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  1. Thanks Chris for your quick turnaround review, I always value your opinion. Yggdrasil (current model) is on my DAC purchase short list, so your comparison of it to the two new models could not have come at a better time. And kudos to the Schiiters for setting up a quality double blind test.
  2. Introduction Sources for the digital cable roundup include the Internet and audiophile publications and are mainly "Recommended Components" lists, "Editors' Choices" lists, and audio component reviews that mention the digital cable included in the reviewer’s own stereo system. These are lists and reviews I have happened upon over the years. I have no doubt overlooked many lists and reviews, so let me know and I can include them next update. If a cable is mentioned frequently and over several years, my theory is that it may very well be a superior cable and worthy of consid
  3. How do I edit my most recent Blog entry?
  4. I maintain a 23,000 song iTunes library on a few PCs. I have moved my music library from one PC to another. I did it by copying the standard iTunes Media folder containing the songs on the old PC to an external USB drive; connected drive to new PC; opened iTunes on new PC and selected File, Add Folder to the Library and pointed to the iTunes Media folder on the drive. It took a while but completed okay. It’s curious that only some of your albums imported into your PC's iTunes and that might be a clue. Two possible culprits come to mind: music formats and consolidation.
  5. Introduction Sources for this cable roundup are mainly "Recommended Components" lists, "Editors' Choices" lists, and audio component reviews that mention the digital cable included in the reviewer’s stereo system. If a cable appears frequently and over several years in these sources, my theory is that it may very well be a superior cable and worthy of consideration. I hope that my fellow audiophiles and music aficionados will find this roundup helpful, for instance, when researching and shopping for a cable. Speaker cables and analog interconnects are not included in this roundup.
  6. I own a pair. Designed by the great Andrew Jones, need I say more? Off the charts price to performance value. These are not budget speakers, they just have a budget price and deserve to be driven by quality electronics. Very musical with clear high notes and deeper bass than you would expect for their size and 5.25 inch driver. They rock out with rock and pop music. Particularly impressed with their reproduction of piano and guitar too. Somewhat power hungry, so mate with a quality amp of 80 wpc or more at 8 ohms for these speakers to reach their full potential. Use an amp that costs more than
  7. USB and Other Digital Cables Round Up as of December 2019 Follow 0 This round up of USB and other digital cables is gleaned from various audiophile publications and Internet articles that I have happened upon over the years. I hope my fellow audiophiles will find this round up helpful, for instance, when narrowing down choices for a cable purchase. There are two sections: USB Cables and Other Digital Cables. Cables are listed by reference year. There is a price list after each section (prices may vary ov
  8. Thanks for the answer Chris. BTW, Microsoft is now pushing the Creators Update patch. One of my PCs downloaded it as part of the May monthly update and is awaiting restart to complete installation. Microsoft is now very aggressive with the monthly updates. For Win 10 at least, there is no longer a menu of patches from which to pick and choose. All patches are now bunched into a monthly update, so we have a Hobson's choice to install the Creators Update patch as part of the monthly update or to not do the monthly update at all (rendering the computer more vulnerable
  9. If I install Win 10 Creators Update, will it automatically replace the current USB driver that came with my Berkeley Alpha/Benchmark DAC as I expect it will? If so, will things still work okay, or can I expect to troubleshoot and make software settings changes? What are the odds? I use JRiver and iTunes as music servers.
  10. Interesting and well written article by Gilbert Klein, but one little correction: It was the Washington Times, not Washington Post, that named Spector the #2 greatest record producer of all time in the article, "Top 5 Knob-twiddlers" published July 4, 2008. The complete list in order is George Martin, Phil Spector, Quincy Jones, Jeff Lynne, and Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois. Spector was a musical genius; too bad he went off the rails. Top 5: Knob-twiddlers - Washington Times Phil C
  11. USB and Other Digital Cables Round Up as of 2/5/2016 * Indicates an update since the previous posting. When it’s time to buy USB or other digital cables, what’s the first thing to do? Well, you’re likely to turn to the audiophile mags and Internet sources for reviews and opinions. Info is out there but scattered about, so here is a round up that doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive to assist you. This is what I wished I had when I was in the market for cables to assist in narrowing down my choices. So, I hope you find it helpful my audiophile friends. This round up is divided
  12. Audioquest Vodka CAT7 Ethernet cable is $339 for 1.5m. Next jump is the Diamond model at $1,195. Um, this extends the price range for Ethernet cable you might say. This was bound to happen when audiophiles began pollinating with digital audio. And, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m more worried about the picture in the gallery of the guy pulling cable and standing on a chair. Get yourself a proper ladder or stepstool. If that’s you Chris, we want you to be safe! Phil C
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