deleted all settings with another comp iTunes from Remote and did fresh pairing. Weird. Monday evening I plan to test with my downtown apartment iMac27 where it was more or less OK with remote. Ivars M.
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