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  1. Ok let me clarify a bit more. I do have the CCK to pair with my Dragonfly Red. The issue I’m pointing out is the app displays 24/96 but if all I have is a stock headphone connection (lightning connector on the iPhone X) I would expect the app to only display 16/44.1 instead. If I have the CCK/Audioquest DragonFly then I would expect the results to display and playback 24/96 because the Dragonfly DAC is connected. That wasn’t the case - the display still shows 24/96 with a stock headphone connection.
  2. Is this normal - listening to Qobuz on iPhone - choose 24/96 tracks but didn’t have Audioquest Dragonfly plugged in - should this default back to 16/44.1 instead of showing Hires 24/96 playback?
  3. Gustavo - I recently added a Node 2i to my setup and was able to simply plug in a HDD via the USB port on the rear and after indexing my collection of tracks everything works. I have a mixture of Apple Lossless, FLAC rips, DVD-Audio extracts and a DSD album. All playback just fine using the Node 2i. Again, not sure of the max track count but I’m no where near it. I still have my Mac Mini (2012) connected to an OPPO 205 for the DAC via a USB cable. But for simplicity, the Node 2i wins out.
  4. The new Mac Mini announced today does away with the Firewire 800 ports and replaces it with Thunderbolt ports. Still has 4 USB ports though. Going to hold on to my Mac Mini 2012 for now.
  5. Ok fun thread. I did try finding a Rega styled bicycle, but alas they don't make such an analog beast (ok, humor applied and moving on). I went both routes since I live in SoCal - I live in Irvine near the mountains and no far from Newport/Huntington Beach. So I picked up a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 to ride the trails here and love it. Of course after a good fall kneepads to protect that kneecap I missed crushing along with the regular stuff - hydropack, spare tubes, helmet and gloves I am good to go. And for the beach, I went with an all black Electra Cruiser single-speed. Love it for riding along the sunny coast line. Nothing fast needed just comfy. It's also my grocery-getter and quick run to the local stores. Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29: Electra Cruiser 1
  6. I currently own the Rega DAC and have been using it with a USB cable (Audioquest Diamond USB). Majority of my audio is 16/44 and it works very well. I'd definitely listen and let your ears be the judge. Everyone hears things differently. Enjoy and welcome to computer audio.
  7. I'll be curious too once Mavericks hits. For now I'm trying out a DH Labs Silversonic Toslink Optical with an Audioquest 3.5mm adapter for my Mac Mini 2012.
  8. Another +1 for Amoeba Music - you can spend hours and tons of money if not careful while sifting though aisles of records.
  9. Yeah, I'm still running it at 10.6.8. I can bump the memory up to 8GB. I'll run this mini till the wheels come off and it no longer serves my needs.
  10. Reviving this old thread but I'm in a situation (but not rushed to upgrade) an 2009 Mac Mini w/4GB memory running Pure Music or Decibel and wondering if it's time to move to a new Mac Mini. I've had no ill effects with my current set up (recently added a Rega Brio-R to the mix and paired with the old Rega DAC. So for those that stepped up from their older Mac Mini, were you well justified?
  11. Forgot I had this disc in my collection. Just used DVD Audio Extractor to pull off the 24/96 tracks and add to my audio collection.
  12. One question that you also have to consider - how much audio do you have that is over 16/44? If you have a fair amount of audio that will step in to the hi-rez realm then a convertor is in the cards for purchase. However if all you plan to listen to is 16/44 then a good USB cable will do you good. Enjoy and good luck. I enjoy my Rega DAC and most of my audio is 16/44.
  13. Soundtrack from The Big Chill - lots of great oldies.
  14. I'll third that. It's a reason I still have an SACD/DVD-Audio player. Great recording. Find a copy if you must.
  15. Yeah, I agree with you - having the Rega DAC processing just plain 16/44 audio is wonderful. I haven't gone back to a CD player yet to enjoy my audio collection.
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