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  1. Thanks @Nenon, @firedog, @stefano_mbp, @charlesphoto, @davide256! Super helpful insights and advice. Answering some of the questions posed previously: 1. Will be using this in my 2 channel stereo setup. The music server (to be built or bought) will be feeding directly into a BorderPatrol DAC. The DAC will feed my VAC (vacuum amplification company) preamp. And the preamp will feed into either my Nelson Pass's First Watt Sit-3 or Aesthetix Atlas power amp (i use them interchangeably). The power amp feeds my full range Chapman T7 speakers. 2. My stereo setup i
  2. Hi There, I am hoping to embark on a first build of a music server. My original thought was to buy an Innuos Zen Mk3, but the more i read on this forum, i am thinking i might be able to do much better "sonically" for the USD2600 i would need to spend on a new Zen Mk3. Don't get me wrong, the Zen Mk3 is a nice music server, but thought with some elbow grease i might be able to get more for my money. Anyone have recommendation for a build ("recipe" for hardware/software) in the USD2-2.5K range that would better the Zen Mk3 and maybe perhaps get me closer to a Zenith Mk3? Storage wise
  3. Hi, I recently bought a HRT Music Streamer II Dac. I am using VLC as the media player and a MacBook Pro. I bought some high resolution (24 bits/96Khz) music files off HDtracks. When playing back, the sampling rate on the DAC shows 44.1Khz. I am probably doing something wrong. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Newbie here, if this topic has been discussed previously, please point me the right way. I love the sound of vinyl (it's my primary source - rega P3 + benz micro wood SM cart) but I am not too excited about caring for the physical medium. I've been told that high res digital source files approximate (maybe better) the sound of vinyl. I got intrigued enough to test the waters of computer music and to gauge the "potential" of high res digital source files without breaking the bank - so i plugged my MacBook Pro directly (headset output) into my integrated tube amp (Cary SLI-80) pow
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