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  1. Your LS27 is a fully differential, truly balanced circuit from input to output just like the Reference series and all recent and ARC balanced gear. The single ended (RCA) connections that are available to you simply use one phase of the two differential pathways in relation to ground. When you then select "SE" (single ended) operation on your LS27 for that input, the unused duplicate signal path for each channel is shorted to ground so as not to pick up noise. You can easily spot a truly balanced circuit like those in ARC components at a glance. Each channel on the circuit b
  2. Ok, sorry I was referring to your DSP loudspeaker & room correction. Just trying to understand if more data points than the sweet spot are needed for it to work or if someone was interested in the very best possible sound at only the sweet spot, would it be better not to have other location measurements. Thanks
  3. I’m looking forward to trying this and have a UMIK-1 mic on order. I’ve never done any DSP or room/speaker correction so while waiting for the mic to arrive maybe I could ask about taking measurements and how to get the best results. As I understand it you want to take measurements from the sweet spot and then a few other nearby listening positions. If you were after the very best sounding result for the sweet spot, wouldn’t measurements from other positions result in averaging that would make the result decent everywhere but less ideal for the sweet spot specifically? Or is m
  4. I posted this question in the comment section at the end of the CAPS article but got no response so I thought I'd try this thread. Is there a good motherboard with integrated chip that is dual core and can be run fanless?
  5. Some people have mentioned dual core processor options which seemed to require a fan. Has that changed recently or is there a fan-less dual core option now available?<br /> <br /> Otherwise is there a "nearly silent" fan version that could be made in the same case with dual core? <br /> <br /> I suppose the overall requirements for me are:<br /> <br /> Lynx AES16<br /> Windows 7<br /> J. River Media Center<br /> Control with Ipad2 using VNC or something<br /> Silent or "nearly silent"<br /> Small <br /> Simpl
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience with the iPAD controlling your computer and J. River. <br /> <br /> My real concern is whether you are able to see/control J. River on the iPAD exactly as you would on your computer itself (only that it would be touch rather than mouse/keyboard). IOW, can you use Theater View with it's Sooloos-like album view and scroll through effortlessly selecting albums and tracks via the iPAD? <br /> <br /> And if Theater View is a problem, what about Standard View, which can look very similar to Theater View when sorted by album thumbnails
  7. I have read through all of the posts in this section but haven't seen anyone using an iPad to totally control the CAPS music server with windows 7 and J River. Is this possible yet? Is anyone actually doing this? <br /> <br /> I am no computer expert but it would seem the iPad is the ultimate sleek and silent touch screen remote to use with J River in theater mode (or even standard mode).<br /> <br /> Do this with VNC or some other way?<br /> <br /> Anyone?
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