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  1. Hi Flávio, I too have received no reponse/reply from the help desk after almost two weeks of sending my query! No ticket number either
  2. Strangely ,I too am facing the same problem! I can login via the Customer Portal but my credentials are not recognised on their new web page! Also, I was given to understand that the upgrade would be free for existing owners of Dirac 1.2. Has this changed? I have contacted the helpdesk yesterday and hope to get a reply soon.
  3. hiind

    New Amarra 4

    Amarra 4 luxe seems to have a problem playing gapless on iTunes integration.Has anyone else experienced this? Or have I neglected something in the settings?
  4. When is the likely release date of the new Dirac live? Was expected to be in the first quarter of 2018.That’s almost done! Are you on schedule?
  5. hiind

    Amarra 4.1 & High Sierra

    I’m having problems with track listing on importing albums.On classical files (where it is more significant) Amarra lists the tracks using it’s own strange methodology! I thus get tracks where movements are imported willy-nilly! Obviously,classical music cannot be played in this fashion.Any solution to this problem?
  6. hiind

    Amarra 4.1 & High Sierra

    You were spot on! Deleted a half dozen Pure Music bookmarks and then proceeded to import my entire library seamlessly. Many thanks for your advice,truly appreciate it!
  7. hiind

    Amarra 4.1 & High Sierra

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Have done all of the above to no avail.I will try to move the last entry on my AmarraScanFiles.txt and hope (fingers crossed!) that solves the problem.Many thanks for your inputs.
  8. hiind

    Amarra 4.1 & High Sierra

    Did a fresh install of 4.1 and now am unable to import my library! The import starts and after about 1% the program promptly crashes thus rendering the software essentially unusable.I am importing from an external HDD which has been formatted to AFS. It is a fairly large library ( over 3 TB) but it was working well previously.I have tried both methods of import (from iTunes and directly) and neither works, Importing files individually works but that is not acceptable to me.Have now reverted back to Audirvana which works flawlessly.
  9. DAP works perfectly with Pure Music
  10. In the system requirements,it appears that Dirac supports OS X snow leopard to Mavericks.Does this mean that Yosemite and El Capitan are unsupported?
  11. Does DIRAC 1.2 work with Pure Music?
  12. ARC have just released v1.30,the 64 bit kernel works now!
  13. Yes,I've had the same experience.Have spoken to the folks at ARC and they told me they were working on it. They were very supportive and I'm sure they will find a solution soon.