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Audio System

Audiolinux Headless/Roon Server/HQPlayer Embedded on Kingdel i7 CPU 8550U Fanless case/Uptone JS-2/Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC Cable -> SOtM SMS-200Ultra Neo/Uptone JS-2/Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC Cable -> Phasure Lush^2 USB 0.7m -> Matrix X-SPDIF 2/Uptone JS-2/Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC Cable -> Phasure HDMI^2 I2S -> Holo Audio Spring DAC -> Anticables Level 4.1 XLR Balanced ICs -> Hegel H160 Integrated -> Anticables Level 3.1 speaker wires -> GoldenEar Triton 2-Plus Speakers
AC Power related: Anticables Level 3 and Level 2 power cables, Mapleshade Double Helix MK2i Plus Power Strips
Network related: UpTone EtherREGEN switch powered by an Uptone JS-2 and grounded by an iFi Groundhog; Ghent ET02 CAT6A Ethernet cables

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