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  1. The other useful things that file renaming does is stop you getting filepath/filename length issues - especially if you have a structured way of storing your music files and you move the files around different machines at home.
  2. When I needed an RCA to BNC I bought mine from here (just select from the options)... https://www.markgrantcables.co.uk/uk/digital-cables/digital-coax-cables/mark-grant-hdx1-pure-copper-digital-coax-cable/
  3. Great article.... I have never done the technical analysis as shown above but would definitely agree with the conclusion. Most importantly it is a fantastic album...
  4. Kate is not for everyone even here in the UK. Barking mad but that is perhaps one of the reasons why many of us over here love her music so much. The remasters are excellent and well worth a listen. Personally Hounds Of Love is not my favourite Kate Bush album but it is very good, it was also great to see her in concert a few years back. I think it would be worth your while listening to more of her albums there is some excellent music, well produced and well mastered - not a combination we get too often.
  5. My subscription expired in September and to be honest I hadn't noticed... too much going on. I just called them to see what is happening and at the moment they are not taking on new subscribers and did not seem entirely clear whether the service would be continuing the service or not.... It would be a real shame if they did not continue as they provide a great mix of music which perhaps would be difficult to find otherwise...
  6. I upgraded from a DAC to a DAC+ and felt the upgrade worthwhile despite not using the volume control. A dealer brought round an LPS for me to try with the DAC but neither he nor I could hear any difference so I didn't bother with the LPS....
  7. So next on the list are: Bonobo, Alexandra Palace, London, 1st June Craig Armstrong, Union Chapel, 4th June David Byrne, Eventim Apollo, London, 20th June Eric Clapton, Santana and Steve Winwood, Hyde Park, London, 8th July Australian Pink Floyd, The Forum, Bath, 20th November Philip Glass, Royal Festival Hall, London, 9th May 2019
  8. Combining amplifiers and tuners into a single statistic is probably a bit misleading. I would imagine that the sales of tuners have dropped like a stone in most places around the world. Most people I know that still listen to radio use their phones when they are out of the house and internet streaming devices when they are at home to listen to the radio. I can not think of a single person I know who still uses a tuner (AM/FM or DAB) in their home system.
  9. I store all of my discs (6000+)in their jewel cases in these http://www.reallyusefulstorageboxes.co.uk/18litre-really-useful-storage-box-c2x12452493 - and yes I do have quiite alot of them. These are now stored in the garage. My original reason for ripping them was becuase I did not have enough space in my listening room. As said above from a legal perspective in the UK there is a difference between the law and the likelyhood of prosecution. So long as you have the original CD I would think you are unlikely to be prosecuted but if you sell the CDs on then that is a different story....
  10. I must admit I have had similar issues to you . I ripped my DVDs and Blu Ray using AnyDVD HD via MyMovies which has generated various pieces of metadata and used the old media centre in Windows to display and then playback the movies... The good thing was that I also used an Acronova blu ray stacker that made the ripping process fairly easy (100 discs at a time). Playback never really worked very well in Media Centre. I have tried to use a Dune HD media player using the metadata with limited success. Recently I have started using PowerDVD 17 - which seems to work reasonably well but d
  11. I tried to download the 384 version as well and got the same as you. I emailed them earlier to find out what is going on. In my experience with Qobuz they are pretty good so I will await their response.
  12. I use these http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/uk/html/onlineshop/rub/b18_0litre.php So no, they do not take up less space but they are now in the garage.
  13. @foodfiendLike you, all of them ! I already had the German albums on CD and enjoy listening to them very much....
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