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  1. Agreed with Zhao's point of view. Measurement method is just one way of assessing an equipment. Take it with a grain of salt. Trust your ears. Michael Tan Melbourne
  2. I received my Set 120 Control amp yesterday. It is hand made product of Audio by Van Alstine in Minnesota. I connected it to my Mytec Brooklyn and to my floor-standing Tannoy Saturn S10 speakers. I listened to my collection for about 2 hours. I am really glad with my purchase. I was simply amazed, when compared to my existing amp, a Chinese-made Audio-GD C501 amp. The C501 is a very decent amp. Can't pick fault with that. But when compared with this one, it is different. The sound is clean. It has presence and richness. Perfect is not the word cause it doesn't exist. Bu
  3. Is there a driver that came with your USB card? If the USB card is not working, you wont see anything attached to it. Worth checking.
  4. I used BIOS to overclock by about 10% and the ASDM7EC on DSD128. It still drops out though not as frequent. It stutters every 10 second or so. So no good in my view. I went back to ASDM7 Cheers.
  5. I lower to DSD128, still no good.
  6. Miska I just ran your config. Sorry it didn't work. Dropped out every few seconds. Multicore DSP on auto. No issue with ASDM7. Cheers
  7. I just changed over to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X on Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite from Intel i5 6600K on a Asrock Z170 OC Formula. The change is not subtle. With HQPlayer on Sync-M and poly-sync-short-mp, the Intel struggled at 50% CPU. With the AMD, the CPU usage is 14%. My DAC is a Topping D90, I changed the rate to 44.1 x 512, no sweat, CPU is at around 25% and no drop-out. What a platform for HQPlayer!! Michael T Melbourne
  8. My HQPlayer 4 Desktop works fine in W2019 Core. But I can't start the client. Everytime I enter the exe command, it ended and nothing happened. Did I miss something? My other question is can I run the Client elsewhere and connect to the server in W2019 Core. It didn't seem to work. Cheers.
  9. Is there a DOS command to copy a song to clipboard for Jplaymini? Thanks
  10. I just upgraded my server from Windows 2016 Core + AO 2.2 to Windows 2019 GUI (what a relief from just text) + AO3.0 Well, as expected, the sound quality is as good as Windows 2016 core, if not better My biggest surprise is I heard sound (soft) I haven't heard before. It really brings out the details. I coouldn't stop playing....
  11. The issue with manually installing driver is that the driver must be signed. If not, you can install it by F8 (temporarily disable the signature enforcement). But you have to F8 every time you boot, else the driver wont get loaded.
  12. I have an ASUS Z-170AR mobo and the NIC is not supported by W2016 when I chnaged over to W2016 from W2012. After some searches, I found and this card: Intel enternet l210-T1 GbE NIC. It's inexpensive and you get internet access the first time you boot after installation. Hope it helps. Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself
  13. Thanks Phil for the free upgrade. I hope you health will be better in the following years and you will keep enjoying life as you did. Best wishes.
  14. Phil, I think that's a wise call. You helped me to get his attention to fix my motherboard. After that, I said to myself, no more dealings with PPA.
  15. I have ROCK 1.0.76 installed and it seemed the WLAN is not working. Keeps saying "searching for network address". Anyone got it working? WLAN turned on in BIOS. Ethernet connection is OK, but not wireless.
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